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VAT fraudsters 'laughing all the way to their offshore tax haven'

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shiny metal ass

The goods don't exist, only the invoices do. HMRC are only there to rape honest businesses, they aren't set up to deal with crooks, we honest businesses don't pay them enough to do that properly yet. £538 my shiny metal ass. Grab hold of something solid folks we are in for a rough ride in the next few years while everything unravels. Gordon thought the Conservatives would be in charge by now.

Google starts charging for storage

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Looks like a permanent copy of your data is costed in to all of these models. Who would have thought all your data r belong to them, for eternity, on their terms, but you pay... where do I sign up?

One in 10 webpages scrutinized by Google were laced with malware

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Goog can do it if they try,

ofc I have Firefox and Adblocker, but I don’t spose Google would be kind enough to point out pages it knows to be mal? I have stumbleupon installed and I see lots of additional info when I search Goog.

A skull and cross bones icon next to the URL will do me fine. IANAL tho, but I know one who says you cant do that even if you know the URL is mal. There must be solution in my rant somewhere that adds value to Stumble and deflects liability to the person who thumbs up the skull and cross bones ;0?

Communist spy ring tried to steal Space Shuttle plans

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plea bargaining

this is the most offensive thing.

ICANN pushes for public participation in top level domains

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Dot Anarchy

|333173|3|_||3 has a fair point, but scrapping gTLDs like .com .net .eu is well.. unlikely. I personally favour a free for all. Bagsy .Dorey and .oil and .bank, erm dot slash too :0/