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HP 'KNEW' about Autonomy's hardware sales BEFORE the whistle blew: report

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Re: Caveat emptor

It's still there,,, I just read it. Pretty damning of Autonomy CEO and shill.

Why IBM's server sell-off is a lightbulb moment

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Re: Avoid the commodity @Getriebe

Poor Ole EDS,, HPQ swallowed them and never even burped. $13 Billion, in one gulp.v ;-)

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Re: buy out

Please be a little specific, or more specific, of highly specific!!!! Not spewing, as a half-ass troll.

Bill Gates's barbed comments pop Google's broadband balloons

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Re: "Not a saint"

My guess is that you didn't work in Cupertino.

Is 'activestor' Icahn circling sickly HP?

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Death By Cash Cow

HP's current plight reminds me of my 1980 years in IBM,,, Big Iron,, 3270 Displays all hooked to the MainFrame. HP never ending flow of Inkjet Printers, all sucking up all the ink they could produce. Ahh the wonderful life of the 'Cash Cow' nirvana.

IBM was lucky enough to have a great Board at that time, and they canned the CEO and brought in Atilla the Hun.

Ruthlessly he cut and cut and divided and reoriented and went back and cut and cut and reoriented again,,,, finally out of the ashes,,,,, came the new true spirit and essence of the new company. It's an ongoing story,,, Gerstner did his job and Palmisano has done his and Ginni Rometty will do hers, Evolve as the world evolves.

IBM bumps up dividend – again

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Keep Which Asset?

Should IBM retained Lexington-- Typewriters? San Jose-- Disk Drives? Raleigh-- PCs or Endicott-- Punch Card EAM?

Apple suppliers: Child labor, bribery, suicides

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Apple's Press Agent

The original article could not have been written better by Apple's Press Agency. It was a masterpiece of sliced and diced statistics. Twisted every manner to reflect the benevolence of the corporation and their master Steve Jobs.

IBM kills off Irish server works

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Of course not.

Europe greases US probe of IBM mainframe biz

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Tunneling Microscope

One for example was the Tunneling Microscope and IBMer Leo Esaki also won the Noble Prize in Physics for his work on the development... Does that meet your criteria of being "any good"??

Cray lands $70m super deals

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Saving The Base OR A Win??

Seems to me that this is merely a follow on upgrade to TWO long established Cray installations. Is there a hidden message in the article????