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IBM's megabrain Watson to make mobe, slab apps smarter? Not so fast


Re: Nothing in Watson is "fundamentally different"

What he going on about is - writing drivel to bump his word count ($)

Make or break: Microsoft sets date for CRUCIAL Win 8.1 launch


Re: Completely wrong UI paradigms

"How is anynne supposed to take something with "charms" seriously as part of their corporate infrastructure?"

Physicists will take it very seriously, and ask where the strange bar is hiding - is up or down, spinning around...

Foxconn: Our hiring freeze has nothing to do with iPhone 5


maybe Foxconn is about to open the robotised factory its been promising - probably in Taiwan

Review finds Wikipedia UK board needs major leadership overhaul


Is the UK is more corrupt than elsewhere

Or is it that the UK corrupt are so stupid that they're more likely to get caught running their scams.

Cook's 'values' memo shows Apple has lost its soul


If IT&T went back to inventing products rather than than inventing patents we'd all be better off. Some of the US patents are ludicrous - 30 years ago they would have got beyond the the USPTO mail room.

I see echo's of what happened to Financial Services over a couple of decades. They too became obsessed with themselves and one another.

Windows 8: Microsoft's tablet-desktop still painful to swallow


Re: Finding it Clean

7+ Taskbar Tweaker will give you a task bar that allows you to put pinned task icons closer together

Foxconn plans massive plant in Indonesia


Re: Oh

Anonymous Coward "Indonesians will bend over backwards for this to happen, and we all know what kind of regime runs the country"

Indonesia is a democracy sunshine, with a 2 term limit elected Head of State, Unlike the Poms & Aussies whose regime is based on an hereditary head of state foisted on them as a result of events that happened centuries ago

Apart from China & Brazil, Foxxcon also manufactures in its home country - Taiwan, and the Czech Republic where it happens to be the 2nd largest exporter!.

Gah! EU data protection will STIFLE business, moans gov.UK


Not an EU Competency

Hands off EU, stifling UK business is not your job. We have The City and Vince to do that.

Rovio: Actually there will be Angry Birds Space on Windows Phone




envelope with Redmond postmark with the note "please put AB on WinPhone", was fatter than the one with Cupertino postmark with the note ""please don't put AB on WinPhone"

AAPL's wallet is much fatter than MSFT's wallet and Rovio's is getting fatter

NASA tells Voyager 2 to save its strength


I guess they're using OS/360 ;)

Killer smart meters torch Aussie homes!


"the MFB said that while there’s no evidence of a connection between the fires and the smart meters installed in them, the brigade has a duty “to investigate any trend or cause of any incidents it attends”.

Why are they installing smart meters in fires anyway.

Wouldn't it be better to put the fires out before installing any smart meters

Anyway I thought Aussies chucked shrimps on their barbies

Australia Network tender shut down


Cheaper Alternative

Wouldn't it be cheaper to outsource the job of getting important information about Australia and carefully crafted messages through to political, business and military leaders to Julian Assange,

I'm sure they'd take more notice of a Wikileaked cable than some tart blathering away on the telly

Steve Jobs memorial brings out tech titans... and Bono


No mention of Jony being there.

Maybe they wouldn't let him in either - "who are you sir", "jony ive" "and who the f**k is jony ive", "I'm the man who designs all the iGadgets", "arrest this man, he's an imposter", jony's frogmarched into the county jail

I reminded of Alices Restaurant



In the circumstamces it might be more appropriate to replace Nelson with this person - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jony_ive



Well I do sunshine, deeply - be interesting to see if they approve what I just posted

To all those people worrying about who will design the next their next fiddlephone or fondleslab, it will be the same bloke who designed the last one, and the one before that and your iPod and your Mac Air.

Jony Ive from Chingford in Kent is already working on them - look him up!!

The Media are just a bunch of echonomists - plagiarise, cut & paste blah blah blah.


So What

Given the more recent passing of a more important and far nicer human being this is irrelevant.

Can we Just Shut the F**k Up about Jobs while we say our private parting prayers to Dennis.


C and Unix pioneer Dennis Ritchie reported dead


NYT Obit

Dennis Ritchie, Trailblazer in Digital Era, Dies at 70


Dennis Ritchie: The C man who booted Unix


Correct !

The one in NY is on Manhattan Island, between 42nd & 30th, runs down from 5th Ave to the East River - if you know the Empire State Bldg is then you're over the street from Murray Hill. AFAIK Bell were never in the NYC Murray Hill.

However, Bell Labs were in West St in Greenwich Village - the building is now the the Westbeth Arts centre. Don't think the software group was ever at that site - some exchange kit was there.

I did some research into Bell when it morphed into Lucent and then got hoovered up by Alcatel.

The loss of Bell Labs was a disaster for mankind - it presaged the coming of the anti-science crowd that's now infecting the planet. How could a country let something like Bell disappear in a puff of smoke - criminal. I think it was Carter who dealt the coup de grace to AT&T, Nixon was a mere toreador.

I know there were good commercial reasons to break up AT&T, but Bell Labs should have been given a status like Livermore or Argonne :cry:

Bye Dennis.


Here 'tis - now you can be a total geek too



I think it was Spielberg who a few weeks after 9/11 said the US should use it soft power and beam Seinfeld into the Yurts of the all Taliban in Kathmandu.

Shortly before 9/11 the most of Nepalese royal family was assassinated by one of there own number. The day before Spielberg's asinine suggestion the last remaining Nepalese princess died in a helicopter crash. At the time Mongolia had suffered a number of years of drought and very harsh winters, as a consequence most of the grazing stock died of starvation forcing the herdsmen to move into the towns & cities.

The Taliban don't live in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. The Taliban live in Afghanistan the capital of which is Kabul, nor do they live in Yurts. In fact no one in Kathmandu lives in a Yurt, nor in Afghanistan. But 1800 miles away, Mongolian herdsmen do live in Yurts when they're out on the steppes, except when all of their animals are dead.

So what the f**k would Spielberg know about anything.

God bless you Dennis Ritchie - I wanted to write you an obit, but seeing Spielbergs name in this context made me mad. We met once, in Boston I think - long time ago, ken was there too, not sure about Brian.

Rest in Peace brother - I'll always treasure what you and your colleagues Ken T & Brian gave to me and so many others


God I'd clean forgot about Pyramid - what happened to them - I know I worked on one, money market system I think

Memory's long past are fading,

But in flesh or in spirit Dennis,

Ken & Brian always burn brightly

Everlasting into the long dark night

Thanks to Dennis R, respects to Ken T & Brian K.

Pay Jobs due respect - by crushing the empire he created


If patent lawyers had been as abundant a century ago as they are now, then Ford could have sued Chrysler for making cars with four doors, a trunk/boot and a bonnet/hood.

When Ellison goes, will he go gracefully?


Oracle Buys HP - Really

Ellison is a good sailor - so he knows full well that HP would be nothing but a boat anchor.

What he might do is to convince a private equity outfit to buy HP. And then pick out the bits he wants EDS is all I can think of, but I've lost sight of HP in recent times maybe there's some cloudy stuff he could use.

The only other reason I can think of that might see Larry buy HP, would be to make sure Oracle fails after his departure; as he sails off into the sunset saying "I told you so".

RIP Steven Jobs, although I never liked you much, I have admired your courage in recent times.

Microsoft, IBM tussle for tech value runner-up



MS & IBM will Merge within 3 years

Core facts: Windows 8 truthiness dissected, Mango sliced


plenty of go in the old dog yet

Winnebago, drongo, flamingo, impetigo, abednego, jingo ....

they should have bought RIM when they got Skype

Microsoft staff savage Ballmer at company confab


Outlandish Prediction

Within 5 years Microsoft & IBM will merge


history repeats

"Last time he [Jobs] was forced out after having all his power and influence removed"

Which as I recall was what Jobs did to Woz.

Google brings out new programming language

Thumb Up

I wonder if they can run UEFI on top of their bios

Would you be seen dead with a shopping computer?


Maybe Google will Stream the Music

Spotify is now available in the US, Google could buy it and stream your music collection to your devices for free, you pay for by subscribing to advertising channels. Why bother downloading and transferring to different devices when it can be streamed - into your phone, into your home, into your car on your command.

Yahoo! fires! CEO! Carol! Bartz!


More Crap

The opposite of Going Forward is Coming Backwards

Painters wrap Forth Bridge job after 121 years

Black Helicopters

Paying the Bills

In Oz they replace the Forth with Sydney Harbour, which is a road & a rail bridge. Paul Hogan (Crocodile Dundee) had the job before he went into movies, but that's now't to do with price of fish either.

Prototype iPhone 5 lost in bar, right on schedule


Apple Security Guy ID'd ?

Snitch report here http://blogs.sfweekly.com/thesnitch/2011/09/lost_iphone_5_apple.php and a follow up here http://blogs.sfweekly.com/thesnitch/2011/09/sfpd_iphone_5.php



Or ....

lose it in a police station while you're being charged with being D & D, then the coppers can flog it to media - another toy for Jamie or Lachie Murdock to play with

Adobe releases lengthy list of Apple Lion woes


Only if ..

M Gale wrote "As for Linux, well, I'm pretty sure it'll run on a toaster if you compile it with the right options."

Only if it's a "pop-up toaster", you can't run Linux on a "flap down toaster", but you can run CP/M.

Dear Dell and Microsoft: You're not Apple


bill & steve @ ParcPlace

I have a recollection that Gates and Jobs visited Parc Place on the same "bus tours" on at least 2 occasions.

Ellison's Oracle washes hands of OpenOffice


Two Years Too Late

Oracle acquired Sun because a lot of mission critical line of business applications in the financial services sector run on Sun servers running Oracle's database software.

Oracle should have given OOo, MySQL, Java etc the flick on the day after the deal with Sun was signed. Those things just aren't Oracles core business, their customers outside Europe will be happy to see OOo walk out the door.

Microsoft breaks own world record for IE nonsense


Opera's market share is actually quite high in several parts of the world

Only region I can find on Statcounter where Opera matters is the Commonwealth of Independent States (ie the former Soviet Union) where Opera enjoys up to 30% market share. Globally Opera has 2% market share. The population of the CIS states is about 250m, the world population is approaching 7,000 million.

nuff said

Firefox 4 debuts: The last kitchen sink release


No thanks, too busy

Installed it, looked at it, went back 3.6.

Too many low value cosmetic changes and too many extensions not ready yet. The All-In-One Sidebar menu bar is stuffed, its supposed to be FF4 ready. I'll wait a while & find a time when I'm less busy, assuming grim reaper doesn't take me first.

I wish they'd provide a dark default theme in the box.

Browsers are so f@#!ing boring, even word processors more interesting than browsers.

Apple: If you're under 17, you can't use Opera


I read it as

"Apple: If you're under i7, you can't use Opera".

The Register and Australia-New Zealand


You're not interested in ...

news regarding AAPT, then stuart.

AAPT is the No. 3 full service Australian carrier, behind Telstra & Optus. Its owned by NZ's largest company - Telecom New Zealand.


NZ & English ? - what a load of fush & chups

Call it the Oceania version, if its good enough for FIFA then it should be good enough for the Reg.

You could use theregister.vu (Vanuatu)

That would keep the Kiwi's happy. It might confuse the French though, but that's no bad thing.


daily newsletter etc

1. I don't come here via the home page, I come here via the daily news letter - will it change too ?

2. Just as long as I don't lose access to items from elsewhere

3. Why not just have sections for Australian, New Zealand, Indian etc news, I don't like localisation either, its a denial of globalisation, believe me its real.

4. Appoint a Sydney staff member a moderator


why not go further

In Sydney we'd prefer that Melbourne move 8.000 miles west , especially if it takes it's "aerial ping pong" with it :)

London Stock Exchange floored, again


Chalk & Cheese

The WinRAR, Skype (client) and Partition Magic software are built using the technologies and disciplines appropriate to a single user desktop environment.

I would hope that LSE's MillenniumIT system is built using the technologies and disciplines appropriate to a high volume, mission critical, transaction processing environment - if it isn't then that's the problem

Watson? Commercial – not super – computer


Reality Imitating Art ?

In "Satan, His Psychotherapy and Cure by the Unfortunate Dr. Kassler, J.S.P.S." by Jeremy Leven

Dr. Leo Szlyck imagines a machine with synapse-like circuits. After building the machine, he debates over whether he should turn it on, believing it could be a weapon of immense power. Against his better judgement, he does, and he's greeted by the giant machine that calls itself Satan.

Great book

DEC founder Ken Olsen is dead


last of the great founding fathers - not quite

@Dazed and Confused - Gordon Bell (76) & Gordon Moore (82) are still alive and kicking.


Thanks for Memories, Ken

Buzzing Fanfold Paper Tape Reader/Punches,

Whirring DecTapes randomly seeking,

Screeching DecWriters banging out line graphs,

Clunk of the RK05 Disk Cartridge loading.

Booting Up RT-11 and then loading TSX11 for half a dozen users.

Rebuilding a real time physical testing systems on RSX11-C,

Watching the rig crush the device being tested.

I said 20psi not frigging 200psi dummy!!

Oops, sorry Mr DoD Customer

These were a few of our favourite things

I think I've still got a copy of RSX11-M on fanfold and a couple of DecTapes in the attic. One could say RT11 begat CP/M which begat MS-DOS and its all been downhill since. Cutler cut his teeth on RSX11 when he joined DEC.

Condolences to Ken Olsen's family.

Microsoft set to reshuffle management pack



How can MS shuffle its managers, it hasn't got any managers.

Try shuffling the deck Steve, or the chairs, or your ideas - oops, you've run out of them too I guess.

Call Ben Ali, he'll tell you how to step down