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US mum calls 911 over Grand Theft Auto



Thats not that bad, cant imagine he would have been up that much longer unless he also has a 6 pack of red bull.

p.s. i played 18 rated games as a kid (13-17) and i turned out to be a productive member of soc-KILL ALL HUMANS-iety.

Intel condemns tardy Larrabee to dev purgatory


The mis-truths of RE:Cue & @Francis Boyle

The dominos fall like a house of cards, check mate.

Tech-savvy UK kids = (over)confident writers


1 homework per month?

I used to get it nearly every day, and i only finished school 4 years ago! Unless these kids are in the divvy classes then it makes more sense.

Virgin Media to trial filesharing monitoring system


I have a feeling

I have a feeling im on there "random" watch list for this and they can bring it on. Its not like they are going to decrypt my p2p packets anyway.

Roll'd son.

Santa menaced by sex offender postie


The future

Soon school registers will have childrens names in code for the fear of pervs.

Console modders attempt to bypass Xbox Live ban


@Simon 81

Dear Simon 81

I have a hard drive with backup image files of all the games i own on Pc and Wii.

The old justification of "ITS BULL!!!!!one11 dirty pirateS!11on" just doesnt fly and makes yourself look ignorant.

I used to have a game caled IL2: Sturnovich that had the notorious copy protection SecureROM on it. Shortly after installing i got a pop up saying that i need to put a disc into the drive, after investigation the securerom on the disc had the possibility of damaing the drive and it seemed like it had done it to mine. I could no longer play DVD's in it or laod any disc. Numerous emails to secureROM to get a reply ended in vain even with pictures i took and other information.

To this date i have never used a disc in my drive longer than needed, and always mount the backups.

However discs are very tough, my Battlefield 2 disc has sustained a good few years of abuse and still works fine, not that its needed anymore with the latest patch.

Office 2010 beta sneaks onto wild wild web

Gates Halo

First impressions

Looks pretty snazzy. Hopefully they will have a open testing phase soon.

Blind gamer sues Sony


Yep more ammo

I can see it in the paper now, Games Industry in Disability Access Shocker!!

This is all we need, to be tainted by some idiot lawsuit.

Brown declines to resign


This reminds me

i put in a petition for the UK to invest in flying cars once and got a decent amount of votes and the bloody politicans gave me a wishy washy reponse. That site is useless! USELESS!

Early adopters bloodied by Ubuntu's Karmic Koala



I have mega problems installing this version, it just craps out after login, something to do with graphics drivers, also dont get me started on the wireless drivers rubbish.

Ares 1-X booster rocket dented in test flight


I know what did it

It was SpaceBat, back from his glorious voyage.

Next-gen Atom to clock above 1GHz


The future

In 10 years i reckon desktop/notebook/mobile cpus will be pretty much the same speed.


USB supreme court backs Apple in Palm Pre kerfuffle

Jobs Horns

o iTunes

Surely they should just piggy back off winamp, the superior syncing application. As i recall iTunes was a bloated old hag of a program and kept doing weird syncing/backups when i didnt want it too.

Apple gives Palm the boot - again

Thumb Up

Ongoing saga.

It seems the rest of the dominoes should fall like a house of cards.


Google Maps Monopoly board folds under server strain



How come every new web thing these days crumbles due to "more than expected demand". Its like they spend the least amount of money they can on servers.

Firefox 4.0 developers granted year of living dangerously


Holy smokes 400k!

@peter garner

How ever will my 1995 stick of memory cope with the 400k needed in mozilla. If only there was GB's of ram to buy and install in my motherboard, if only i lived 10+ years from now where 400k is nothing but a drop in the ocean.


O wait.

Murdoch says Page 3 won't be free from next year


Oh dear

I'll be damned if im going to pay for news on the internet. Imagine if The Reg started charging......wait no dont!