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BOFH: An UNHOLY MATCH forged amid the sweet smell of bullsh*t

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Simon wouldn't slip up that much

Simon knows that if the power play did not go well he would need evidence the consultant had it in for them.

She should know a lot better than to admit its fake when on the client's premise.

She'll get her 8k but the report will have an emphasis about needing additional IT spending.

Jailed Romanian hacker repents, invents ATM security scheme

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that is not more secure

You just make your mag stripe reader read the whole width of the card during the insertion mechanism.

Now it would make the current readers not work, but it would probably be a few months before the new skimmers appeared.

UK judges quietly declare text chat can be obscene

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Did the UK judges go to US public schools?

The inability to determine the difference between singular "person" and plural "persons" is something I expect out the US public school system.

Sounds like the first judge understood the concept.

Is this some sort of chav - effect: the more of them there are the stupider they become

HP's faster-than-flash memristor at least TWO years away

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Traditional big business failure

Traditional sitting on a good idea because it wont make them a huge pile of cash immediately.

Interesting that HP and Hynix are publicly admitting that instead of taking their better faster product to market they are intentionally stalling and spending money, giving competing products a chance to get established first.

A few large HP and Hynix shareholders should really be asking some questions with the assistance of their lawyers.

The last case of this I heard of, was the Compact Fluorescent Lights. Company that developed them was going to pigeon hole them due to lack of profitability, but a competitor came up with the plans and began producing them.

Child abuse suspect won't be forced to decrypt hard drive

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If they know he is a kiddie fiddler why do they need the disks?

The real issue is that if the police already "know" he has pictures, then why do they need the disks? If they don't really have any other evidence then all they have is an accusation.

And if you think that just an accusation is enough, you clearly not dealt with the demographic of people known in the US as "White trash". These are the petty, selfish individuals that live for immediate gratification and inflated egos. They have no issue with lying to get revenge. They are the reason that Child Protective Services anonymous tip line is called the white trash revenge tool.

Those of us accustomed to dealing with intelligent honest individuals may not understand why the 5th amendment is there, but after just a few encounters with people lacking those traits will quickly understand why it is there.

AT&T's megablunder payout revealed

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New T Mobile customers

With news that AT&T isn't going to buy them, and TMobile has more spectrum, I expect that you will see more subscribers go (back) to T Mobile. The wife and I had delayed getting a new phone waiting to here how this was going to play out. I had no plans to be an AT&T customer./

Groupon grotty grotto rage forces Santa's chief elf to quit

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No signed contract?!

If groupon indeed published/sold an incorrect description without a signed contract then they should probably talk with a lawyer quickly to figure out how much to settle for. There are probably lawyers calling the grotto to offer their services for a "reasonable" fee, of course.

James Bond savages the Kardashians

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Fame of the Kardashians

They are a Public Relations family that has parleyed their own disfunctionality into millions of dollars through "leaked" sex-tapes and "reality" television. It is really sad to see how many people here in the USA actually care about them.

Black Friday: Bargain-hunting mobs on the rampage

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definition of shoplifting varies by municipality

Concealment is sufficient in some jurisdictions. I would suspect it was the shoppers attitude towards the police that got him roughed up.

Conflict mineral laws haven't helped Congolese

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illegally armed groups

illegally armed groups are only illegal unless they win.

What the rest of the world really wanted is tolerable working conditions for the miners i.e. no forced slavery, or extremely dangerous working conditions. They should be trying to apply that to all the miners not just the ones not under the control of the recognized (but not in control) government.

Crap alchemist jailed for poo-into-gold experiment

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Spelling error in the judgement

He obviously was arsen around.

Debt collectors warned off pursuing punters on Facebook

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Seen decent collectors too

Legitimate debt collection agencies that play by the rules have lots of lawyers/solicitors. They know the rules and use them very effectively.

If you have a legitimate debt that was sold, you can always try to negotiate a settlement that is less that you owe. Remember if they bought for around 10% of value, paying 20% of value and getting them to remove it from the credit reporting agencies can be a very good deal. Just get the terms written down (including the removal from the credit reporting agencies).

Scum exists in all industries, just most decent people don't want to deal with most of the people that run up debt with no intention of paying it (which apparently is a lot of the debtors).

Sun rises over .xxx smut domain

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The real USA method

Send the registrar a registered letter from your lawyer notifying them of all your trademarks and notifying them that they are not authorized to use them.

If they allow someone else to register one of your trademarks, you sue them.

Ukrainian authorities charge four in huge carder ring

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Good to hear

Finally they are catching up with the end receivers of the cash sent by money mules. Hopefully they can continue to crack down.

Hackers crack crypto for GPRS mobile networks

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He is gonna do that at a German event

Doesn't Germany have the laws about providing tools that could be used to do hacking?

I would think of another venue to reveal and release that information.

Murdoch accused of operating illegal US air force

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Business usage

A business user is more likely to be spending a lot more time in the air than a hobbyist and likely in places where air space is more crowded i.e. emergencies, disasters.

iPhone 4, iPad mole faces 30 years' federal porridge

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Macho sentencing in the US

Still trying to figure out how to convince people that land of opportunity means "while following the laws", not "help yourselves to whatever you want".

What do you do with lazy but risk taking people that grow up desiring the wonders of wealth, without the motivation to actually work for it?

Chinese official's affair goes very public

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RE: His Expenses...

They will be scrutinized by other officials that cheat more successfully and want to show that they are tough on corruption.

He got caught, he becomes a scapegoat. They all know that is what happens.

'Spongiforma squarepantsii' lifeform found in Borneo

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Who lives in Borneo under a tree ...

Spongiforma squarepantsii

There you go just read the two i as a long E

3D-printed bikini goes on sale

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But is it custom created

If these are custom created using measurements from the consumer, these could be the beginning of very comfortable clothes.

They still need to get the price down either way.

Syria shuts off interwebs

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More than likely a prelude

To a much more violent and forceful put down.

If they have been watching they know, they have to use lots of lethal force and put it down quickly to eliminate all the "insurgents" and before the rest of the world will do anything about it.

Rambus litigation imperilled by document shredding

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Seriously imperiled

Everything I have heard is that in USA civil courts, destruction of evidence means that jury can assume that it was incriminating.

Anyone want to take wagers on number of former cases that will now be checking to see if those documents could have been related to their cases that they lost.

Femtocells, not 4G, will solve spectrum crisis

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And ultimately the higher bandwidth solution will be...

They will put a wired connections in each location so you can connect directly to the network for the highest possible speeds!

Foxconn staffers cuffed for leaking iPad 2 design in 2010

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Locked up for a reason

They forgot to pay the appropriate bribes. Entrepreneurship is good, as long as all the correct wheels are "greased".

Police just rubber-stamping US data slurp

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I know who killed more US citizens?

Other US citizens in their mobile terrorism spreaders (i.e. automobiles)


Scientists tremble before 'thunder-thighs' sauropod

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RE: Fossil hunters

And that is why you should never buy fossils.

There are ways to legally collect and keep fossils for free (in the southwest USA).

Texan cooks up deep-fried Guinness

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Remember this is American guinness

It tastes nothing like real Guinness. The message on the bottle about serving ice cold should be your first clue.

Judge bashes warrantless cellphone tracking

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Re: The Judge got it wrong


You do realize that cell tracking could provide information about where you were on "private" property that is not visible to the public. This ruling only says that the police need a warrant which as others have pointed out, is usually not that hard to get.

Bye-bye to bizarro bye-laws, says UK.gov

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Wait, what?

Did they just say they are giving less oversight to the very people that have been caught abusing terrorism laws to catch school boundary cheaters and people that leave dog mess?

I am sure there will be no abuse of this.

Is it a phone? Is it a Taser? No, it's a cattle prod!

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difference between a taser and a stun gun

The taser shots little darts with wires that electrocutes someone from a distance. A stun gun has two metal poles that electrocutes someone within arms reach.

The difference is like the difference between a gun and a knife. Both leave a hole but one of them requires close quarters.

BOFH: Risky business

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re: Contingency plan?

Try electrocution from exposed wires going to the lights illegally taping into the mains on the provider's side of the meter. After all the sort of person growing their own drugs didn't want the company spotting their personal little "project".

China net addicts' great escape foiled by taxi drivers

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Bad home life?

Sad that they would rather go back to the camp, than home to their parents.

Steve Jobs talks Flash, 'lying S.O.B' devs, sex, and Gizmodocrime

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It was an answer, not a dodge

His answer sounded more like he was commenting on how he felt about the betrayal then a dodge. He feels he got f*#!d.

Techies slap Go Daddy with class action lawsuit

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Being a techie in Arizona

I have personally known several technical people that have worked for GoDaddy. None of them had anything good to say about them when they left. Lots of upsell instead of fix the customer problems.

Microsoft kills off newsgroups

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Any coincidence that ...

Cox Communications is shutting down their usenet services in June, too?

I get the feeling that there have been some golf course discussions about getting rid of usenet.

Italian toads predicted L'Aquila earthquake

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RE: gravity waves

I have heard gravity waves used in 2 contexts, the spread of the affect of a gravitational body (through space) and the fluctuation of the gravitation field in a local area (density changes)

I think this time they are referring to the local gravitational change.

Muso turfed off train for 'suspicious' set list

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How they make you

Having been given permission by the train owner, if they ask you to leave and you don't, then wouldn't you be trespassing?

Men at Work appeal Down Under plagiarism ruling

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about the 40-60%

After their lawyer's take, the 40-60% will be down to about 5% which is probably a more accurate assessment of time that the flute riff appears.

Health sector spews out much more carbon than airlines or IT

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IT and Airline solution

IT and Airlines just need to charge a lot more for their services and then all their carbon emissions will be ok!

American health care wastes big and charges us for their privilege.

Mossad hacked Syrian laptop to steal nuke plant secrets

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Mossad failure?

If this is story is true, then Mossad failed big time. Now that it is in the press, most of their targets will no longer leave any laptops unattended and scrub data before trips.

PC tune-up software: does it really work?

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what? no sysinternals references

All these comments and not one reference to the sysinternals tools - pagedefrag, autoruns

You can also see Mark Russinovich blog about why windows actually needs the pagefile even if you have enough ram.

US software firm sentenced for 'trading with the enemy'

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Please pull this article quick!

It actually shows border laptop searches catching criminals!

Why should the US stimulus rules change for the big carriers?

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And to be sure the rules dont change

The telecos have seen how the banks bailout went, and won't touch money that could potentially be used to force government control of the bonuses. We just need someone at a high level in the FCC to comment about how nice it was that the banks excessive bonuses were reigned in after the bailout. That would keep the major telecos, from getting involved.

Doctor investigated for posting inkblots to Wikipedia

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they are useful for people which want help

They work because they are used like an IQ test. Give lots of people the test and analyze results to determine trends and probabilities.

Unbelievably, they only used 10 images (for how many years now). How many questions are there on the SAT tests or the IQ tests?

As for cheating on the test, the people that want to cheat will always cheat. And have been cheating all along. They know to tell the court ordered psych exactly what they want/need to hear.

The notion that it will help people cheat is delusional head-in-the-sand denial that cheaters havent been doing this for years.

Wasted billions of government IT spending exposed

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Anyone else notice the interesting relationship

between the ICT expenses and the productivity?

Productivity goes down when ICT expenses go up.

Productivity goes up when expenses go down.

Wildcard certificate spoofs web authentication

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RE: How bad is this?

The real danger is that someone can perform a man-in-the-middle attack and see all the information being transferred on a connection that for all purposes looks correct and secure.

This will be a relatively short term issue as all the major CAs will now go through their registrations and revoke all the certificates that exploit this. Although a few years down the road someone will be able to pull this off on a CA that isn't paying attention.