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World's largest ship swallows 900 MEGATINS of baked beans

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No two stroke oil needed.

It is a two stroke diesel engine so, unlike a two stroke petrol engine which burns the oil used to lubricate it, the two stroke diesel has a sump and oil system exactly the same as a four stroke diesel. Also has valves and a camshaft in the same way a four stroke diesel engine would.

BAN email footers – they WASTE my INK, wails Ctrl+P MP

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Even worse when you have to have the pointless legalese gibberish in Welsh as well as English!

A new Mac Pro coming this spring? 'Mais oui!'

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Re: Nah.

"I'd be surprised if they change the form of the most recognisable workstation on the market."

Surely 'the most recognisable workstation' must be one of the Sun UltraSparcs?


Socket to 'em: It's the HomeGrid vs HomePlug powerline prizefight

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Re: MIMO over Earth.

How would this effect Voltage Operated Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers (VOELCB)?

These devices were mainly used with overhead supplies with TT earthing (an earth rod in the ground as opposed to having earth supplied by your power supply company), and although they are not installed any more there are still plenty of them in service - most of the house with overhead power around here have them.

They detect a voltage on the earth wire and if present will switch off the supply. They need to be fairly sensitive to work quickly enough to be safe.

Crocodoc tries to take bite out of Adobe dominance

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I have to use some fairly complicated PDF forms and whilst Foxit is good, it falls down sometimes when dealing with these forms which leaves me no choice but to use Acrobat Reader for those forms. Not sure if that is the fault of Foxit or the way the forms have been created, but either way I have use those forms so whose to blame is irrelevant.

Twelve... classic 1980s 8-bit micros

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Mattel Aquarius

Nobody ever seems to mention the Mattel Aquarius in these reviews.

Up to 20K RAM (4K standard), Microsoft Basic, even a colour printer was available.

Had bright blue, Spectrum style 'dead flesh' keyboard and Spectrum style one key press to enter the Basic keywords. My Dad bought one from Tesco and was the first computer I ever tried programming on.


Nominet to launch .wales and .cymru

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Re: I am tempted to ask...

Gymru is a soft mutation of Cymru. On the Welcome to Wales sign it is written as Croseo i Gymru because the 'i' causes a soft mutation changing the C to a G. The C can also change to a Ch or Ngh depending on the type the mutation needed.

Lloegr a Chymru - England and Wales

Yng Nhgymru - In Wales

This can cause problems sometimes. A friend of mine worked on a project where somebody had created some promotional material including a logo based on the word Pontardawe. Unfortunately when they wanted to use that logo to generally replace the word Pontardawe on one poster they couldn't because 'In Pontardawe' in Welsh is 'Ym Mhontardawe' so it didn't work.

Virgin cables up Pot Noodle place via power poles

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Nothing much to say except I used to live in Llanhilleth near Crumlin - good to know it will be famous for something more than Pot Noodles!!

YouTube: Auto-captions for everyone

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Tidy butt!

Wonder how it will get on with a good "Valleys" accent?

RatemyCouncil site launches, falls over

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What is the point?

Really what is the point - you can't change your local council. I don't have to option to choose which council I pay my council tax to, or who colllects my bins.

Neath Port Talbot might be a brilliant council compared to Swansea - but as my house is firmly in the latter, and will never change, how exactly does this benefit me?

Translation outfit seeks Glaswegian speakers

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Ow bist old butt

As a Bristolian now living in Wales I can confidently say "As a Bristolian now living in Wales!" is just a combination of Bristolian (Ow bist) and Welsh (Butt). Considering the location, it makes sense.

Small biz told to sort TV licences for PCs

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Top Secret Technology - My Arse!

When I bought my house there was a lot of work to be done, and I didn't move in stright away. during the first two months I had three reminders about my TV licence, making all sorts of threats about what they would do if they discovered I had a telly.

TBH I just ignored them because I didn't have a telly in there. When I actually moved in I got my telly license the same day as a fourth threat came through the letter box.

Wales adopts mobile average speed cameras

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Already on the M4

There are already average speed cameras on the M4 between Coldra and Tredegar Park and they don't really seem to achieve much, except slowing down traffic for no real reason. At least once a month I drive through that strech of the M4 late at night and you have to go 50 all the way when there are virtually no other cars on the road.

Nation's parents prepare to be vetted

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How does this work in Wales?

As you can probably tell from my user name I live in Wales where (at least some of) the functions of Ostead are performed by Estyn. Do Ofstead have any say in Wales at all? Do Estyn have similar rules to Ofstead?

North Wales Police institute new happiness law

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Dyfed Powys aren't much better

Dyfed Powys came up with a stop all bikers thing a few years ago. Ended up stopping the same bloke, on his way to work from Brynaman to Swansea, every day for a week. The bloke was on the front of the local rag holding all of his producers.

Also - got stopped, for a reason that was never made clear to me, just outside of Llandovery. Plod then had a field day when he found that the car was registered to the G/Fs mum. Of course plod was deflated when he found that the car wasn't reported stolen, was taxed and MOTed, I was insured to drive it, had no defects and after several phone calls confirmed that she knew I was driving the car (I was dropping something off for her).

After this whole thing I was told by Plod - "Don't do it again". When I asked what I had actually done wrong, and should not do again, Plod replied "That" and got in his car and drove off.

Virgin mail struggles to its feet

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Spam still seemed to get delivered

I have never used by Virgin account for anything, I just let Thunderbird collect the mail - and I seem to have recieved the usual amount of spam over the last few days. Which is strange considering I have never, ever, used that email address for anything - yet the spam comes in.

'Norfolk Broads Idiot' nailed on YouTube

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As an RYA powerboat instructor it always amazes me that you don't need any form of training or assessment to take a boat out in this country.

What's Welsh for Orange?

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Orange yn Gymraeg...


Proper tidy butt!

CRB check failures rocket ahead of massive expansion

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@Something is no write...

It isn't just people who have been offered a job that need to be CRB checked. Voulenteers working with children and vunerable adults need to be checked. Also people are rechecked periodically.

I previously worked in the education departement of a local authority. There were several agencies that worked directly with pupils in school across that county and several neighbouring counties. Each county council did their own CRB check - one job working in 4 counties = 4 CRB checks.

Out of that 4 Million there would be re-checks, multiple CRBs for the same person, members of youth and voluentry organisations, people who have had multiple jobs throughout the year - each one requiring a CRB check.

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But the computer says......

So what will happen to the people who have been turned down jobs on the basis of the incorrect CRB check? After all the computer says it, so it must be true.

I am a cadet insturctor and all of our instructors have to have an enhanced CRB check. One particular instuctor admitted having a conviction for possession of Canabis from the early 80's. We didn't consider this an issue as it was two decades ago. When her CRB form came through the conviction wasn't listed, however the CRB check she had to have done for work showed it.

The system doesn't work properly, and in a system like this it either has to work perfectly or not at all.