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HTML5 'unhinged from reality,' say Javascripters

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That's a coincidence because I'm currently developing the Lightweight Object Oriented Framework for Advanced HTML. It's B*llsh*t 2.0 compatible...

Broadband tax scrapped in 'wash-up'

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Nice one, Centurion

"Ciderspace" - like it! The new name for Somerset, perhaps?

Cartoon Law goes live

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Sex = Bad, Violence = Good

No problem, Bilston. You can have as much gore-dripping sadistic violence as you like (so no reason to junk your copy of "Chainsawed Cheerleaders" yet). It's just the sex that is harmful.

It's sex that's dirty, not violence. Violence is fun, wholesome and exciting! That's why theme-parks are introducing rides based on popular cinematic gore-fests. Take your kids for a great day out.

Just don't draw any naughty cartoons - OK?

Extreme Pr0n - One Year On

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"Banning Handguns back in 97 is the only success really." In what sense, exactly? What's happened to the gun-crime figures since 1997?

AFAIK there's a lot more gun crime now than there was then. Perhaps you live in Narnia and not Britain?

Ten years of .NET - Did Microsoft deliver?

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Oh dear

Did I touch a nerve darling? You seem awfully upset.

I didn't say anything regarding the relative merits of Windows Vs *nix - merely observed that whilst Windows has the lion's share of the desktop, the opposite is true of the server market. I'd have thought an expert like you would know that. Never mind - it's the weekend so you can go for a nice lie-down in a darkened room until you feel better.

Still, it was a good guess that you're a salesman though, wasn't it?

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Customers DO give a toss what platform the application runs on

... Because , surprisingly often, they already have the platform and they aint going to buy a new one because your application requires it. And if it's a server-based app (like virtually all enterprise software) that platform is likely to be Unix/Linux.

If you're just making desktop toys then by all means lock yourself into Windows. But from your facile, ignorant and ill-considered comments you sound like a salesman, so you probably wouldn't understand the difference.

ID card minister forgets ID card

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How did they know...

It was really Meg Hillier? She had no ID so she could have been an impostor.

Hacked climate Prof stands aside

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When is a trick not a trick

Presumably, should an investigation uncover similar phraseology in emails from an oil company or arms manufacturer, you will accept their protestations of innocence equally unquestioningly? I doubt it...

Titan has Earth-style 'climate change', says prof

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Might I suggest....

That all commenters read the excellent Reg article here (http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/11/30/crugate_analysis/) and pay less attention to that silly TV ad with the drowning cartoon dog.

Home Office staff offered early bird ID cards

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Hit them where it hurts

"All members of parliament and representative bodies (Welsh Assembly, Scottish Parliament & Westminster Parliament & Lords) have to have one before they can take their seat after the next Westminster parliament election."

Wouldn't it be better to demand they have one before they are allowed to claim any expenses or allowances?

UK government ignoring own rules on open source

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Paris Hilton


"We’ve been clobbered completely by vendor lock-in"

Well, fancy that! And there was me thinking that vendor lock-in was the most common business model in the IT industry.

Paris, because she can lock me in any time she likes.

Linux guru: interface innovation is the challenge

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Could I just say....?

An OS is just that - an operating system; it's not a religion.

Oh, and don't feed the trolls.

Wasted billions of government IT spending exposed

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Why is anyone surprised?

I worked on a UK Government project once. It consisted (essentially) of re-creating the existing paper-based system and procedures, just on a computer. All suggestions by the techies that a splash of competent business analysis would pay handsome dividends fell on deaf ears.

The system was obsolete before it was installed.