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Sony beefs up slimline PS3

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I have a 500gb drive in my PS3, I had to get a new drive after filling the 60gb no problem with games, demos, music and films.

First 'videogame census' conducted

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I can only think of a few games released with black playable characters. San Andreas, Bad Boys II, 50 Cent x2, I did have another one but Ive forgot!

Anyone else think of any?

Retailer says 'No' to PSP Go!

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Good, means that there will be more units for the UK launch, sod the Dutch. Downloadable titles are the way forward, PSOne games have be online since March 2007, if they werent selling then why are more titles coming out in that format? PSP game sales online are increasing rapidly - on the launch of the PSP Go and the release of new games for download will only make this more so. XBLA titles have been selling really well as have PSN titles.

Next Gen consoles wont support dvd/ blu ray/ flash memory etc. All download only, the sooner this happens the better I say!!

All these non english speaking countries are the reason why PSN/ XBLA games take so long to launch over here compaired to the USA.

The English speaking users should have access to a English language store/ marketplace. This will mean we get games cheaper (no translation costs, forigen marketing) and they will be released earlier.

Microsoft mobile marketplace ads worm into iPhone

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maybe the article should be re worded to say "Microsoft mobile marketplace ads worms its way onto iPhone" then, your making it appear like something its not

Microsoft responds to Xbox's 54% failure rate

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no excuses, this was bound to come out

Its taken awhile but this information proves that the xbox is the worst console in this generation of consoles. Microsoft released this way to early, even a 6 month delay in release wouldnt of fixed their problems as 4 years later the RROD is still causing users to get replacements.

These figures show that nearly 16,000,000 360's have broken since its release, I wonder how many have been replaced by microsoft? 7,000,000? 12,000,000? Alot of people wouldnt of known about the replacement system so would of gone out and bought another (also increasing 360 figures).

How much money have microsoft stole from live subscribers in downtime due to their machine problems?

This really is a mess - how can people STILL defend it. Mocking PS3 users?... for what, having a better system that works and is cheaper in the long run?

Guess the truth hurts. This console war has been fun, Microsoft fooling its users, and watching the fools step up, it really has been fun reading all their comments. I cant help but feeling alittle sorry for them.... NOT!

Sony reveals slim PS3, drops price

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You have failed to mention the connectivity with song bravia tv's via the HDMI cable.

Dealer details slimline PS3 launch

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I have the 60GB version, with a 320GB drive and its pretty damn quiet, when I use the media server to watch films/ tv shows on while downloading from the PS Store, its the only time I can hear it!!

Try giving it a clean, or move it somewhere where cool air can get to it, that should sort it out

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next tuesday

next tuesday sony should annonce it

British boffin named first ever 'doctor of texting'

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atleast they can get a job at phones4u... sorry i mean phones for you

What's Welsh for Orange?

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i live in wales

I live in north wales, everyone supports england at football, everyone speaks english - i cant see the point, if they cant speak or read english then surely they have no life so dont even need a mobile phone!!

Wonder if welsh phone numbers will be as backward as their language 98574525770 IN'A IT!

Wii and PS3 sales slide

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a reason for slower sales

everyone who wants a Wii will own one by now.

The chances of Sony releasing the PS3 slim this year is looking pretty good at the moment, as for falling PSP's, the PSP Go is released in 9 weeks so why would people buy the old model when the new one is round the corner.

PS3 sales will increase once the price drop is anounced at TGS later this year, once Uncharted 2 adverts hit TV screens everyone will want to get one. Uncharted 2 looks amazing!