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Congrats from 123-Reg! You can now pay us an extra £6 or £12 a year for basically nothing


I got that email. I read the extremely badly worded email as you have to activate it.

Godaddy own 123-reg ? News to me.

I have 100+ domains with them I swore I would never use Godaddy after their anti net neutrality support.

We are Gsuite so look at Google Domains today.

Another thing that annoys me about 123 is i'm on direct debit but they put renewals in my basket when I buy new domains via my company credit card.

£1 in every fiver that UK biz, public sector spent on software in 2017 went to *drumroll* Microsoft


Shhh or Microsoft will be after the other £7 by more and more price raises.

Form an orderly queue, people: 31,000 BT staff go to Openreach in October


I wish OR well

Are they just loading up the overheads to make Openreach unprofitable without passing increased costs onto other ISPs.

My new BT (Retail) Account team have been very active and attentive recently. New blood from EE are tearing up the old school culture. But I just told them we are cancelling all remaining Retail services this year and sighted enough reasons that they did not fight back.

I wish OR well. Retail can reap the seeds they sowed over the decades.

BlackBerry DTEK60: An elegant flagship for grown-ups


Only folk with BBs are the ones who want a keyboard. You know CEOs, MDs. types.

Three outsources staff to Capita


Just moved to them for my personal mobile. Good on phone.

Use them for some Biz data sims. Scottish speakers also really helpful.

Shame. I guess they hired a new graduate MBA in the summer who said they could save money.

The Microsoft-LinkedIn hookup will be the END of DAYS, I tell you


Account Closed Today

Its been fairly pointless for me for years now. Getting most views from mysterious Indians.

My company almost threatens our sales staff who maintain a profile on the "the recruitment site". Being IT they leave me alone. My company even got Linked In to remove the Business profile.

I read MS paying $60 per subscriber. That's a lot of cash for Microsoft to make up by increasing software licences of "customers" to keep shareholders happy.

Vodafone puts hundreds of Brits on the 'at risk of layoffs' list


Been an advocate personally and for various business accounts I've run since mid-90s even vodacom days.

But I am leaving them next month and dont recommend them anymore. I'm the only person I know on them.

For me not good value, terrible 4G signal (inc. centre of towns) compared to mates phones and online portal is so bad I don't bother.

I imagine they will lose BTs business now.

New dirt-cheap Chromebooks: Team Google keeps jackboot on throat of PC titans


Re: Windows on 2 Gb of RAM

I bought two T100s for work. Really impressed for the price especially as you get Excel and Word. If you buy from JL (uk) £280 you get two years warranty.

I'm not a MS fanboy, just impressed with this product.

BT slams ‘ludicrous’ Openreach report as Vodafone smirks


Who's forking out 1.2 billion for football? Openreach, BT wholesale or BT retail? I suspect its coming from the profits from all of them. I heard BT where sitting on a cash pile of 15bn. So Openreach profit is propping up BT Retail while it tries to monopolise UK TV and Sport by pouring yet more money in footballers pockets.

Meantime i just cancelled a big business move because OR missed their dates for TalkTalk. Only two things as an IT Director stress me out - my bosses and BT. Thankfully canned BT Retail last year saving £420k (62%) per annual. I inherited the bill and it was just a paper change. That was one of my happiest days in my career.

'Tech' City hasn't got proper broadband and it's like BT doesn't CARE


BT need their money to gain a monopoly...

...on TV Sports so they can hold the UK to Ransom again. £1.2 Billion on football alone.

It's time to completely split Openreach from the rest of BT Group. BT Retail would suddenly have to compete fairly against the rest and not have £1.2b+ in spare change . I'm having 120 broadband lines fitted over the summer by Openreach, BT Retail have nothing to do with it.

Microsoft's Azure goes TITSUP PLANET-WIDE AGAIN in cloud FAIL


Re: I'm saying this for years...

Agreed. Fundamental design problem with Azure...they have to use MS products (...designed years ago). They also outsource the running of it I believe.

Knock me if you will but we are moving to Google Business Apps. They've built from the ground up and avoided proprietary. www.google.com is relaible and powerful. They looked at Cisco/HP and thought why do we need all that functionality, licence complications and cost so they built their own switching firmware based on white box hardware (*cough* shipped by the pallet direct from China).

I switched to gmail from outlook a year ago. I look at Outlook in horror now when I passing a colleague. I admit Google's UI designs can be odd and I worry someone with a beard will make more silly.. sorry cool ...decisions but overall I can always move on. Not risking much a £33pa per user. Switch no switch off as Mr Me-agi says.

DVLA makes £44m flogging drivers' details


If your details are given out complain to DLVA

I sold a car in 04. Two days later the new owner got a private parking ticket.

When I got a letter from some small private firm demanding £60 I was shocked. How did they get my details? When they told me I complained by email to DVLA who by law have to respond (hopefully losing the £2.50 earned). DVLA repsonded a week later.

If I remember right there a clause in the data protection act to allow DVLA to do this!

I told private firm to go forth and multiply which worked. This apparently you can do with any private firm.

I am disgusted with the Government over this. What next will they be opening up the database to eastern european countries in the fight against terrorism....

EU gifts Ireland €14.8m after Dell Limerick shutdown


enterprise storage guys

I hope they survived they help me many a time. Good guys.

Combat games disrespect war laws, report claims


Reverse the report...

Politicians should follow the Juvenile's rules. Total war.

What your database needs is a good thermometer


@Nathan Meyer

So true.

I provided fibre speed access to DB sat on SAS 15k array only for developers to cripple it with bad code. Wild card searches on UK postcode database....but development time "too precious" to fix!

Virgin Media 'overwhelmed' by broadband customers fleeing BT


Virgin cable is OK these days

Not had a problem for two years. Some network reworking last year and I've got 10mbit most of the time from big bandwidth file sites. Reading (winnersh) is my area.

But its £25 pm! That will make me think twice when I move.

Still sticking with SKY HD thou.

Sony reveals slim PS3, drops price

Jobs Horns

@richard 69

I agree (except Mac fan bit).

Gran Turismo 5 Sony? The only reason I would consider a PS3.


Amazon pre-order £249.99...

... to stop the arguments.

New here not sure if allowed to advertise. I do not work for them.

Samsung gets 'stupid fast' in gaming grab


UK Price and stocked already

Samsung PB22-J £427.82 ex VAT

The smaller models are also easy to find. Beware sadly the 64gb (£141.99) is not the same performance.

Crosair rebadged ones seem easier and cheaper to find.

I'm waiting to Windows 7 launch and price drop on these. Maybe 128Gb £264.99.

Dell: Linux v Windows netbook returns a 'non-issue'


My Linux blocker...

...I use Windows XP/IE at work 12 hours a day 5 days a week. Why use another OS/Browser at home on my desktop/netbook. It also works the other way, as new staff are likely to know XP from home use and other jobs.

Ive been a IT decision maker for many SMEs in my time. In my next company I will seriously consider Opensource desktops and hosted services. The more staff use Linux/OpenOffice the better chance it has of going main stream.

Many ex-Directors who have come to me recently asking how the go about cheap IT in their start-ups. I suggest (one IT hater ex-MD even suggested it!) OpenOffice or even go 100% opensource but the later comes with a warning that they may need to pay for some good IT Support. That puts them off. I'm too expensive!

Ofcom wants to know what you want to know


....how terrified they are of the tories getting in

^^100gb a month! When do you get the time to watch all those movies!

IT grad sues school over failed job hunt


"My Degree taught me...

..to work all hours of the day drunk or sober at get the work in." Used that in interviews.

A Computer Studies degree '91 in UK had little relevance to the real world. One term of coding, yet whole year on transputers. Lots of Raves though.

Ofcom to start new number mobility consultation

Thumb Down

Non-Geographic Numbers

Ofcom sat on new rules and price changes for two years after discovering issues with forcing a "you will be charged..." message on existing NGNs could risk lives.

I replaced 200 branded NGN numbers (0870 - 0844s) to the original time scales. Then got lambasted for doing so "early".

Then the Tories talked out. Now the changes are happening!

Not to mention sitting on fence about Phorm. BT got sense in the end.

A bit of topic. But they are useless.

From a Call Centre IT Manager.

Microsoft ditches Windows 7 E plans



...at dawn.

For those asking why would the EU not want a browser shipped with a new OS. The EU/MS battle started years ago then the EU took an age to come to ruling/big fine.

In current terms... There is browser freedom. MS was making a point. The EU were shrugging their shoulders going not us mate and privately unhappy.

Microsoft kills Zune phone talk


User here who...

...went from Blackberry to HTC HD windows Pro 6 months ago.

Yes its dull but on the whole great features (I am amazed what’s still missing on a IPod) as long as you or the service provider add extra apps. Opera browser is essential. Orange build is good. There's been not any windows updates. Boot time is 1 minute.

If there can be criticism for me...

Central management means buying expensive MS software. So would still consider BBs for large businesses.

You have two inboxes one for outlook email one for SMS. Thats really dumb. A message is a message.

Johnson signs off ID card for UK citizenry


This will not stop a terrorist or...

...other menaces to society.

I take issue with the word "income" from a government department.

I've just come off another government driven project that was as pointless and hated as this....Home information packs. They are clueless.

"Anyone notice that this is virtually identical to the driving license? Why didn't they just upgrade that?" I agree but it would too much sense.


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