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Firmware freakout sends Epson Wi-Fi printers into reboot loop


WF-7515 has the same problem

My WF-7515 started playing up, showing the exact same symptoms, and it hasn't had a firmware update for quite some time.

I only found out as my daughter tried to print a document from her Cloudbook, and the printer started looping. Couldn't even suspend or delete the Cloud Print setting as the printer would reboot before it finished. The only way I could stop it happening was to disable the WiFi on my router, and then reset all the settings of the printer. Before re-enabling the WiFi on my router I also had to change the IP address for the printer, as Cloud Print would try to contact it I assume, and the whole game would start again

For now I've removed the ability for my daughter to use Cloud print, disabled the WiFi on the printer, and set the IP address for it on Ethernet to a number I'm not likely to need. This means we can still use Airprint, which interestingly "Just Works"

Jamie Oliver's ministry of malware served slops AGAIN


It would affect Wordpress, if his site was built on Wordpress.

His site is on Concrete5

123-reg shrugs off customer complaints over stealth domain transfer charges


Re: Domain registration *should be* loss-leading

Heart is part of Host Europe Group - http://www.heg.com/

Zuckerberg: I'm 'quite sure' I own Facebook



Mattel don't own the rights to Bratz


DoH tells NHS to dump IE6


Win 2k users can't

According to this page


Amazon sued for sending 1984 down Orwellian memory hole


@ Greg Fleming

Did Orwell or his publishers opt out of UK copyright then?

Unless something has radically changed, all of Orwell's works are still under copyright in the UK, as he died in 1950, and UK copyright is life plus seventy years.

Australia and Canada it is fifty years.