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Az mayor offers Prince Harry beer and pizza in fornication row

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Size is everything

Be the first time the lad has ever had 12 inches in his hands

Rogue toilet takes out Norfolk server

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Fitting new cat5?

Laying new cable, causes server outage.

Tribunal: ICO was wrong to bin angry man's FOI request

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NCH at thier worst..... YET AGAIN!

NCH are well known locally here, to by utterly incompetent, and unmoving in many cases, in which residents raise.

A quick look on the this is Nottingham (Nottingham Evening Post) website for Nottingham City Homes, will yield all the cannon fodder needed.

Also, as NCH is classified as a Housing Association, it has NOTHING to do with EITHER Notts City or County Councils.

Jacqui Smith 'shocked' to discover we're drowning in sea of porn

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Paris Hilton

In the words of Aveneue Q.....

.....the internet is for porn.

Yank fires up iPhone-controlled beer cannon

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Paris Hilton

Wonder if.....

.....this device could be loaded with martial aids?

Minister 'C*nt' promises £50m to get fabtastic fibre for all

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The HUNT strikes again!


Oh dear, the BBC really needs to sort their staff out :)

Helpdesk Heroes or unappreciated geeks?

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Feading the baby

Had many intresting calls, during my time @ BT Yahoo, in Derby (Untill they buggered the lot off to India), mostaly being called a Paki B******** (Asian I am not, 1/2 welsh maybe).

Anyways, can always remember one user from North Nottingham, called in with a driver issue on their Speedtouch 330 USB Modem.

Bearing in mind, my phone was on loud speaker (I broken my headset earlier), and was waiting for her comp to reboot.

Whilst talking to this lass, she suddenaly said.... gimmie a mo, just swapping my son onto my other tit.

Q myself with a big sh*t eating grin, perverted thoughts, and the lass next to me, blushing like buggery.

Finished the call, and the guy next to me just started howling with laughter.

Did wish I asked the lass, if I could jump onto the spare nipple, as I was hungry :D

Faster broadband for free?

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@ ian11

Contact myself over at my IRC channel, for assistance with your Master Socket.

There is a way it can be sorted, but would require a few steps explaining to you.

I used to work for BT Yahoo front-line support, and have delt with simalar issues before.

http://www(DOT)westpark.tk (Replace (DOT) with .) Click on gaming related, then click on the second link in the "mpu34 Fruit Machine Chat" line.

I'll be about after 6pm.