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How HashiCorp's license shakeup seeded a new open source rebel


The Hyperscalers are forcing this

This is exactly the same move that Redis and Mongo have taken. It's purely down to the hyperscalers charging people for the use of open source software and not giving anything back to the open source communities they are abusing.

Disease X fever infects Davos: WEF to plan response to whatever big pandemic is next


Re: > [masks] didn't stop the last pandemic

Politicians and other authoritarians, who love to tell other people what to do and felt very empowered by COVID.

Top LLMs struggle to make accurate legal arguments


Re: "they don't understand law and can't form sound arguments"

Absolutely! There is no AI or ML, just statistics and probability.

Hide and seek in outer space highlights a battle here on Earth


Not as much as this guy https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Midgley_Jr.

Mars helicopter phones home after 63 days of silence


Re: obligatory

Am I only person who doesn't find xkcd in the least bit funny. I get that it covers tech topics, but I don't think a single one has made me laugh over the many years people have posted them.

Parts of UK booted offline as Virgin Media suffers massive broadband outage


And Again

After being out this morning, it’s just crapped itself again at 16:30. How can they be this incompetent?

Experts warn of steep increase in Java costs under changes to Oracle license regime


Re: Right, but do all those businesses...

At my work we use Azul, you can pay for support if you want without Oracle's special customer service.

Look like Bane, spend like Batman with Dyson's $949 headphones

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Re: Total suckers

Henry's are the best, you can tell they are good and very robust as builders and people in workshops use them.

Log4j doesn't just blow a hole in your servers, it's reopening that can of worms: Is Big Biz exploiting open source?


Re: Java is so 1990's

Plus C++, Python etc which are all older than Java

Humanity has officially touched the Sun (or, at least, one of its probes has)


Re: Loading Commander Jameson...

Thanks for the Elite reference, but how did Elite go from the greatest game of the home computer era to a so complex it can't be played modern form?

Bloke breaking his back on 'commute' from bed to desk deemed a workplace accident


Re: The world can be very different from the UK / USA

While that's true, you can't sue those responsible for your accident in court, so you could be missing out on a much bigger pay out that can fund private health care and more.

Also there's no incentive on those responsible to change as they are never held financially responsible.

Swings and roundabouts I guess.

Deutsche Bank stuffs Oracle systems in on-prem cloud while Google scoops lion's share of white fluffy workloads


Re: I wonder what Oracle has on Deutsche Bank?

LOL, I did check the check box, not sure what happend!

You put Marmite where? Google unveils its latest AI wizardry: A cake made of Maltesers and the pungent black tar



"Vegemite is super-charged Marmite"

Absolute rubbish, Vegemite is a pale (literally pale) imitation of Marmite

Oracle Database 21c bridges NoSQL gap with native JSON support, plays catch-up with relational rivals


Thanks but No Thanks

Having escaped from the hell of Oracle licensing, I won't be going back, I'll stick with Mongo thanks.

Redis becomes the most popular database on AWS as complex cloud application deployments surge



"It kicks ass as an in-memory cache, which covers (I would guess) a very large % of its use case. It's as close to a monopoly in that segment as it gets"

Apart from Hazelcast, Oracle Coherence, Gridgain/Apache Ignite, Gemfire, Jboss Data Grid, etc, etc

Elizabeth Holmes' plan to avoid her Theranos fraud trial worked out about as well as her useless blood-testing machines


Re: No.


She's a victim of the Patriarchy and therefore should be excused anything.

(c) The Grauniad

After ten years, the Google vs Oracle API copyright mega-battle finally hit the Supreme Court – and we listened in

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Re: If Oracle wins, you lose?

Thanks, that was unusually informative

Microsoft introduces Open Service Mesh for Kubernetes, plans quick donation to CNCF


What about Hashicorp Consul?

Consul is a far more effective service mesh as it doesn't require K8s to for one and can synchronise its registry between services that are on or off K8s

Line-of-business folk will have bigger role in growing robotic process automation revolution


A Sticking Plaster Over Broken Systems


I've had the misfortune to see RPA in action, after management bought into the hype cycle, the sales people are very good at making their pitch using terms from AI/ML even though there is none there. When they says 'train' the robot, what they mean is update a config file.

From what I saw it boiled down to automating form entry and email generation in legacy systems at great cost with an army of consultants, when that money and effort could have been spent building actual strategic systems.

RPA basically locks you into your legacy architecture for ever.

Also do not change they layout of your pages/forms as it breaks all the robots, most of which you won't know exist until users coming screaming.

My advice kill it as soon as you can.

In deepest darkest Surrey, an on-prem SAP system running 17-year-old software is about to die....


Learn the Lessons

1. Don't use SAP

2. If you do, it's magnitudes cheaper to change your business to work like SAP than to change SAP work like your business

Licence to grill: A year on, MongoDB's Eliot Horowitz talks to The Reg about SSPL


Re: Do you mean DynamoDB?

DocumentDB is an AWS product https://aws.amazon.com/documentdb/, Azure's CosmosDB is the MS equivalent

Oracle's priorities for 2019? Repeat this handy mantra: Applications! Automation! Integration!


Re: Why bother to report this?

"Presumably all the existing Oracle users call themselves consenting adults, not slaves?"

Stockholm syndrome.

I had it for years and only through repeated beating with Oracle product licenses was I cured.


Why bother to report this?

Death throws of a dying company.

Oracle will be vaporised by open source, why would you sign yourself into slavery these days?

Git it girl! Academy tries to tempt women into coding with free course


Re: Schools need to step up to the plate

"Kit is cheap, licenses are not"

What licences do you need to teach coding? Everything you need and more is available opensource

As the singularity approaches, neural network pens black metal album



Just listened to Calculating Infinity, compared to a techno album, Industrial Assault, I used to have on tape by an obscure Belgian Dj called DJ Xcite, this is kindergarten material.

For total brain melting material, listen to Gabba :)

Q. What's today's top language? A. Python... no, wait, Java... no, C


Re: I suspect there are quite a few Java devs out there

Fermi's last theorem?

If you're trying to prove how much smarter you are than Java devs, at least realise that it was Fermat not Fermi.

Java? Nah, I do JavaScript, man. Wise up, hipster, to the money


Re: Java Alive and Well

"technology advisor of a venture capitalist"

Say no more!


Java Alive and Well

I work in a large investment bank, virtually all the systems are written in Java from trading systems, to risk systems to clearing systems and beyond, no one's talking about porting to Rust, SWIFT etc and I'd be fired for recommending that anything was built in PHP.

Nearly all the big data solutions, Hadoop ecosystem, Cassandra etc are written in Java

Most of the new stream processing systems Flink, Storm, Gearpump etc are written in Scala & Java

Products written Java or JVM platform Languages (mostly Scala) are driving all the innovation in Software at the moment

Job ad promises 'Meaningless Repetitive Work on the .NET Stack'


Shackleton's job ad possibly the most honest!

"Men wanted for hazardous journey. Low wages, bitter cold, long hours of complete darkness. Safe return doubtful. Honour and recognition in event of success."

How NoSQL graph databases still usurp relational dynasties


Re: Relational Databases are Very Powerful

I'm hoping that this is a very clever bit of satire

Here's what an Intel Broadwell Xeon with a built-in FPGA looks like


Re: Useful for automatic trading?

They've been doing it for years in HFT and Stat Arb. Plenty of examples of FIX gateways built on FPGA chips.

Java evangelist leaves Oracle to save Java

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Re: A name from the past

"Anyone else remember Cameron 'Peace' Purdy, Mike '2PC' Spille and Marc '$$$' Fleury from the golden age of theserverside.com"

I do! I often wonder what happened to Rolf Tollerud (sic?). His continuous trolling on behalf of .Net was a joy to behold.

Radio 4 and Dr K on programming languages: Full of Java Kool-Aid


Re: No banking if Java didn't exist

"Banking runs largely on COBOL"

I never understand this comment, I work in on of the largest banks in the world and the amount of COBOL is miniscule.

Almost all server side development is in Java these days, GUIs tend to be .Net or Flex, although moving to HTML 5.

Exchange matching engines are writing in Java, Trading systems are written in Java (OMS, EMS & SOR).

If you want to work in banking, learn Java!

Much of recent global warming actually caused by Sun


Same report two conclusions

Amazingly the Guardian reported the same in exactly the opposite manner


What does the actual report say?

KIN'ell, Microsoft! Is that a breasticle I see before me?



Perhaps you should QA your spelling

Senior IT workers caught in bank bonus tax crossfire


Sadly not a surprise

Despite the fact that it was credit derivatives that were the banking area that caused the crunch, this moronic government is determined to lay the blame at the feet of everyone in FS just to avoid the blame they should be getting for their large part in it.

Sadly this is nothing new for this government or any other in history. Find a group people are envious of scared of, bankers, hedgies, foreigners etc and blame them for your own short comings.

Darling upsets almost everyone


Re Bye Bye Bankers

I've seen lots of comments like this on various websites, but I didn't expect it here. I normally think the readers of El Reg are reasonably intelligent, but you are obviously a moron. The reason banking is important to the UK is we're good at it. It delivers a huge amount of money into the economy. If the bankers were to f*ck off the economy would drop by 30%, is that what you want?

Banking is a highly complex global business which you obviously don’t understand at all, maybe that’s why you don’t work in banking and don’t get to enjoy the benefits.

If you’re mates in manufacturing want to compete with China go for it, but I bet they don’t want to work for a dollar a day 7 days a week.

Maybe you should think of the implications of what you ask for rather than spouting jealous bile.

UK population to abandon Midlands


We don't want you

If you can't handle life in London, you're obviously a bunch of soft c*cks who are better off up north with your whippets and ferrets. Thankfully we have lots of nice hard working foreigners to replace you. The sooner London gets its independence and can stop subsidising the shambles that is the rest of the UK the better ;-)

Groovy punts SQL turbocharger


Nothing New

This sounds like a half arsed data grid to me, with slack kind of continuous query. If I want a data grid I'd use a data grid product, this half way house between a grid and and RDB doesn't seem to support either paradigm very well.

I also agree that people who think SQL == SQL Server should have their geek license revoked!