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Netgear XAV5001 500Mb/s powerline Ethernet adaptor


try crossover between 2 machines first

Sir Runcible Spoon,

Try linking your ethernet cable directly between two machines and see how fast it goes (you will problably have to set up ip manually though as no DHCP server and you will have to connect to each other by typing the ip address. This takes out all equipment just to see what your best speed is.

Then also change on both cards your MTU to 9000 (providing your cards support jumbo frames). Doing this on between 2 macs usually get's around 80 to 90 MB/s. Do note sometimes when altering MTU connection goes a bit flakey though usually unplugging the cable and replugging it gets them to sync up a bit quicker - note setup has to be done on both machines.

If the switch also supports jumbo frames then afterwards can be left like that. If they are transmitting to each other over IP then those speeds can be obtainable.

350Mbps though is around what I'd expect a gig network to do without changing to jumbo frames etc... it has to do with what buffer the card has and how many packets per second it is able to process. When MTU is at 1500 which is the normal default for 100Mbps a packet has 1500 bytes in total. Of this 53 bytes is overhead so actual packet is 1447 bytes.

If the card/pc combo can process say 40000 packets per second then that becomes 55 Megabytes/second. This is raw ethernet though and the packets will additionally be wasted by the protocol - ftp usually being the leanest hence the fastest. Packets per second on Gb max is 1.4 million per second though it's not just the card but the OS, cpu speed and bus speed the card is plugged into...

if MTU is upped to 9000 though then the packet should be around 8947 bytes x 40000 in theory would get 341 Megabytes/Second but the ceiling is 100 Megabytes/second.

Of note most home routers cannot come anywhere near such packet switching speeds (usually they max out at around 4000 pps as the processor clock is the limiting factor though this would only effect routing to the internet or between ethernet and wireless).

ps I'm using rough figures the numbers are ballpark not spec accurate... It's mostly figures I see by observing ping flood responses when I put in a network to see if there are any bottlenecks anywhere. I'm not a routing engineer...

Skype bug gives attackers access to Mac OS X machines


Execution permissions

I've been trying to allow execution on specific folders - though at the moment it's been a bit of a fail. I'm now thinking to just deny all execution from any user folder which would solve this problem...

and not allow any user from writing to any directory outside the the user folder...

Normally needs a mac os x server but hopefully will be able to extract the changes to implement without an os x server.

I've always thought being able to just drag apps and run them from anywhere (any platform) can lead to bad things... execution should be locked down by default...

Floating website, hidden 'get' bills


or hetzner...

49 eur a month though there's a setup fee of 150 gets you a quad i7 with 8 gigs of ram and 5TB of bandwidth a month.

By the time you get utilisations and scalability are an issue it's cheaper just to get more servers.... I don't see the cost benefit to this cloudy stuff at least at it's current pricepoints... Can couple with cloudmin as well to make your own cloud ...

Opera uncloaks Gmail challenger from Down Under


or even more info THAN me !!

Seriously I think gmail knows more about me that I do ....

Wind power: Even worse than you thought


er electric transport users charge at night??

Just a thought... plugin hybrids usually need to charge at night - so all that generation at night would come in handy and make more power available for them...

Problem is the ROCs as implemented, look like they are deeply upsetting the market rather than wind power itself being the problem..

Single-patent lawsuit hits Apple, Google, Amazon, Priceline...


This is good ... very good

As the claims get more and more obvious they begin to expose how stupid the patent system has become and the more unacceptable it becomes to everyone...

If all those diagrams showing all those processes are relevant to its application then won't they have a devil of a time matching them up to actual processes used by the other companies?

BT vs Sky vs Virgin


live tv? what for??

use usenet... though many flip out when they have to pick what they want to watch so watch less tv.. always a good thing.. heh..

less tv more time for beer.... hic!

Gmail auto sorts bulk mail, notifications, forum messages


torchuring email...

re: I won't entrust them with my mail as I don't know what they do to it/with it.

I totally agree.. I mean waterboarding email - plays havoc with the laptop all that water!!!

Feeling heat from Macs, Microsoft sells PCs sans crapware

Gates Horns

Only Microsoft...

Must have been part of Billy Gates original master plan right from the start..."Right no drm controls and let everyone copy windows ... we'll start gradually bringing in copy controls from 2000 onwards... xp activation... also add crapware as we go .. then we can come with a new version that is better as it won't have any!!"...

Actually this reminds me of Ken Livingstone and traffic lights / Congestion Charge of rephasing to silly timings prior CC then setting them back.. did MS have any involvement?? heh..

I've always had original discs for OEM installs or volume license discs and never use any media bundled with the machine as it's crapware/out of date... It's hilarious though.... heh..

Three pushes UNLIMITED data to PAYG punters

Paris Hilton

erm virgin not unlimited it's fair use is 3000 so it's the same

RE last sentence:

If 3000 texts aren't sufficient, there's always Virgin's unlimited texts Sim-only offering, but you won't get the such a large data allowance. ®

It's not Virgin is subject to 3000 fair use so it's the same allowance with less data.. 3 trumps a virgin...

fnah fnah ... Paris cause she's had many 3s and is no virgin...

Apple shareholders demand CEO succession plan

Thumb Down

It's proof ..

I can understand why they are not wanting to disclose. Thing is they are digging their own hole by insisting on such secrecy - it' s proving that the only game plan apple has is steve jobs and by not allowing discussion of succession it's just digging the hole deeper!!..


I'm the roulette table dealer

Sorry sir - Can't allow 100Billion dollar bet - table limit on color is 5000-10000 dollars max...... please distribute across all tables in Vegas over several months/years?? !!!

Jacqui Smith 'shocked' to discover we're drowning in sea of porn



Nah she's just pissed... no other explanation.. she's flat out drunk.. - permanently inebriated ..

FTC and DoJ toss-up on Apple subs plan 'probe'


not exactly the same...

as in completely different.

The transit in this case is analogous to the whole infrastructure that delivers apps... It would be ok for apple to charge 30% if that was the agreement, based on you getting the transit for free with free fuel all other running costs. They just take a cut of 30% of the revenue instead.

charging 30% on subs though and not allowing other channels to undercut stinks anticompetitive to high heaven though... - I'd ignore it and see what happens.... say still provide through itunes but also go to web site for a cheaper offer...

Thing is it's more common place than thought - ebay has such stinking rules - though nobody follows them thankfully... They should be looked at as I'm sure they are breaking anticomp eu rules...

South African wireless traffic lights pillaged by SIM-card thieves



re depriving the tax --

I'm having a hard time getting my head round this.. is it possible this isn't correct and the bbc is wrong about this? Seriously if there's any basis on this shouldn't this open the way for a massive lawsuit against the government?

apart from wasting fuel and increasing co2 emissions which supposedly the gov has had as a target in one way or another since long before 2009, it causes other damage to vehicles, frustration not to mention loss of productivity.

How about we sue for lost earnings, extra wear and tear on our vehicles , extra fuel consumption and even extra wear and tear on the roads themselves.

Am I the only one seing red here?? It's like me, a system support engineer, creating faults on the network so that I get more callouts afaics.

But also if true this is just monumental stupidity, even if we say that its' ok to want to increase tax revenue by any means necessary - this would in fact have the opposite effect as everyone would just reduce travel by car because if taken to the extreme and just having cars waiting at lights all day then people will stop using their cars (if they haven't burned down all the lights in the meantime)

I've often wondered though how they are meant to be synced - cause most of the time there is a wave of green to be had if you speed - and sometimes excessively over the speed limit and sometimes end up doing it not because I want to speed, but because I just cannot stand waiting at traffic lights...Seriously I think I'm gonna start asking questions about this ... Where to write the FOIA requests on this I wonder??...

Apple signs Xserve death warrant

Jobs Horns

this just sucks

well done u class clown steve jobs... All the money I spent on os x server certifications gone to waste... all my lifelong commitment to arguing for os x in the enterprise just flushed down the toilet...

.... moments later I awaken...

yawn... that was a weird dream... hmm yes I almost did think of going os x route a long time ago ... but didn't ... psych!!! - I kinda saw this coming so went to linux even though I do still use macs though the way things are going might be changing desktops as well..... and unity on ubuntu certainly is going in the right direction me thinks...

na na na na - steve jobs sucks, nanananana told me so now I was right .. hahahaha...


Much of recent global warming actually caused by Sun


Le titleless

"Much of recent global warming actually caused by Sun"

Darn I thought it was from Daily Mail...

BOFH: Die, Robot


I was just counting the ways this droid was gonna die...

heh.. neato puts a smile cheers - good weekend everyone..

Facebook Places - why, and why not


Not his fault really

What can you do, I didn't alienate everyone by being on facebook. everyone alienated me by them 'effing off to facebook. Can we come up with a new site/method/whatever for the rest of us that don't want to share everything/kitchen sink/colour of underwear ??

Beer cause it's almost Friday ... and it's only 6 days since last Friday!

Taxman warns on phone fraud


agreed then give those details to hmrc to pay tax bill!!!

lets see what happens then....

Top cops worldwide grill Google over Wi-Fi snoop

Black Helicopters

farcical really

If I go around war driving and capturing all data and get caught I'll get thrown in jail..

Large company?? oh lets share the loot and pretend we're doing something about it...

Also would it be unreasonable to assume that the kit doesn't discriminate between unencrypted and encrypted traffic? it could just be capturing encrypted and unencrypted traffic and they are just saying well we can't read the encrypted stuff anyway..

Given that a lot of traffic in general is already to google whether it be from it's services (search, email dns etc) or from ad-sense or analytics and since it knows what the traffic is to itself could it not correlate that with the encrypted captures and could give it a hand in deciphering the encrypted stuff also? It would have to sync the stream to an accurate time source - and it definately has that as there's an active gps recording position at the same time.

Paranoid ? That's what they were saying when the Germans were poking around google asking what they've been up to then suddenly this came out...

Grow-lamps roast Yorkshire dope farmer in his sleep


er you can't die at 38C no way

Middle east and even Mediterranean countries routinely hit temperatures above that ... never heard of them dropping dead... that temperature can't be right..

Broadband boss: 'The end of freeloading is nigh'


He is right but he is also mad

Ok he is right - I completely agree that all you can eat data is not sustainable. There is a clear cost to every byte that is consumed.

However his suggested price point means he needs to be locked up in the mental asylum and the key thrown away.

I currently get 1 TB /month for 14Euro a month at my data center. (first 1.5 TB is free). This I get at 'proper' un-congested data rates. if don't upgrade to extra data and just stay at 1.5 TB which is free I am on a 100Mb circuit. I've frequently passed images, backups etc to other sites across the world and easilly get 95% and over of the bandwidth (so it's not just theoretical). If I buy even one TB per month extra I can then get a Gigabit network connection.

I would have no objection to a pricing structure like this.. Infact I'm currently on half the bandwidth (50Mb with Virgin) at home and 100 times less upload speed and pay 30 odd pounds a month.

The german datacenter (hetzner btw) I pay 49 euros a month, I get a decent speck server thrown in and damned good network connections.

So the equivalent .... I'd say 8-9 TB free per month should about balance it out as virgin offers such a lower network capability in comparison, the service is nowhere near as resilient and equipment provided is probably an order of magnitude or two less expensive than that provided by a data center (completely making it up but lets start at that point...)

9TB/30 days = 307 GB per day .. that's fine. (such a figure is about 65% utilisation running 24/7 non-stop)

Where's the problem? I'll pay... Infact I've already paid so where's my data?.

TomTom Go 550 Live


Those fuel prices are bogus

There are a lot of bogus fuel prices. The data is constantly out date and to report them they insist on submitting a form with long/lat coords of incorrect prices.

I have found several (12 in london) that prices are impossible and the top 5 don't even exist.

I then tried to find cheapest fuel coming back from gatwick and found one just off the M3. The price showing on the tomtom was 9ppl cheaper than reality and my neighbourhood BP which is usually not the cheapest around was cheaper than that.

So Ignore petrol price data as it's absolutely incorrect and they don't seem to be interested in doing anything about it.

I've already logged 2 calls about this with them and they still haven't updated this crappy data.

Leaf battery rental scheme unveiled


Re: Ford

had an old Fiesta ages ago that my sis just dropped on me when she left the country.. damn thing never broke down - the cooler fan stopped working at some point but it still had no problems...

twas a rust bucket but it had a really strong heart!!...

plus it had a great anti tailgate feature!!.. turn the choke on when anyone's cruising to close and it would smoke them out!!!!

They should reintroduce that feature methinks...

Beer icon being raised to that old Fiesta (in a scrap yard somewhere...)

Men far worse than women on password security



4 !! (stilll have to type something grrrr)

O2 just can't keep it up


apple u suck for what u forced on iphone customers

This is the thing that stopped me from getting an iPhone... Pay through the nose AND get locked into a carrier (doesn't matter which carrier just getting locked in is bad enough). Now O2 are proving themselves unworthy to boot...

I'm sure I'm not the only one - come on apple I want to buy an iphone without locks FFS .. don't deal with carriers - look at the grief u're getting re google phone and ATT with FCC ...

I'm sure it would sell more without all these silly arrangements...

Then have carriers offer bundles for people who only want sim only deals... and carriers can choose to provide iphone specific features to attract iphone customers... then handset manufacturers would go back to making handsets for customers that actually use them...

Alas this is too common sense for it to actually happen .... sniff...

Average UK broadband just over half advertised speed

Thumb Up

VM's been not bad for me

I have to say I've had VM in the past 8 years in 4 diff counties.. It's speed has always been where it's supposed to be... - throttling offcourse not good but for the mo the 50 Mb platform has no throttling...

Even the 50 M clocked in at 52 Mb .. !! the engineer when he came noted some signal degradation from house to DS and replaced/inspected all the cable ends ...

but he was still surprised the connection was operating at over 50 ... he hadn't seen 50 on any install!!..

Network Solutions breach exposed 500k card accounts


hmmm what happens to the etailers in this case?

This story has got me thinking... As we are a small e-shop - what happens to the etailer when a card details are exposed in a manner beyond the etailers control?

Is there a liability insurance scheme which can cover this situation?

What if for instance a crooked person inside your servers ISP is diverting card info from your site and since he/she has full root can mask her self .. leaving just the e-tailer to point the finger to???

I think an article on these lines would be warranted - examine all the kinds of ways theft of cc data can be exposed and what liabilities there are etc....

RIAA claims victory in Usenet.com copyright case


@steve kay

u r clueless. try a trial subscription at giganews and then tell us who is wasting time... there is nothing faster period...

Tories, LibDems under election day cyberattack?



the front page at www.libdems.org.uk returns a 503 error saying no server available to service request - NB seems to be hosted on amazons EC servers??

But having gone through the cached copy on google other pages below seem to work fine...

Google blames cheeseburgers for destroying the planet


ho ho ho new unit ahoy ...

can we have an addendum in el regs units table - cheeseburgers to mpg etc etc ...

UK's national grid 'ready' for e-car expansion

Paris Hilton


1 GW / 3000000 cars = 333 Watts each.

Thats not enough to power my drill and is a about half a bhp.

Are we sure they are talking about cars? sounds more like the figures are for bicycles. how are those figures calculated??

Apple sued over iPhone e-bookiness


er can we get more info?

How can they settle out of court when it's obvious they are trolls - how are they getting this far? can elreg dig up more info on this? this doesnt' make sense - hp settilng out of court when they could just stomp the cr** out them and send them to oblivion??? what gives?

else where do we patent these pathetic patents? I'll patent communicating between a display and a set of biological occular balls enabling a person to read of a screen.. then right up another patent defining each colour etc.... then just settle out of court...

hmmm $$$$ kerching...

Sky calls for access to cable network

Paris Hilton

er sky should open sats as well

Sky has a monopoly on tv sat as well - they should share their toys as well...

Also - NTL nearly bankrupted themselves laying cable across the land too fast without enough people subscribing. Maybe others should get use of the ducts BUT if NTL/virgin/telewest paid for them then they should be able to charge for allowing others to use the ducts...

Microsoft dumped after India PM's emails go AWOL


Re: It has been said above

To admin,

I hear you and know the feeling exactly... my forehead wears thin every time I press my hands upon it with disbelief of the nonsense going on...

Street View vehicle kills Bambi


how fast is it going?

I would have thought the streetview cars wouldn't be going faster than 30-40 mph - from first photo looks possible it could've been avoided no?

Is there any way to guesstimate speed based on photo?? prob hard due to not knowing speed of shutter/f-stop etc...

I think we need an explanation.. this is weird...

Intel eyes sun-powered data centers


Intel using Sun???

so will Sun be using Intel power now?...!!

Mine's the sun burned one...

EU says Microsoft violated law with IE on Windows

Gates Halo


ok according to this then aren't all current operating systems guilty of this then? Mac os x has safari, ubuntu and most linux distros have firefox or some other browser - aren't they bundling a browser as well?

Red Hat hack prompts critical OpenSSH update

Paris Hilton

Re: two fors

This article, been waiting for a week, have I.


Windows recovery loophole lets hackers in


er - u call this news? every os has this "feature"

Local drives are always available locally to any OS if booting from a different Drve. I welcome the addition of a proper CLI on the installer...

It ain't a bug.. if your physical machine isnt' secure then it's asking 4 trouble

this existis in Mac OS X, Linux etc...one just needs to lock bios/EFI/Open Firmware from allowing alternate boot drives..

Akasa Integral P2 LAN



I think there is some information lacking re the differecence between NDAS and NAS.

NDAS makes the drive appear as if it is directly attached to the machine and transmits all the raw data it would transfer across a USB port across the Ethernet.

This has severe limitations which have not been pointed out here and I think haven't even been examined or encountered.

The primary limitation for a mixed platform workgroup is that only ONE person can write on the box at a time!. I think this is quite fundamental.

If it is on an all windows network simultaneous writes can be performed but I wonder what it's performance impact would be in this situation.

Page 14 from it's manual:




DO NOT perform disk operations (format, partition and chkdsk) when multiple PCs have the INTEGRAL

LAN drive mounted.

The INTEGRAL LAN device can be formatted, partitioned, chkdsk, aggregated or mirrored when ONLY

one PC is connected.

Multiple-OS sharing:

• The INTEGRAL LAN can be shared by a mixed

of ME/2000/XP and Mac computers

• Multiple computer can have READ ONLY access


• WRITE ACCESS is assigned to one computer at a

time and is passed from one computer to another

Multiple-Write sharing:

• Windows XP/2000 only network environment

• Multiple computer running XP or 2000 can

have READ and WRITE access simultaneously

It does have some interesting capabilities because of this though. It could be used on an exchange server to do certain maintenance tasks that demand a locally attached drive (this would be the only way to do it over the network). Tasks such as Offline defragmentation.

Also what appears to be flexibility of RAID and that it supports native file formats is probably a result of one thing - that it is directly controlled by the host (hence the D in NDAS). It doesn't actually support or use any file system per se - it doesn't care as it doesn't manipulate it. All the circuitry in this box is doing is just transmitting the signals that would normally come through USB through TCP/IP ethernet.

Another thing to consider if considering the RAID aspect - as it is effectively a direct drive setting up two of these devices on the network to form a RAID mirror or RAID 1 does it create twice the data over the network as the host itself is doing the RAID?

These are the things that I would expect to see tested. Can we have another review/test please??