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Is Mandy right to cut science funding?

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Science, Science, Science!

Sounds about right for this morally and financially bankrupt regime!

First it was Education, Education, Education - they appear to have bunked off class for that one!

The 10 year Integrated Rail Transport Strategy announced should have been Finished in 2007, you cant even bunk the fare on that one.... as it also got derailed...

Now, today when other media reports are highlighting the need for UK Plc to go out and compete in more foreign markets based upon the (German approach) of "making real stuff" that gives "Real Money" opposed to the huge financial confidence trick of recent times.... we are supposed to can the engineers, technicians and scientists who would drive this new industrial revolution

Mandleson is a ****, Paris - as she recognises a big c**k when she sees one!

HELL-beam project now one step from jet-fighter raygun

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"screw you" isnt a very English term.... surely the response should have been a more robust and direct 'Anglo-Saxon" curse?

3 to offer iPhone next year

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You surely must be the blessed by the great "3" customer service gods.

maybe it was all the people leaving in droves has meant they have bucked their ideas up?

had a nightmare with them and my N73

and lest not talk about hte 3 3G data dongle and there their tesch suppport - but then thats such an oxymoronic statement . Akin to a finding a "Civil" Civil Servant!? actually thats a little unfair, 3 Support staff are up their to be hated along side bankers, estate agents and IT recruitment agencies!

Most expensive RAF aircraft ever takes to the skies

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B-52 could be in service for 100 Year according to USAF Proposals!

No its not wacko-day....

The washington post highlights a renewal program and a End of Life paper by USAF that could see the B-52 BUF fly until 2050, effectively 100 years after it entered service!

Latest upgrade for B-52 (As proposed in reprot below from 2000)


Original report available for purchase here


also, lets not forget there are still are fair few DC-3 flying out there in commericial use, probably some still hanging on to military service (we will over look Battle of Britian memorial Flight, for now!)

Vodafone pledges fix for Snow Leopard 3G modem woes

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It would appear there is only one person on drugs!

The following GartnerGroup report as quoted on a fairly popular mac site puts glbal sales at @7% we could all pull niche markets to justify one fact or another (I image educational shipments (you don’t specify the territory, US or UK?) are not that big a piece of the pie)


if i do a survey of all the government departments i have worked in in the UK and that included HMRC, DWP, MOD,UKBA the apple market share is 0% except the one or two allegedly hanging out in the comms departments which are inhabited by aging ex-beatnicks and hippies.

I think the original posters point was that 93 out of a 100 vodaphone users are likely to be running a wintel set up, of the other remaining they will be running various flavours of linux/OSX of those how many will currently have coughed up for the snow leopard patch?

27.3%, honestly ......

now, if you really want to get me started....

you can try and explain why "3" couldnt get there modem properly on Vista, despite numerous calls over a year! There main retort was that it was *probably* my Antiv virus software from AVG interfering with it and that i should disable it at startup! Vista+AVG+Dell lapop + "3" 3g modem.... hardly a niche set of componants?

PS3 backwards compatibility gone for good

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Whilst there are some that will want to retain their investment in old titles, this debate has been going on since the days of 8-bit computing..... In what other significant industry do you expect to get trade-in or freebies from the manufacturers.... even cars and houses are really sold and then the money invested in the next model... do the same with your IT stuff?

As soon as i bought a Playstation (as they were called back in the days of yore) i only actually played my amiga once, and it was so %$£%$ I never bothered - sold the lot and spent the money on new games such as wipeout and Fifa soccer etc

As for the Playstation to PS2 migration, i had a PS looked at the PS2 and could see where it was going but the games whilst visually better not as revolutionary as the jump form amiga to PS.

Therein lies the rub, if you dont get a jaw dropping jump from one generation to the next.... it will be harder and harder each time to convince people to trade up and dump the old stuff.

The trouble is jaw dropping change is expensive from a R&D and production perspective.

Evolution has the problem that if you cant find sufficient differentiation in the early stages of a product release you will have trouble selling it. Its no good being able to compare the end of life pinnacle of a product in retrospect, you need to convince people to buy earlier in the adoption curve.

Vote now to name El Reg space plane

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has to be shag

"Houston*, the El Shag has landed"

doesn't have the same ring as

"Houston*, the Vulture has landed"

Ture.... but as they are well aware of in Ibiza every time a new jet of tourists arrive it will be

"Houston", the shaggers have landed...scorchio!