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Microsoft hit with lawsuit over Xbox memory card ban


@And people still buy microsoft products?

Try again -

Elite system: £189.99

Extra Controller: £24.99

You've got your 120gb Hard Drive, 2 controllers, HDMI cable and headset for £214.98

You can stuff your blueray up your japseye too, even on the free Silver service you can download HD movies for less than it costs to rent a blueray film.

I had a point before you annoyed me...what was it..oh yeah.

If I made a cake and gave it out at a loss specifically to make a profit selling plates, forks and napkins I'd be pretty pissed if someone set up shop next door selling plates, forks and napkins. Actually it's worse, it's like if I'd invented a new kind of food that could only be eaten with a new kind of fork

Ralph Lauren says sorry for incredible shrinking pelvis


Skeletor Fashion

Why can these people never just admit to being wrong? Someone MUST have signed off on that picture, whoever did the photoshopping isn't to blame, they asked for and approved this image.

Care assistant sacked over porn shop internship


Funny Story

Sir Runcibles tale had a similar feel to one of my own!

When we were both about 20 me and the missus were wandering through London one night and she decided she'd like to see a porn store. Never been in one before, wondered what it was like.

We'd been in there for about 2 minutes looking at various DVDs before a member of staff approached us and asked to see her ID!!! He didn't actually ask me, so I can only assume he thought I was grooming her!

On topic - this sucks harder than the devices he sells! Especially in such a sexually liberal country!

Welsh yobs clobbered by cross-dressing cage fighters


Guf War Vet

As a quick follow on from the last one, the guy in the previous story I mentioned is doing something retarded to the max.

The Yobbo prick hurled threatening abuse at a relative stranger for no reason other than to look 'hard' and was put down, quickly and with utter precision from a Gulf War vet with 2 black belts...He becomes an overnight laughing stock as youtube goes gaga for the footage, the Sun (and other papers) cotton on and print the story...and now the prick is trying to sue the Sun for 'humiliating' him!

Of all the most pathetic, self-rightous, pointless things to do...


In a similar story


I saw both of these in the Sun yesterday and loved every minute of both. It's great to see the yobby bastards start on the wrong person, you always pray for it to happen and then it does! Twice!

MySpace confession sinks car-death conviction appeal

Thumb Up

It was her fault!

They've got her on incitement. She stated on the site that she has a habit of racing strangers so there is reason to believe that she instigated the race.

They couldn't prove that, but by participating in it she agreed to do act illegally and dangerously. Had she not tried to beat him to the line he would be alive. It wasn't her intention to cause his death but her actions were directly responsible for it, regardless of what caused him to lose control of the vehicle.

Thats Manslaughter. In fact it's pretty basic and obvious manslaughter, I'm not really sure why people are struggling with it?

iPhone voted UK's 'coolest brand'


BMW for an Aston?

Good smegging luck! BMWankers have notoriously scooted over to ruin Audi's Image. If they could afford to up to an Aston they wouldn't be as cool as they actually are! (Note I said Aston, Austin...fucking American shite cars...retards...)

I have an iPhone 3G by the way...it makes me look awesome and I pull it out whenever I'm in public. I even got the white one so that it looks different from most peoples black ones and I'm therefore even cooler still!

I just wish I had some friends...

Secret US spontaneous human combustion beam tested


finger lickin good

Awesome, I wonder if they could adapt it to cook chicken in under a second...

Amazon limits PS3 Slim sales



Am I the only one who thinks that Sony's constant 'we made it smaller so now it's good' marketing is completely pointless? They've done it with every console they've made and it serves to just piss off those who shelled out for the massive model and beg the question 'why didn't they just make it that size in the first place?'

It's like Finish Washing Powder. Every few months they release a new uber ultimate turbo edition, telling everyone that the old one was actually crap so you should buy this slightly better one...

Beer drinking model to get caned in Malaysia


Leave it alone

The woman broke the law, it was a stupid law but she was aware of it's existence when she so publicly ignored it.

If you were caught anally invading a 14 year old Malaysian boy you may have countless defenses as to why it's a stupid law, doesn't change the opinion of the majority.

In their religous faith it is a sin to consume alcohol. Chrisitanity has its own crazy practices and you have no right to judge anyone elses.

UK teens bullied into sending sex texts


Bullied into getting naked...really?

Im 23, so while I'm thoroughly past any urge to hand out in the park with a bottle of white lightning, I'm not quite ready to condemn all teens as satan's minions.

That said, I'm fairly confident that 99.9% of these 'sexts' are totally consentual - the 'bullying' comments are from those who are still too young to be able to recognise and admit that they made a mistake.

When I was in school we didn't have picture messages (which is a shame, looking back) but we sure sent our fair share of explicit messages around. Ultimately this is just an extension of that, and a really good learning curve for those who get bitten as a result.