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Punked US Chamber sues faux press release pranksters



I would think that the very nature that it has been reported even mistakenly as directly from the Chamber of Commerce is enough to warrant at least some lawsuits that will probably stick. And yes, there are some businesses that may have made a decision to join or leave based off of this prank, as there are many out there that do feel rather strongly on these things. It can easily plant the seed of doubt for later as well against the Chamber's reputation leading to hushed rumors of 'how they really feel' etc. Pranksters can be easily forgotten (as I know I've never heard of the Yes Men until now) but the damage their pranks cause can live on. I hate to say it, I'm with the Chamber on this one, even if I dislike the misuse of the DMCA, they should have some recourse to have the site taken down.

**I am not a member of the chamber and don't care if they come or go, just looking at someone going over the line. Isn't it called Identity theft if I did it to you?**

Japanese bloke gets arsey over artificial rectum


I'd probably

Blow an O-ring if I found out about that kind of mistake...... I'll get my coat...

Sony's Windows 7 virtualization switch-off (partly) reversed


That is why

I will never buy Sony products for my computing needs... they are greedy irresponsible corporate denizens.... XCP anyone? Different Division, same corporate environment.

IT grad sues school over failed job hunt



Not sure if this is a private college or not and I can't be arsed to look it up right now, but assuming it is, probably part of her problem is that the Admissions People *COUGHS* SALES DROIDS *COUGHS*. They are usually blowing sunshine and flowers at any new people coming in, over promising their ability to deliver on A) A decent USEABLE education using Relevant Equipment in good working order (Not the IT Department's fault, the blame lies in greedy upper management-types who want a better paycheck to pad their back wallet than caring about the quality of education when 'good enough' will do.) and B) Promises of BIG MONEY when you graduate from their college. I can't tell you how many people I've gotten coming from these places that refuse to do basic tech work because they feel it is below them. Umm, Hello? Anyone home? This is actual Techwork. I'm not asking you to scrub the toilet with a toothbrush here. Maybe just replace a motherboard or hard drive here or there! Or maybe they just don't know how because they vegetated all the way through school and gradutated at the end....

That is probably what happened here, and with those unkeepable promises, she's rightfully upset, but I don't believe that she should be given her tuition back for a few reasons. First off, she attended classes, right? They have to pay their teachers and facilities somehow. 2) were the classes themselves sub-par? Did they prevent her from attending for some unspeakable reason? And many schools give an Audit seat to students if they want to sit back through a class they have taken and refresh themselves on it if they feel they didn't get enough of it the first time. It also seems that too many places are interested only in helping those *about* to graduate, not those who have already done so. Better to keep face with those actively at and about the school than those who are not.

Bottom line? Don't give her anything back but maybe take a veeeeeeeeery close look at the promises being made by their sales drones and find out which ones aren't being ethical about things.

I'll get my coat.