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US Navy says electric jet-flinger tech looking good

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I agree we should tell the US where to go, but defence cuts shouldn't have preserving British workers as the number one priority. it should have getting best value out of our Armed Forces as its number one priority. If this means buying more, better and cheaper equipment from the Americans or even French then I'm fine with that as long as it is done for good economic reasons and not stupid infighting or purely listening to industry 'advice' at all expence paid meals.

Gov hits brakes on vetting scheme

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I'm liking this government more and more

This government almost seems to have some common sense (perhaps it's the LibDem influence?) It was never clear why the point of this scheme was over and above the CRB check.

Now all they need to do is make a trivial change to the CRB system so that the check is for the person and not the job and so you don't need to repeatedly get another CRB check done even thoguh you already have an up to date certificate - saving both companies and the CRB agency money.

Halting McKinnon extradition not in our power, says Clegg

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Parliament can't do anything...

Of course if you really want to be technical the only power that Parliament has is to go to the Queen and ask that she does something. The Queen has the right to say that actually she doesn't like her Government anymore and say no. Admittedly if she were ever to do that she would cause a constitutional crisis and may well end up out of a job and homeless.

OFT won't block BBC's über set top box

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Viewer says yes

You fail to explain why this is a problem to the viewer (and therefore why the BBC trust wouldn't/shouldn't say yes).

All the viewer wants is to view catchup services on their TV without spending lots of money in a easy to use way which is consistent from multiple broadcasters. This appears to be doing exactly that. The viewer also trusts the BBC that they will act in a relatively fair and open manner (accepting teh BBC will do its best to keep the BBC alive - which is what the normal viewer actually wants anyway).

So all we seem to have is an industry group putting forward some standards owned by members in the group to give the viewer what they want. The industry group has a good cross section of competitors and is open to other industry members to join if they want to join the party.

So where is the problem and why should the viewers be concerned or the BBC Trust reject it?

UK etailer calls self 'the last place you want to go'

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Want and need

Maybe the marketing people need to think about want and need. If it were "The last place you need to go" then (while still having some negative connotations" it would make far more sense and get closer to the message they are trying to get across - you don't need to look any further.

No more UFO reports please, says MoD

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"The simple fact is that if an alien had the technology, to visit us then they wouldn't dick around "buzzing" us. They'd either wipe us out as vermin, say hello properly or decide that we're too dull to bother with and bugger off again."

How do you know? Generally you are likely to be right that as a civilization the aliens would do what you have said but I think that Douglas Adams may have got it right, rich alien thrill seekers intentionally pick out people in deserted places and abduct them for a joke, or perhaps it is an experiment to see how long they can get away with it for... or perhaps they don't exist, but until (and if) we actually meet them we can never categorically say how their minds work and what they would or wouldn't do.

Spook firm readies Virgin Media filesharing probes

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Never is a very long time

"According to Klein there is "absolutely no way" CView could ever be used to report the IP addresses of individual filesharers."

Unless of course someone decides to write logs from the DPI stuff which logs which links the unique ID with the source IP address, or if someone at some point decides to change the implementation so that the IP address isn't stripped...

I just about believe him when he says there is no way that it currently does (ignoring perhaps debug logs) but of course it would be possible for the product to be changed in the future. Whether we should worry about it or not is another matter

Germans devise attacks on Windows BitLocker

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Who ever said that the key logger is software based? It's not hard to build a hardware device that sits between the keyboard and computer intercepting all keystrokes without any software or detection by the TPM chip. Or even as someone else has said is replace the keyboard with one built into it so that the only way to detect it would be a tiny increase in weight in the keyboard. I imagine if you wanted to go even further you could probably put a spy cam in the keyboard and have it pointed at the screen so you could even record what was displayed.

Cell phones don't fry brains, boffins say

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No a waste

It doesn't look like a waste of time to me, they have shown that there doesn't appear to be any detectable increase in the risk of getting a brain tumor after a 5-10 year period. They could have found the opposite which would have definitely been worth the time and money?

Or are you saying that scientists should only perform research where we know what the results will be in order to justify the expense of doing the research?

Gov confirms plans for Sky box in charge of your house

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Good luck to you

Good luck refusing them entry when they have a court order to change your meter (as they can do) and come with bailiffs and a lock smith.

Manchester journo gets first ID card - late

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Biometrics of a burnt finger

Fantastic, her biometrics now include a burnt finger. All she needs to do in a few months time to prove that she is who she says she is in a few months time (once finger has healed) is to just burn it the exact same way so that the biometrics matches...

Consumer group preps legal challenge to Facebook terms

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I totally agree that consumers should be protected from unfair contract terms.

However facebook, search engines and similar are free. You aren't a consumer you are a user which makes things very different. You get what you pay for, in this case you pay nothing so are lucky to get anything. If you don't like it don't use it.

How blogger kept Belle de Jour's ID secret

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Seems fair

Somerset Rich there is such a thing a human decency and good manners. They may be underrated now-a-days but they do still exist.

Hotmail phish exposes most common passwords

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Password in wallet

If you need write your password down because you can't remember it then how are you going to be able to change it when it has been stolen along with your money?

IBM in £24m battle with UK spooks

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Odd one out?

So we have involved in this:

MI5 - spies (home)

MI6 - spies (foreign)

GCHQ - spies (signals)

SOCA - spies (criminals)

HMRC - spies (money)

Cabinet Office - oversees everything,

Home Office - oversees home stuff

Foreign Office, - oversees spies foreign

MoD - spies (military)

Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (ex-DTI) - presumably spies(trade) or do we have people looking at top secret intelligence about universities and training causes?

Twitter gets $100m injection

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Paris Hilton

I'm confused...

Trousers or underwear?

A phone in every car gains hard-won GSMA support

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UK not want it

Surely the UK government wants it, along with the additional functionality to remotely order the phone to dial MI5 and report location and what is being said? Even without remote control surely MI5 would want it as everything they need to bug a 'terrorist' is already there in the car already, just needs an undectable software patch.

Sorry shouldn't I be giving them ideas?

US Navy boffins invent aircraft-to-sub laser phone

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The description is that the laser generates sound waves in the water which at 220 decibels are pretty loud (compared to trying to listen for the faint sound of an enemy sub) this will mean all you need to know is the approximate location of the sub, something that using buoys also requires

CRB looks to ID cards to solve accuracy woes

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Next step

As a next step the government will announce that anybody applying for an ID card will automatically, entirely voluntary (with a small additional charge) will also be CRB checked and results printed on the ID card. The government will claim this is a result of public demand so that shop keepers will know when to refuse to sell knives or copies of high school musical too violent offenders and paedos...

Microsoft's web Office: No love for Chrome, Opera

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Seems fair

As one of the opera users I'm not particularly enraged, you have to drawer the line somewhere at which browsers to test with otherwise they'd never finish the test cycle. As long as they have written it in a standards compliant manner and don't target the code at any one particular browser I'm sure that the browser with some of the best standards compliance will cope just fine...

Home Office mum over mad March at the CRB

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Benfit of the doubt...

Perhaps we should give them the benefit of doubt? Perhaps in March they just got a lot better at detecting the false positives and false negatives? This would just mean they were bad all the time but just have got better at realising how bad they are?

How do they actually work out their accuracy statistics anyway?

They could run a CRB check twice and consider it a mistake if they result don't match. This would detect cases where they pick up the wrong source record, but wouldn't detect at all issues where the source record is completely wrong.