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Obama site smackdown spam only offers malware

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@Serves the buggers right

It turns out that that woman was a follower of Lyndon LaRouch:


Microsoft warns of 'irreparable harm' on court's Word injunction

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"Works" for me.

I have Microsoft Office on my computer, but I never use it. The few times I want to bang out a letter or two, I use Microsoft Works.

Also, if I ever need to do some serious work, I have Open Office as well.

BTW, I was in "WallyWorld" (WalMart) yesterday, and I saw an Acer netbook offered for sale WITHOUT Word installed!

DIY GSM network is go

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A nit to pick

@On a sensible note

"quite possibly noone would be any the wiser."

Since WHEN did the words NO ONE become one word?

I've noticed this a lot (also two words) lately on various blogs and website comments sections.

US telcos reject broadband cash as connections drop

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Re: Google, telcos in wireless agreement shock

Maybe if the government bypassed the big telcos and offered the money to rural co-ops something would be done.

My telco, a local co-operative, is in the process of bringing Fios to their customers (http://www.3rivers.net/NewsArticles/FiberToThePremises%20.htm)

If the gov't subsidised them, Maybe I could get fios sooner than a few years down the road!

Flying 'Motorbike'/Reliant Robin 'to take off next year'

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@ In road mode

I agree. Lose the aircraft bits & I'd buy one for commuting purposes.

Comcast trials Domain Helper service DNS hijacker

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@Jeff Deacon

If just deliberately typed an incorrect URL using OpenDNS (nisa.gov vs nasa.gov) and I received a "Server not found" error message. I was NOT redirected to another URL.

I'll just keep on using OpenDNS, thenkyew!


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