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Data trashed? When RPO 0 isn't enough

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Re: RPO 0 is good, but...

We used to use rsnapshot for a few of our samba shares. Always found that was one of the easiest systems to restore a file that was deleted or corrupted by a user, and it was quite space efficient.

Sophos Windows users face black screens after false positive snafu

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Re: Solving the wrong problem

While there is always room to make OSs more secure, it is possible to configure Windows to be reasonably secure in pro/enterprise editions with group policy... it is just not convenient, so the majority of users never do. Software Restriction Policies is a powerful feature, but sadly is under utilised.

A large part of this falls into security versus convenience problem...

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Re: Sophos may be right

Right idea, wrong OS... Surely they should be targeting winlogon.exe in Windows 10 as malware, rather than Windows 7...

Must listen: We've found the real Bastard Operator From Hell

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To turn this up to 11...

Have it playing twice, staggered by, say, 30 seconds. That makes it many times more grating to listen to!

Windows 10 is FORCING ITSELF onto domain happy Windows 7 PCs

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Re: blaming slack admins for this one

WSUS is free... This is not completely true.

WSUS is "free" IF the client devices you want to connect to the WSUS server are already covered by CALs.

CALs are required to each device that connects to the WSUS server. If you don't have the required CALS, suddenly WSUS is not so free after all.

Gmail falls over after hitting 'Great Firewall of China' – report

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Not just Gmail

They have not only blocked pop/imap access Gmail, but also Google chat (xmpp). Up until early Friday morning, this worked reliably in China.

Happy Boxing Day to the sysadmins who have to support Google Apps.

Windows 10: One for the suits, right Microsoft? Or so one THOUGHT

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Wireless Profiles...

So, lets see if they have fixed the clusterfsck that became managing wireless profiles in Windows 8. Want to edit an existing wireless profile in GUI? Sorry, can't do that. Must delete and re-create it.

Will be interested to see if they fixed that in 10.

You like iPads, you like things called 'Air'. You will LOVE this puppy

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As for the camera? We've always thought that taking photos or videos with an iPad was, well, more than a wee bit silly.

The author has obviously not visited Asia.

Private UK torrent site closes, citing 'hostile climate'

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Re: Stupid Big Media

Re: "Entitled" As far as I'm concerned, those of us who are in the UK should be 'entitled' to download and acquire BBC content. We paid the license fee that was used to create that content! The Box was great for finding obscure shows that are not available anywhere else.

The Box had a great community of users/cappers/uploaders that did a great job making a broad range of content available, a large amount of which cannot be found anywhere else.

Coke? Windows 8 is Microsoft's 'Vista moment'. Again

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One key difference between 8 and Vista

With Windows 8, the system seems to work very well 'under the bonnet'. It's just TIFKAM and the other UI changes that pose the main problem. While these interfaces arguably work quite well on touch-enabled devices, they don't work as well on the traditional desktop.

I think that if Microsoft gives users the option to keep the traditional UI elements, they will be on to a winner.

UK biz ISP Entanet goes titsup, 'broke' a bit of Blighty's internet

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Re: Enta outage

The router will need to support IPv6 Prefix delegation to work with Enta. Unfortunately, there are a few companies, including Cisco, that advertise some of their products as being IPv6 compatible, when they are not fully compatible. IOS routers are fully compatible, however their non-IOS devices are a bit of a crapshoot. As far as the modem itself goes, the draytek vigor 120 should work with IPv6. I was unable to test IPv6 with it, as the router I had didn't support IPv6 PD.

MasterCard stings PayPal with payment fee hike

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Re: Coming to a wallet near you...

Payggle sounds better!

Amazon yanks SimCity download from store

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Over 2000 1 star ratings on Amazon now!

I smile at EA's clusterf*ck!

Clarkson: 'I WILL find and KILL the spammers who hacked me'

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Re: @Helena Handcart: Stupid little boy

I think it was Berlin to Warsaw in one tank.

Australian Parliament issues summons to Apple, Microsoft, Adobe

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Today's Engrish?

While the Inquiry has in the passed expressed very keen interest...

Passed? Really?

Facebook to debut auto-play video ads in 2013

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I second your proposal

El Fail... Has a nice ring to it!

Littlest pirate’s Winnie-the-Pooh laptop on the way home

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Re: The penalty for piracy should be...

How dare you be sensible, sir?

Mighty 4 Terabyte whopper crashes down on the desktop

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Re: Hitachi

Sadly, that is better reliability than I have experienced with Seagate 3TB drives... I bought two, and by the time I finished returning, receiving replacement, and returning failed replacements too, I ended up with: 5 out of 6 drives failed. Two were DOA, while the other three each failed within a day of usage. On the fifth replacement, I gave up on Seagate and went for an alternative.

SECRET 28 'scientific experts' who Greened the BBC - Revealed!

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Re: Oh that's priceless!

Teh Interwebs: 1 BBC Legal team: 0

FOlA judges: Secret 28 who made the BBC Green will not be named

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Re: TV licences aren't exactly compulsory.

As per the title. You can't truly call the TV licence a compulsory tax, don't have a TV device capable of receiving a video signal, don't pay.

There, I fixed it for you.

Satellite broadband rollout for all in US: But Europe just doesn't get it

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Re: A few points for you all.....

"I loved its applications as it has as very specfic market which cannot be met by any other means...."

While this has been the case up till now, I think that 4g mobile Internet could provide a fairly cost-effective solution for many rural areas where land line coverage is poor or non-existent.

EU plans tougher punishment for hackers – and their bosses

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Re: Mostly reasonable

Exactly. The tools that we use for penetration testing would certainly qualify as "hacking software" As JustaKOS said, this really needs to be clarified to intent rather than simply possession.

The best April 1 gags … or were they?

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Another Missed Apil Fools - SkyCMD

Microsoft thought they would have a go by adding a retro command-line interface for their skydrive service, named skycmd. It has its own website and yes it actually works.

IPv6 networking: Bad news for small biz

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Ci$co and IPv6

I have to call FAIL on the Ci$co's IPv6 support. Recently bought a RV220w which Ci$co claims supports IPv6, when the implementation does not actually support prefix delegation. This makes it impossible to obtain a native IPv6 address from our ISP.

If enterprise hardware companies like Cisco still don't fully support IPv6 properly, what hope do home and small/medium business users have?

/frustrated customer

//purchased Cisco router specifically for its (claimed) IPv6 support.

UK Home Secretary approves TVShack's O'Dwyer extradition

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The U.S. does not have a legitimate claim against O'Dwyer.

It is not as if he went to the U.S., murdered someone while he was there and then returned back to the U.K. In a situation like that, extradition would be justified.

In this case, a student sets up and operates website in the U.K., where he lives. He is not an American citizen, has not been to the U.S. Therefore American laws don't apply. British law and only British law should apply.

On what basis does the U.S.gov think it should be able to enforce its laws on U.K. citizens living in the U.K? Surely, if O'Dwyer broke the law, he should be prosecuted in Britain, by a British court according to BRITISH law.

It is disgusting that this government is happy to ship British citizens to foreign countries that have no legitimate claim against the individual, and that individual has never set foot in that country.

Ford intros tech'd-up B-Max mini-MPV

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Re: "litres per 100km"?

I'm all for metric, but can't we at least use the Japanese format, which is KM/L (Kilometers per litre). Thats much easier to quantify than L/100km.

Apple's Messages beta will self-destruct on Mountain Lion launch

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"An instant message sent by your iBuddy will ping on your iPhone, your Mac and your iPad, if you have left those devices on. What's more, it will keep pinging away until you have explicitly opened and received the notes on each device individually."

Erm, No. At least that's not been my experience. When I read the iMessage on the mac, it (almost) immediately shows as read on the iphone and clears itself from the notification screen.

Nissan Leaf battery powered electric car

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Daytime running lights, not foglights.

"To remind you that the car is in drive mode, the Leaf’s front fog-cum-running lights stay lit continuously when the car is switched on. Which is exactly what I told Greater Manchester plod when I was pulled over at a road check aimed at stopping people using their fog lamps for aesthetic reasons in times of good visibility."

All new cars type-approved in the E.U. from 2011 are required to have daytime running lights (DRLs). The police should know this and should not be stopping anyone for these lights being on. These lights must be functionally specific, and can not be piggybacked with other funcitons. (e.g. using the DRL light as a fog light)

London tenders for speed cameras

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Average speed in London

Those cameras will be a waste of time/space, as it is nearly impossibly to drive fast enough to get an average speed that is actually over the limit in London. I'd love to be able to have an average speed somewhere near the limit in central London. Saying that, if they remove those silly traffic calmings, then by all means, knock yourselves out TFL.

UK gets final warning over Phorm trials

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"Finally, RIPA's sanctions against interception only cover "intentional" snooping. The Directive does not allow for such a distinction."

Surely what Phorm does qualifies as "intentional snooping"