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iPhone plunges 13,500 ft from skydiver's pocket - and lives

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Advertising Opportunity

I am old enough to remember the Timex adverts, maybe Apple will reinvent them.

Cameroonians cleared in 'surreal' dyed banknote scam

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It doesn't matter -

The Nigerians will send the emails in English

Theresa May announces new counter-terrorism package

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There is no custodial sentence available for underage sales of alcohol only a level 5 fine.

The removal of surveillance will make enforcement very difficult if not impossible.

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Underage sales of alcohol only attract a fine, there is no custodial sentence available to the courts so surveillance will not be allowed and hence enforcement will become very difficult if not impossible.

National Identity Card holding chumps have buyer's remorse

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No doubt

More tax payers money will be wasted discussing the refund and defending the lack of a refund etc than the cost of actually making a refund which would be £900K + admin costs.

Samsung R780 17.3in laptop

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£799 - Where?

I can't find one with the spec of the review under £900

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Only i3

The Argos model has an i3 cpu not an i5 as per the review.

Apple fans drool over Liquidmetal widget

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Exclusive Rights?

I assume that is from now on, I have a Sandisk Sansa mp3 player made of liquidmetal and a couple of their memory sticks.

Sony Walkman NWZ-A845 media player

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But why?

Why doesn't Sony making docks for their own media players?

Drive suppliers hit capacity increase difficulties

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I wonder?

How much of this 50% pa increase in data is just crap!

Distie thief gets 14 months despite CPS 'incompetence'

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No statue of limitations-

No, but this was clearly "abuse of process", he had admitted the offence, to take 4 years to bring him before the court was just ridiculous.

I am surprised he didn't get a conditional discharge or at the very least have his 14 months sentence suspended – for 4 years of course.

NASA tests amazing bailout rocket which will never be used

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0 to 600mph in 2 seconds!

I assume when it lands they hose the squishy remains of the crew out of the capsule.

Data loss fines hit £500K from today

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Who pays the fine?

So a Local Council is fined for losing local council tax payers data - who pays - the local council tax payers.

A Bank is fined for losing customers data - who pays - the customers in increased bank charges and interest rates.

A Hospital is fined for losing patients data - who pays - the patients in reduced services to cover the shortfall in funds.

Who never pays - the prat that lost the data!

FBI calls for two year retention for ISP data

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Lickspittle !!!!!!!!

When was the UK promoted to "lickspittle" status, I thought we were only the US's arsewipe, sorry asswipe.

UK.gov may abolish edited electoral roll

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Big Brother

Of course

None of this would be necessary if we all had ID Cards.

We could also do away with polling stations and counts, just stick your ID card in a terminal and vote from anywhere in the country (world).

Has Big Brother got his tongue in his cheek?

Imation ships wirelessly-connected hard drive

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100 hours!

At that data rate it will only take 100 hours to fill it up (or back it up).

Very useful, I think not!

Oman cuffs 212 for selling VoIP calls

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Black Helicopters

Is it protectionism or

is it something to do with the fact that VOIP is encrypted and they can't listen in.

Intel offers non-Jewish Saturday workforce in Israel plant row

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Will the -

chips made on Saturday be marked as "Not Kosher" ?

Scientists flee Home Office after adviser sacking

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Big Brother

Don't forget!

1. Deaths from "legal" drugs don't count because they are legal.

2. Deaths from horse riding don't count because only "toffs" ride horses

Now go away and make your statistics fit with our NuLabour policies..

Ads watchdog underclocks reseller's 9.2GHz AMD CPU claim

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You see it all the time!

You see it all the time on ebay and occasionally in ads in the computer press.

My favourite overstatement (blatant lie) is speaker output, the best I have seen lately was a pair of USB powered speakers with a claimed output of 650 watts.

I once saw a set claiming 1000 watts output (2 inches high in several places on the box) which were powered by a 6VA wall wart.

I challenged the claim with the retailer (a high street name) and was told that speaker watts and electrical watts were different!

What price the laws of thermodynamics.

HP strikes back on charges for 'free' Windows 7 upgrade

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Of course it's free!

Just like the "free" laptops you get with mobile broadband packages.

Yes you may pay £15 extra a month for the service for 24 months, but the laptop is "Free!

Increase in comms snooping? You ain't seen nothing yet

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@bury them in bureaucracy

I worked for 30 years as a Local Authority Trading Standards Officer.

Let’s get things straight, RIPA gave us no powers we didn't already have it just piled on added layers of bureaucracy.

Just look at the name of the Act, the "Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act" , it is an act to "Regulate" Investigatory Powers not give them. All this referring to the act as “anti-terror” legislation is utter rubbish.

The investigatory powers are contained in the several hundred pieces of legislation that Trading Standards Officers are expected to enforce.

The requests for “communications data” consist of requests for subscriber details either by reference to a telephone number, an email account or an IP address.

Any data requested must be relevant to an investigation; we can’t go trawling for information.

We don’t get the content of any emails; we can’t listen in to calls (we leave that to the spooks).

To get this information we have to fill in a multi-page form giving the reason why we want it, what we are investigating and the powers to request it.

The requests are not made by clerks; they are made by professional officers.

The completed form will be referred to a line manager and then on to an even more senior officer for approval.

If approved the request is forwarded to the SPOC – the Single Point of Contact, an officer (a senior enforcement professional) who has been on a home office approved training course, taken an exam and been issued with a unique identification number


The SPOC checks the application is correctly completed them requests the data from the appropriate source.

All too often after weeks or months the data source replies that “It’s a pay as you go phone, no subscriber data”, you still get bill £60.

Should the data requested actually be received, it goes to the SPOC who under strict control procedures divulges it the investigating officer.

Every step of the procedure is documented and is internally audited and inspected, usually annually, by an officer from the Office of the Surveillance Commissioner.

Brit firm sells hi-tech fabric vehicle armour to DARPA

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Blacker bombard (forget that one) ???

Wasn't that the prototype for the PIAT, Britain's main anti-tank weapon of WW2.

It had a fearsome recoil that often did more damage to the firer that the target panzer.