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Raised res iPad 2 to sport four-core chip?

Daniel 22

Not a single bite?

Still awaiting someone to bite on this...

AMD, GlobalFoundries, and the Intel gap

Daniel 22

Fanboi much?

No way in hell would an intel equivalent cost you £8-900 vs £200 of amd kit. I use AMD, and I'm not daft enough to think that. Take your propaganda elsewhere.

Dixons renames itself Dixons

Daniel 22

Funny thing

Funny thing is, I used to work as a technician at PC world, and whilst I lose all credibility by announcing that fact, I was forced out of the company for offering customer service. Funny that eh?

They want people to sell, simple fact. Head office are seriously trying to push the customer experience. But instore management are still judged on their bottom line. You can't maximise profits and have the best customer service, atleast not with the systems that Dixons have in place.

Google's Wi-Fi sniff probe reveals 'criminal intent' - PI

Daniel 22

How is it illegal?

If someone is broadcasting this information, how is it in anyway illegal to take it? It's like trying to hand out free samples then complaining someone takes one?

Apple sells 2m iPads to hungry fanbois

Daniel 22

It's not clever marketing...

It's nothing to do with clever marketing that makes apple successful, it's well designed products. I'm a PC user, but would happily get a mac laptop purely for the build quality and design. They're powerful, they aren't all that expensive compared to the competitors.

It's a proven fact that passion drives successful companies. Companies with a good ethos and a passion for what they do have a higher chance of succeeding (7:1) than those that don't. Apple are pushing the "well built and easy to use" aspect and it's working.

The iPhone is like any other phone, except it was the first to simplify the smartphone and make it accessible to the masses through good interface design. I'm warming to the fact that apple products are designed to be used and whilst other platforms are coming along and competing (Win7 and Android are both very, very usable) Apple did it first; they got the following.

Despite this I think the iPad is a bit of a gimmick for now, but will gladly buy the next version when it's cheaper and all the kinks are worked out.

I just wish Apple was a little more open with the software they allow, but that's never going to happen.

Does Apple patent claim show iPad with built-in camera?

Daniel 22
Jobs Horns

Wow, you don't come across as an apple fan at all

Yes it's common practice to add new features to a device, but that's not what people complain about. People complain about the fact that apple *remove* features so they have somewhere to go the following year. It's not a dig at apple's products, it's a dig at their lack of effort to push the industry forward. They have one of the best interfaces, but it'll be a long time before we finally get the good hardware/software to back it up.

Despite my love for apple, even I can see that it's wrong.

Lenovo demos mini laptop with slip-out screen

Daniel 22
Jobs Horns

Apple Fanboys listen closely...

Apple aren't doing anything original with their iSlate as far as I can see. You mention that they were called tablets before apple jumped in, but to my mind a tablet PC is a laptop with a rotatable screen which folds back on its self. A slate is a machine which is wholly contained within a solid piece with a screen mounted directly... That's how I see it anyway.

As for bitching saying Apple is going to have th best interface ever... blah blah blah. You haven't even seen it?

Lots of people have had slate concepts, unfortunately one of the most promising looking ones (CrunchPad) seems to be dead in the water due to ownership issues. The iSlate is nothing new, it's just new for apple.

Whilst I'm not sure, it's probably a safe bet to assume apple are aiming at a different market as many slates are aiming at the low end, netbook style slate, whereas Apple haven't really targeted this area of the market, so I'd assume theirs is going to be more powerful and more expensive, so I'd be very upset if the interface didn't run smoothly.

Just think before you post. (I'm also an apple fan, but I don't feel the need to spout some bull everytime a competing product comes up)

Fanbois Apple buyers howl over crocked iMacs

Daniel 22


I may be wrong, but I thought apple used Foxconn for some of their parts... And whilst Foxconn aren't the biggest of brands, they have been making some very good stuff recently..

In fact, even the cheapest of manufacturers have better standards than this fiasco...

Oh, and I'm a PC user, not a mac fanboi

Sony confirms 250GB PS3 slim launch

Daniel 22


I know this is probably blasphemous... but why not just put it on top of your stack of AV equipment?

Intel's consumer-friendly Nehalem chips arrive early?

Daniel 22

@Jesse Dorland

My God, I never thought I'd see such a comment on the register... I just hope you were trying to be ironic. If not, and you do believe that laptops are as powerful as desktops, I can only assume your PC is used for nothing more than facebook stalking.

@Darren... if you chain her to the radiator, how's she going to do the dishes and get you a beer? It'd have to be a long chain.

Gaming exec calls for videogame price hike

Daniel 22

simple answer

The games industry is one of the few industries actually doing quite well during this economic down-turn. Games such as Modern Warfare 2, isn't going to cost them too much to make as it has only been in development for around 1.5years at the most. Better yet, it will most likely be similar to the first and won't take too much time to create. And this is coming from one of the richest games companies in the world! (Activision-Blizzzard).

More people own consoles now than ever before. So whilst costs haven't risen, the market has!

Now shut up and go and enjoy your trust fund.

Wii and PS3 sales slide

Daniel 22

Colour me fanboi

I've always been a sony fanboi, but due to monetry reasons I don't own a PS3. But this is how I see it.

PS3, is, technologically speaking, the best machine. This cannot be denied by anyone. It's nice looking, powerful, and although it means nothing to most people, it integrates the power supply and is quiet. This is something Microsoft have failed miserably at!

The blu-ray player, whilst expensive, is a gamble for sony. However, blu-ray is picking up as a format now and It could prove well for them. DVD space is something of an issue for Microsoft, and anyone who argues with this is simply ignorant. Multiple discs are an option, except Microsoft cause a problem as they charge royalties per disc. Anything more than 2 discs and it's not worth the developers time.

Wii is the family friendly console... I don't think I could say any more than that. We all know why it's good.

Xbox is technologically inferior. But Microsoft have combatted this with an awesome price, and brilliant software... something you wouldn't expect from Microsoft! It's got the better online play at the moment, and great support. HOWEVER. Microsoft intend to extend the life of the Xbox with project Natal. Pretty sure a new controller isn't going to make the console last any longer as it will only work with certain types of games.

And what does all this have to do with sales? fuck all. But I like to join in with the console bashing and setting people straight.


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