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Gordon Brown joins World Wide Web Foundation

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AAAAIIIIEEEEE ... Nooooo-oooo-oooo

The one eyed lying deluded Caledonian snotgobblin ... ventures forth ... I demand a drugs test of the board of WWWF.

The man is an embarrassment - a doodieing idjit, a pompous fool, a berk, a nutter - a man with a record of screwups that should put him in "Record Breakers"

What pray, do they believe he is going to bring to the organisation apart from ridicule (in spades)?

Please shut up about the Mull of Kintyre Chinook crash

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Chinook Troll Lewis? - surely not?

We don't know what caused the crash - yes we can accept that - but....

Your assertions about FADECs are totally over-egged.

To compare the Chinook Mk2 FADEC to anything else before or since is where you are really wrong pal - completely and utterly. The thing was a friggin fiasco of epic proportions.

Why not tell us that the Chinooks at Boscombe Down were mothballed because they couldn't get any pilots bonkers enough to fly them - the civvies refused point blank.

And I'll just add that in comparison to VFR and IFR for GA one has to ask WTF were these two gents up front playing at with a high value cargo?

And as far as new choppers are concerned - anybody got pictures of one of the 6 Mi-17 birds that we've bought for well, peanuts compared to Merlins and Lynxes

check it out :


and more - Lewis I'm surprised that you don't quote Dr. North more......................

Samsung's Galaxy stuck in history

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Well, that's SAMSUNG off my Xmas list - broken Bluetooth, no OS upgrades, wildly unpredictable battery performance and a mechanical UI that would try the patience of Terry Waite.

I think every SAMSUNG Galaxy owner should receive a complimentary pair of donkey ears - size 7 1/4 here please.

I really thought it wouldn't be this bad, honest - but I have to hold my hand up and say it is.

No upgrade and it's FU Samsung and F* the cronky hoss you rode in on

Mandy declares 'three strikes' war on illegal file sharers

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Same Old, Same Old Labour Ordure Ordure

Nothing new here , move along

mind you, if they combine it with a bit of this expect trouble:


Samsung Android phone finally hits O2

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In Stock eh ? - Like WM7 is ready

Just speken with them - still a 7 day wait

I truly wish to see marketeers and sales persons testing parachutes they've sold themselves ...

Handset makers, the criminal's friend

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Phew - Mobile Security....

almost an oxymoron - but not the issue really - is it?

Do you want the local council to be able to trivially access the contents (all of them) of your mobile phone because you's a month late with your council tax or put your wheelie bin in the wrong place?

There's a far bigger issue out there guys - just because you aren't paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get you :-)

The legitimate forensic examination of phones is acceptable - but most of the useful information would be accessible elsewhere - it's just that as ever - the peculating swine network operators make eye-watering paymernt demands for data as in £10 for a BT reverse number lookup and £100+ for the same on a mobile network.

Yet another epic fail for our public servants - network operators should have to provide these services free to law enforcement as a condition of their licensing of the PUBLIC airwaves - 0/10 for understanding and implementation - as usual.

Obama's top cybersecurity director resigns

Tom Oliva 1

This is why there're so keen to headhunt Gary McKinnon

obvious innit?


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