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Samsung Note 7: Probably the best phone in the world. Yeah – you heard right

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Still doesn't have front facing speakers..

So no, not the best Android phone imo.

Call of Duty terror jabber just mindless banter

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Not really mindless banter...

More like a cesspit of racial hate...

After playing COD I honestly think they should remove chat services from games and leave it to third party chat services, so people only chat with there friends.

Anyone who has played COD only will know how bad it can be...

Dixons Carphone still has 7.5k Windows XP EPOS systems

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Not uncommon...

I have seen, NCP(parking terminals), Tescos Self Checkout Tills and grocery stores still running XP.

I have even seen (maybe 3-4 years ago they may have refreshed) Barclay's bank running windows 2000...

If its not broke, don't fix it and if its secure, i don't see a problem here.


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One time number?

So instead of multiple parts of numbers on a card that is needed for a wireless transaction (im assuming this is the case) all hackers will need to do is reprogram a RFID chip with any random number to use someone elses account. This sounds to simple to be true... I went to a cashless festival (Download) the other month and everyone was given a chip which i assumed had a simple unique ID for your account. They were reprogramming these chips left, right and center because of bugs. I hardly think apple will just link it to a unique number.

P.S Apple is doing nothing new, I like certain wireless tech but all my bank details in once place. No thanks.

Computer misuse: Brits could face LIFE IN PRISON for serious hacking offences

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I'll get my coat...

Apple patents facial recognition tech for mobile log-in

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Re: Next up...

This tech is currently available on the PS4 with the camera... Would like to see apple start a patent war with Sony over facial recognition log-ins...

Brit ISPs ordered to add more movie-streaming websites to block list

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These blocks are useless, someone will create a proxy website within a week...

Dodgy Kaspersky update borks THOUSANDS of NHS computers

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This is why i hate Kaspersky..

I used to love Kaspersky, i found that on my home computer that it was the bees knees worked flawlessly. When it came to changing the antivirus at work we decided to go with Kaspersky's Enterprise software. For the first year it worked flawless again, with a fairly easy deployment process. But as soon as the Kaspersky client workstation software found that the licence keys were due to "expire in 7 days". It throw a massive hissy fit and locked up all the computers, blocking all network traffic on each machine.... I then had to go and manually remove and re install each antivirus with new keys... (this took a while) now currently into my second year with Kaspersky 3 weeks ago it decided to lock up all the machines again with these false positives.... I have also been told by a friend that he had the same problem upgrading the versions he was deploying. So to conclude Kaspersky appears to have an inbuilt kill switch that will hold you hostage and the trigger is loose, i will not be using next year...

Have you reinstalled Windows yet? No, I just want to PRINT THIS DAMN PAGE

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You should change "The Photo Black Ink Cartridge"...

Sweet murmuring Siri opens stalker vulnerability hole in iOS 7

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I just love apple security flaws.

But don't you have to be connected to wifi to use facetime? (i could be wrong but i was under the impression that it usually asks you to connect to wifi) Going off the basis that you need wifi, for someone to dupe you in this way they would have to steal your phone from home or work and perform this task on site... Seems a bit mission impossible to me. But then again office pranks are fun.

iOS 7 SPANKS Samsung's Android in user-experience rating

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Re: Settings -> General

What so you are telling us that you are confused by the word Apps?

Below is how to change date and time for Samsung GS3 and iOS

iOS = Settings >General >Date and time

Samsung GS3 (i am assuming its the same as Europa) = Apps > Settings > Date and Time

You could even put the settings shortcut on your main screen if you needed to change the date and time that often. So the process could be shortened to: Settings > Date and Time

Fanbois taught to use Apple's new killer app: Microsoft Windows

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Re: Macs are "so expensive" - not.

I actually agree with you here the resale price is pretty good. I sold a mac pro for a hefty amount a year ago. I was pretty shocked as the spec was pretty poor, i actually put it down to the fact that there is a lot of Apple users that are not that tech savvy...

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Fanbois taught to use a GIMPED Windows...

Is the same thing as teaching a windows user to use OSX on a hacked VM... You can use the OS but its nothing like installing the OS on the Hardware...

Not to mention the differences in the OS for business.

Remote Desktop (Built into Windows, you have to use VNC Server/Clients to do anything similar)

Roaming Profiles (Not supported on OSX)

Domain Authentication (Supported very little on OSX)

OSX is not for Business..

KingSpec's 2TB Multicore PCI-E SSD whopper vs the rest

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No Comparison to other PCI-E SSD's?

This data is pretty useless then in terms of comparing to what else is out there on the market. Why not compare it to the read/write speeds of a floppy disk drive whilst you are at it?

Sorry to be a bit down about this post but i was expecting more, a quick google search of PCI-E SSD on shopping will show a load of other PCI-E Drives available yes, you maybe looking at 2TB's of storage but why compare speeds if its all about size...

Android is a mess and needs sprucing up, admits chief

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"Android today is like Microsoft's Windows 3.1"

Technically yes and they maybe following microsoft, have you seen the google play store recently? on my S3 it is looking a bit erm windows 8... solid green bar, big skinny fonts... i must admit it does look nice though...

YouTube launches subscriptions with 53 paid channels

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Sign in to browse...

I already see one problem youtube. The fact that it is better to sign out to use the website version of youtube... yesterday i was browsing youtube to try and see what was trending to possibly come across something comedy! but i was signed in to youtube... i was looking for about 15 mins to try and find the categories but i could only see what people had posted that i was following... i then figured that i would use a diff web browser that was signed out which allowed me to browse trends... so why would i ever sign in to use youtube..?

New 'BLOCKBUSTER' APPLE iTHING imminent - billionaire Einhorn

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Maybe they are relaunching Pippin...

What never heard of it? hahaha yeah i didn't know that existed till last week...

Thousands rally behind teen girl cuffed, expelled in harmless 'explosion'

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Did she just get expelled for a mentos in coke experiment?

Apple designer Sir Jony Ive holding up iOS 7 development: Report

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I am no apple fan

But "Visionary designer Sir Jonathan Ive’s perfectionism could be holding back the development of the latest version of the software used on iPads and iPhones, according to a recent report." i do believe in releasing software when its ready. The new iOS will be interesting but with all software and games, if you leave punters waiting saying "this is going to be awesome" when it comes to the release day and the software falls short of perfection. Punters will look elsewhere, take Diablo 3 for example 10 years or so development 4-5 years of pre release hype, the biggest backlash from customers in the gaming industry. iOS 7 will be very interesting.

Guess who PC-slaying tablets are killing next? Keyboard biz Logitech

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Re: bollocks

I too thought bollocks. its not just that the PC has slowed while tablets are growing. its the fact that Logitech used to be the prestigious mouse/keyboard that you could get from most pc shops. But over the last 10 years alot of websites (overclockers, aria, scan etc...) have now got a very wide range of really top quality keyboards and mice. Razor pretty much remaining fairly dominant in the gaming industry where as Corsair have released some really good peripherals over the last few years. What have Logitech done? off the top of my head, i cant think of anything...

TomTom brandishes new strap-on in Amsterdam: The wristnav

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Dear TomTom

Why have you not moved into creating in car stereo systems yet? A TomTom touch screen radio/satnav with bluetooth/USB phone connectivity is something i would buy without hesitation to replace my crap fiesta radio...

The only radio i have seen that comes close is a parrot one that is in my local halfords... it only had google maps though which i though might suffer loading issues and the screen wasn't that big.

Microsoft brings back Windows watch after Apple seeks 'flexible' bod

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Re: meh....

All correct bar the TV... :P

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i stopped wearing watches when mobile phones came about. My reasoning? Why have a timepiece on my wrist when i have one in my phone...

I really don't see the point of a smart watch if i have a smartphone. In the future are people really going to walk around with a computer in their pocket, a computer on their wrist and a computer on their face?(smart specs)

Microsoft leads charge against Google's Android in EU antitrust complaint

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Tbh i was wondering who Microsoft would Complain about first.

Google or Apple. As Windows has to have that annoying browser choice icon on all desktop OS's at first boot. I was wondering which OS (Android or iOS) they would try and get the same treatment.

This will be interesting :D

Not got 4G? There's a reason we aren't called 'Four', sniffs Three

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"In fact, it thinks 3G connectivity is not all that different from 4G."

I am on three atm and tbh im getting 20mb/s connection... I speed tested someones EE connection at work and they got 30mb/s.

I don't see the benefits of an extra 10mb/s bandwidth on a phone... Granted though it could help three more if they upped to 4G because they allow tethering, Which would benefit though's who use their phones for their laptops internet gateway. I would concentrate more on stronger signals tbh.

Syrian hacktivists hijack BBC Weather feed

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I read the title

and i first thought that www.bbc.co.uk./weather had been hijacked, but upon opening the link and seeing the twitter image i was a little disappointed :(

Virgin Media boss to Osbo: Bung city fibre cash into small biz

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I agree that Virgin should expand their network

Last year i was in an area where i could get VM Fiber. i choose their top package and tbh it was amazing! actual download speeds of 8-11mb/ps i could download a 10gig game in minutes, i downloaded gigs and gigs of versions of windows and what not from MSDN subscription library and i never once got hit by QOS... i must have topped 100gig at least one month...

The house i had before this was also in a VM area but it was a block of flats that hadn't been cabled up. when VM came round they left saying they "cant install fiber broadband". When i wrung up and asked them why, they told me "it is not economically viable" but we can offer ADSL, as any sane person would do i told them to do one.

I have now moved again to an area not covered by VM.

They should expand their coverage and not turn away customers because it may cost a bit to install fiber.

SimCity owners get free game, EA will get A NEW CEO

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Re: I upvoted you

Smart phone? Tether? Personal Wifi? Ring any bells? USB Broadband dongle? Most people have a smart phone and im sure you could get a portable broadband easy... you can even get them pay as you go... (granted connection may drop when moving but that doesn't kick you outa the game) and if you say "what about abroad" to which i will reply, "you have gone on holiday, for the love of god put down the laptop."

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this is what i was getting at in an earlier post.

I too think its a step back to have everything run off the roads and if u place something on a crap road. i.e. police station or power plant and u need to upgrade the road. You have to delete the power plant or police station with no refund...

the city's are small and get filled up in no time usually by a solar plant that takes up a silly amount of space just so you can power your casinos...

yeah it annoyed me also when you start a new city in the same region the money doesn't transfer, an upside though everything you unlock does and you do get volunteer help from other city's i.e. they randomly help put out fires and stuff. (im guessing its alot easier if you play with lots of your friends)

But i honestly think alot less people would be annoyed if game itself was actually a better game...

I bought the deluxe version also £70 down the drain for a few extra buildings... the way they made it out was that their is extra game modes... not just extra buildings.

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Re: allowing the game to be played offline would require "a significant amount of engineering work

the game works now stop moaning... "here have your pacifier back"

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Re: I upvoted you

Tbh i cant see why people are moaning so much about always online DRM... most people have broadband which is connected to the internet most of the time and most people will have their pc/laptop connected to the internet most of the time because, hay, you need your latest facebook update... yeah simcity was unplayable on launch week, but that has passed now. but tbh even on launch week i didn't have many problems(granted some did) D3 had the same connection issues but that was fixed after a week or 2. the only problem with simcity and D3 is that their DRM is protecting a somewhat average game. D3 was linear as hell and from what i have seen they still haven't brought out PVP. SimCity is also fairly linear and lacks new content, if feels like a cut down version of previous simcitys with better graphics. The only people in uproar as i can see is single player gamers that wanted to play a single player game and freetards.(yes it has been cracked to play offline but you still cant save) . With that rant over im quite annoyed that they didn't offer Crysis 3 and the fact that they offered Plants vs Zombies is laughable.

Build a BONKERS gaming PC

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Re: Missing a few details

You actually add response time if you put two SSD's in RAID0 and i you would be better off going for one of OCZ's PCIe Solid State Boards. but you may have to drop a graphics card though.

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a single i7 extream cpu?

Thats not bonkers!

2x CPUS on a dual socket mobo! now thats extream!

See link.


Copper load of that: Ofcom claims HUGE jump in 'average' broadband speed

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Why are they comparing crap packages...

"In this category, the proportion of panellists who, on average, received more than 90 per cent of their maximum speeds at peak times ranged from 35 per cent for Virgin Media’s ‘up to’ 30Mbit/s service to 91 per cent for BT’s ‘up to’ 38Mbit/s service."

So basically if you want a crap package, BT offers a less crap, crap package... i had VM's flagship package 100meg and i never once got hit by QOS/traffic management in peak hours...Granted though VM did have outages but they are 100x better than BT for customer service and their bandwidth is still 30% larger than BT... I used BT Broadband years ago (like 8-10 years ago) and i will never go back, i could write an essay on my experiences but it would bore you to death and as most people have prolly tried BT at some point, you may already know how bad they are...

Philips pushes out SDK for multicolour Zigbee LED lights

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Suspiciously well-designed fan site

I feel like Sheldon off TBBT, was that sarcasm? because that website is wordpress with a slight variant of the default theme.

'Wireless charging' in Galaxy S4 will betray Samsung's best pal

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When the S3 was anounced last year

At the Samsung event they were all raging on about how the S3 will be able to wireless charge (with an accessory) and stream PowerPoint style presentations to a TV with another accessory. I have a Galaxy S3 and i have yet to see any of these accessories....

I will be very annoyed if the S4 comes out with wireless charging before them...

Single IPv6 packet kills Kaspersky-protected PCs, fix emerges

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Now what about the flaw in Kaspersky security center.

You know.... the one that when your licences are due to renew, the week notice that appears on all the clients that have KAV install which also cause all the clients to block all network communication and freeze them.

or the flaw where you upgrade versions which causes the same locking out and freezing..

You have gone down in my books kaspersky...

Amazon yanks SimCity download from store

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All games with hype that require an internet connection.

Fail bad on the first day/week (WOW, D3, Guildwars 2, COD and prolly alot more...) The accountants should just follow this rule.

What ever predictions they crunch from data times that by 10 and get the bandwidth/servers to account for that. Surely overkill is better than this much bad press..

Apple to cough up $100m after kids rinse parents' credit cards on apps

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Oh how very nice of you apple...

"Sums under $30 will be refunded in iTunes credits rather than cash."

I assume that you will still be taxing all purchases made with that $30 reducing the cost of the claim by 30%....

bad apple.

BlackBerry 10: Good news, there's still time to fix this disaster

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Re: Destined for failure

I was a former RIMMER but i got rid of my blackberry because of the App Store. You say 70,000+ apps but have you ever used the apps? 90% of the apps were crap, i never saw the point of BBM over MSN messenger so that never tied me in either, the only up side was the for the first year it was a solid phone.

But after a year my "y" key broke which gimped it and RIM then released an update which slowed the phone somewhat. Jumping ship to android was a huge relief as most apps just work and i now have a decent banking app and a considerably bigger range of entertainment.

To get me back on Blackberry their App store would have to grow considerably with decent apps.

I watched Excel meet 1-2-3, and beat it fair and square

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When you play the game of thrones,

you win or you die. There is no middle ground.

No UK date, no biz disties: Will Microsoft cock-up the Surface Pro too?

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I am going to University in sept this year.

I really wanted one of these to take to lectures, as it would be great for a portable compact dev machine!

rather annoyed at Microsoft if they don't release it in the UK before then.

Ofcom: You like to make CALLS, yeah? Tell us what you want from mobiles

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" and then a tiny amount of data."

Last year Three mobile stepped up to this crap about data tarrifs, with All-you-can-eat-data! i joined three last year because of this.... now i have a smartphone and my own portable personal broadband hotspot, which they allow... 100% awesome.

Wad of BlackBerry OS 10 pics 'leaks' from RIM's inner circle

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Looks like a huge amount of updates.

Since i had a Blackberry... well done Rim.

Asteroid-mining 'FireFlys' will be ready for action by 2015, vows space firm

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If these FireFlys don't resemble Serenity.

im not interested. :D

BT's shock new wheeze: Make phone calls from smartphones

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Read the first line and gave up...

"BT customers can now make calls over the internet from a smartphone app and have the cost added to their landline bill."

So like skype but you get billed for it? Nooo..... that is all....

Forget 3D: 13,000 UK homes still watch TV in black and white

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13,000 households, surely it cant be that hard to send someone round to check up on these obvious fraudsters...

First Swedish Pirate Bay server displayed by Computing Museum

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Re: Do my eyes deceive me...

I do believe that you are right, that does look like a computer that has no case and they are using card to stop the board from shorting. 100% bodge job.