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Disappearing space dust belt baffles boffins

Graeme 7

Re: Saturn's rings can disappear too

That was my thought too. Not sure if it's possible in this case though, and I don't have a clue about astrophysics so don't know the answer.

Could our have solar system rotated around this other one quite so quickly (or more likely the other solar system/dust ring rotating)? Even a 1 degree change in angle within a year sounds sounds far too quick to me, but is it possible?

World+Dog to demand ever larger tablet-phones

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Obviously it's just good to have the choice of what size of phone you want instead of everyone having to be the same. Do small ones and big ones!

Personally I just want a bigger tablet maybe even as large as 20", but without yet having that choice I can't really tell if that would be too big (I guess it would depend on the weight).

New Yorker sues Apple: 'Misleading and deceptive' Siri ads

Graeme 7

Too much information

Could it be that they've let it at more information to decide on what you want and now it just too easily gets confused? Obviously the other explanation that they've not been adding enough servers to the backend while more and more iPhones are sold is also a pretty reasonable assumption. Either way it sounds like something that Apple should be rectifying.

Deutsche Telekom shatters data-transfer speed record

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Re: so home users

Wow I want the monthly cap your on. My 10GB cap would be gone in 0.2 seconds.

Future car tech

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SOS Button

I hope you'll be able to switch the functionality of that SOS button off. My 2 year old's favourite game in a parked car is to press as many buttons as she can, and I don't fancy being charged for making prank calls. Obviously I could either just keep her strapped in or leave her out on the road while I'm waiting for someone, but where's the fun in that.

Toyota unveils 'smartphone on four wheels'

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Thumb Up

I want a desk like the car's console! But alas I'm stuck with a 19" screen. Hurry up and invent one apple/microsoft.

New 'plasma lamps' to replace fluorescent bulbs, LEDs

Graeme 7
Paris Hilton

Ms Hilton as seen on the Hilton?

I'm quite sure there are loads of reasons not to, but could they develop this further to create low energy, light and easy to make big TVs?

My thinking isn't so much for the consumer but more for large assed TVs on the sides of buildings etc...

My list of possible issues so far are

1. Getting the right colours

2. Response time to pixels

3. Making the pixels - but on the side of a building they wouldn't need to be so small

4. Black - you wouldn't get that from aluminium

Nothing too insurmountable there, I think, but of course there are likely to be more issues I haven't thought of.

Pass the wine, dear. Yes, that papier-mache thing

Graeme 7

paper milk bottles!

So that would be exactly the same thing as the tetra-pak cartons of milk that have been around for at least 30 years and I expect probably longer.

5 SECONDS to bypass an iPad 2 password

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4 finger swipe?

I've not watched the video, (flash issues) so don't know if it is only the home button that will relock the screen. However on iOS5 a four finger swipe up will bring up all background apps, so you could access those that way, and since once used everything stays available in the background you should get access to everything of use.

Would you spend $300m to save 6ms?

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Move Location?

If all this is being done to speed up the automatic trades why not just move the computer across the Atlantic?

I guess the computer may be using data on a combination of markets at once, but presumably any other computer would just have the same delays and the playing field would still be flat anyway. So any decision based solely on the NYSE should be done by a computer in NY and anything on multiple markets should be in Greenland or where ever is suitably in the middle (perhaps another couple in Hawaii and Iran?).

Ofcom mulls smackdown for rogue religious TV channel

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Not on Prescription drugs.

You can't advertise any prescription drugs in this country. They'd still be able to do press releases etc.. but not direct advertising.

Intel: Apple has online app sales exactly backwards

Graeme 7

1000 shops or 1000 hats?

I completely agree. Having 1000 hat shops each with their own selection of 1000 hats is just going to make it much more difficult to find that hat you want rather than having 1 shop containing all 1000 hats. (Apple could improve their app search though)

HP TouchSmart 610 touchscreen all-in-one PC

Graeme 7

Blindingly obvious tiltly screen

Also looks pretty similar to an apple patent for a touch screen all-in-one


Mac OS X Lion debuts in July as $29.99 upgrade

Graeme 7

RE: Whine

Sure thing I'll drag my 24" imac 100miles to my nearest apple store and spend the entire day, quite a lot of effort and money doing so. What a good idea!

I was going to upgrade to Lion but now I think I'll be keeping it on Leopard and whine all I want while doing so.

Spotify's new desktop client cuts off iTunes

Graeme 7

What about Photos, Videos, Apps, Contacts etc...

It isn't going to be able to sync my photos, videos, apps and contacts too. Music is just one small part of an ipod. I agree that itunes could be a lot better than it is but this isn't yet a real alternative.

Is there anything to find on bin Laden's hard drive?

Graeme 7

It's all in the head

I would assume it unlikely he would have kept anything of relevance on a computer. Perhaps some reference material but nothing about planned attacks, places or people, that would have all been just remembered.

I even very much doubt he was even involved in anything of relevance any more. He was just a figurehead who would say well done. If he had been involved in more recent attacks they probably would have tracked him down a lot sooner than this. The best way for nobody to find you is to not tell anyone how to contact you (or apparently have a smart phone).

Traffic-light plague sweeps UK: Safety culture strangles Blighty

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A leap of faith

Does that mean that at zebra crossings I have to jump out in front of your car and just hope you stop?

I tried that once when I was 3 but my mum and the driver (probably not you) weren't terribly happy with me apparently following the rules of the road. After all I was on the crossing before the car got there.

Seagate tells flash bigots to get real

Graeme 7

But I wanted a flying car!

What a load of rubbish. All this says is that because no one has a flying car, they would be more expensive than a regular car, then nobody wants them either.

If if is too expensive to create flash then why does it exist at all! It is all just smoke, shadows and disinformation.

The general public just buy what they are told to (mostly according to price) and at the moment they are told to buy hard disks because they are cheaper. Give it a couple of years and that might not be such a difference. So I hope they are planning the infrastructure to cope with that demand because whoever does will win. But then again maybe they think the cloud will be doing it all by then (not in the next 10 years unless connectivity dramatically improves overnight)

VAT fraudster gets 9 years for refusing £40m bill

Graeme 7

Peanut Head

Is it just me or does that guy have one of the strangest peanut (in the shell) shaped heads ever seen?

iTunes disses doctorates

Graeme 7

What about Miss?

Does Miss not exist as a title anymore? If not, why bother with titles at all? Surely if you can't input your correct title there seems to be very little point in them.

And as far as I can tell "Dr" has been used in relation to a PhD for over a millenium, whereas I don't think the medical doctor term has been around quite that long. Therefore are it not the medical doctors who are the pretenders? Not that I care.

Apple to sell unlocked iPhone 4

Graeme 7
Jobs Horns

Same price as an iPad

So that puts the 32GB version at the same price as the 3G iPad and the 16GB version just a few quid less than it's iPad counterpart.

Which is better I don't know.... the bigger or the smaller screen, the smaller or the bigger item... hmmmm.....

Web2.0rhea eclipses search in UK

Graeme 7

YouTube isn't a Social Network site!

YouTube should be in some other category such as Videos. Just because it has a comments section doesn't make it a Social Network site! All the comments are about the video, nothing about socially networking. If their definition of a Social Network site is that it has a comments section I certainly hope The Reg is also in that section making up the numbers, along with practically every other site on the internet.

So when you take YouTube completely out of the equation, and although Social Networking is big - it undoubtedly is - it probably still isn't as big as Search using this particular metric. Since of course you could also do this comparison using the number of pages seen, time spent on each site or even just the number of unique people who visit them. Which one actually defines who is biggest I don't know, since they all show different types of usage.

Top Gear's Stig prowls Loch Ness

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I'll take the high road if you take the low road

Isn't it odd how in one photo the Google car is in the lay-by and in both directions along the road the car is obviously driving away from the Stig. So since it wasn't a simple drive-by but the Google car actually met up with the Stig, the Google driver either now knows the Stig or he setup a fake.

Although I guess there is nothing to stop the stig driving there in his black vauxhall with his helmet on and never speaking to the Google driver.

iRiver Story

Graeme 7

Awkward Keyboard Layout

I'd say that the Z row of the keyboard looks to be one place to left too far. I guess it's not a problem if you are only using one finger to type on it, but if you don't it will be confusing.

US woman to drop sprog live on internet

Graeme 7

Is this really any different to a birthing video?

I'm quite sure there are plenty of birthing videos out there. How is this really any different to any of them?

It's not as if it's the sort of thing where you will be logging on to see how the action unfolds. And now that I mention that, apparently you aren't even going to see the action end. So actually this is probably less useful than a birthing video. Especially since there probably won't be any helpful commentary, just some woman panting and gurning.

The only people I can think of who would be interested in this are people into birth-porn, and having seen such things I can't think they could possibly exist.

Blade Runner tops sci-fi movie poll

Graeme 7

All over 25 years old?

What was the required age to be considered a classic?

Was there a bouncer on the door of the list who told Terminator 2 and others, "Sorry mate youv'e got to be 21 to get in".

I wholeheartedly agree that a film needs to be a little older than 6 months before it can be considered a classic, but is there a definition?


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