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Extortionist targets jailbroken iPhones

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Apple need to lighten up just a bit here

I didn’t Jailbreak my iphone to download cracked apps nor to unlock it to use on other networks, I did so because it is my phone and if I want to have five icons on the bottom or even folders why should I have to do without because some stupid stuck up suite wants me to be a clone of everyone else.

Alleged games console modder faces DMCA charges

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sorry but you are what they call wrong google ps3 mod chip

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what a crock of ****

The American government has it’s head so far of tech firms backside they can no longer seem to understand how ridicules they appear. If you transpose the same scenario to say cars, the law would be that you can’t modify your car to run faster or use different fuels, which is insane. If I buy an xbox or ps3 it is mine, I own it, if I want to mod it then it is my choice it would also be my choice if I want to back up a game and play it on different consoles, now what rhymes with consoles ar…


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