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Will the looters 'loose' their benefits?

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If you want to earn more than minimum wage then get an education. Otherwise stop bleating about not being able to get a decent job. Either way don't try to blame the world for your fecklessness.

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Danny 5 Wtf

As far as I can see, the circumstances were right and I managed not to pick up a new pair of trainers/TV. I managed not to destroy my area or wreck a business. I even managed not to beat up a Police officer.

Just what circumstances are you making up to justify your assertion looting in Britain is acceptable? and are these circumstances in any way applicable to what happened this week or are you restricting yourself to the script of 28 Days Later.

An iPad for under 200 quid*

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Found it on Hot UK deals but the deal has expired. Damn and blast!

Hoodies swipe bus for YouTube joyride

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Nice hoodies

Your average Wiltshire Hoodie seems to be much better spoken than the Glasgow ones.

Apple display patent enslaves sun

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Aren't you talking about the Solar whatsit in "The Man with the Golden Gun"

Jedi chapter seeks leader after master resigns

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Oi, Jedi's, some trekkies are smack talking you! Are you gonna take that or are you gonna go kick some pointy eared butt?

Full-body scanner blind to bomb parts

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Not just a camera in the toilet

but an ejection system to remove the terrorist threat without endangering the other passengers. A modified Jobby Wheecher should do the trick.

Lloyds, RBS ditching more tech workers

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We did it on purpose. You steal our oil, we bankrupt your economy. Simples

Nation's moral guardians snap over 'shag bands'

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25 fives years too late

Where were these when I were a lad!!

Nation's parents prepare to be vetted

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Ofsted double bluff

What are the chances of the Ofsted boys knowing this legislation is a load of bollocks and only raising this to demonstrate the fact?

If that's true then they are doing a blinding job!

Man remanded for extreme porn offences

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More to it.

From the gist of the story it looks like the police have more serious matters to investigate and they are using this charge to get the guy out of the way while they complete the investigation. In a few weeks we'll probably find he's been charged with some really nasty crimes.

73% of Brits too shagged for a shag

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Paris Hilton

Lazy or honest

Did they tell the respondents what a healthy amount of exercise is before asking if they get enough? It could just be that Glaswegians have been bombarded with so many health campaigns recently that that know exactly how much exercise they should be getting. Whereas the Cardifians just don't realise a walk down the pub doesn't count.

Paris, cause we wouldn't be too tired for her.

Government ready to round up opinions on DNA database

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Big Brother

Proud to be Scottish

No University Top up fees, moving towards free prescriptions, Improved school meals before Jamie Oliver, free hospital parking, full disclosure of MSP's expenses and DNA retention policies that are not oppressive.

We may get too much money from Barnet. Our leaders may be knobheads. We may all be dour but at least our parliament has a moral backbone.


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