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Democrat candidate attacked by GOP for being stabby assassin ORC

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So.. either she played it a lot, or played it like an ass-hat. Sounds like a kind of grim choice.

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Just a thought: how many hours of play does it take to reach level 80+ on Wow? If a candidate is like, well, playing WoW 8+ hrs/day for a long spell, maybe they should not even be a community organizer, much less a seat on a state senate.

Apple proves: It pays to be late

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It's Symbian that holds Nokia back

It's Symbian, the royal junk OS for mobile devices, it was designed badly for really low end devices over 10 years ago and has all sorts of incredible stupidities when you develop for it; developing for Symbian is horrible, painful and buggy; you only do it becuase you get paid, compounding this is that ports to and from Symbian often entail a significat rewrite... if/when Nokia dumps Symbian from their line, they will be comptetive for 3rd party developers (in contrast their propietary OS, ISA for S40 phones although simple and limited is much, much easier to write for). When Symbian dies, the world of mobile phones will be a much, much better place: easier to develop for, more reliability and actually faster at the end of the day {Symbian's "optimzations" often slow you down because of the convulted programming one does to just write to a string.}

Vendor turns DRM against Microsoft, Apple, Adobe and Real

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*Hard Rock Halluleja*

oh well, I don't think Finland will win agian though.