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Governments stonewall interwebs porn domain

Frantisek Janak

Porn is not a problem

It's a strange world when a naked breast is considered more obscene than a naked blade. I, for one, demand a .gore domain. Porn's not a problem- I was exposed to porn as an early teen and I grew up just alright. I didnt rush things and started having sex when I was really ready..and hey, porn is good education!

Judge puts Assange behind bars ahead of extradition hearing

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TITS...I mean TITLE....not

Well...how can you tell the CIA is involved? He's still alive, is he not? So there...

Interpol issues arrest notice for Wikileaks' Julian Assange

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Big Brother







Tube to get phone coverage by the Olympics

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Station coverage should be enough, it works just fine on the Prague's tube- the train stops at a station and I've got just enough time to send a message or load a new page. Good for reading El Reg.. or RPS.

Bish says sorry for right royal Facebook rant

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Under the spreading chestnut tree

I sold you and you sold me

There lie they, and here lie we

Under the spreading chestnut tree


Virgin and Ubisoft team up for tournaments

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A title...and here comes some numbers 353535

UBIcrap and Virsh*te? Man, a match made in Heaven! For the wise, only a short sentence: Virgin and Metaboli...bwahahahahahaha

Paris, because...well, y'know!

Ireland to block EU-Israel data hoover

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A title...and here are some numbers: 9349390978

Another another side note:

killing a top official of a terrorist org should amount to something and simply outweigh some bloody forgery, ffs

Relativism? Yes, please, I am a postmodernist.

EU privacy watchdogs say Facebook changes 'unacceptable'

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Ah, Facebook...I think it actually tries to break me down, so I'd want delete my account...or at least make a fake one...Keep it up, boyo...

Green Berets to get Judge Dredd computer smart-rifle

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Meh liek

Looks blast-tastic!

Yes, mine's the one with a hellfire rocket in the pocket..

Californian university drops Gmail over privacy concerns

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or the phone (calls and messages) for that matter...hell, even whispering in the middle of Sahara is hardly private nowadays... Just face it, there is no privacy any longer. IF the thing you are saying/writing is interesting enough it will be heard/read. If not...well, it will be stored anyway, just in case.

You may affect who will read/hear it first, but that's about it... I, for one, don't mind Google as the first reader, because I think they are more fit to reject illegitimate requests than say...some weak local service provider...

Applesoft, Ogg, and the future of web video

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Wonderful article!

All hail the open sauce!

Blokes spend 11 months in shed

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Pleased to have you here in the studio, Arthur "Two Sheds" Jackson!

Icelandic ash cloud to keep UK skies closed 'til Saturday

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My title here

Haha...I'm glad I'm heading to London by bus this coming Wednesday...one nil for us saving money!

Israel confiscates visiting iPads

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My title here

And I have a Czech Crown right here that says you are just being boringly troll...


MSI tells 97,000 customers to 'Read The F***ing Manual'

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I can fool anyone anytime...just because I can and don't need any cultural excuses...

US broadband seeks ISP speed stickers

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A title

I, for one, welcome our new FCC overlords!

Seriously, I tend to like FCC and what it does. I'm not stupid, not everything will happen as planned, but at least the plan is good! That's not what you can say about the UK's/aussie's/NZ's (...) plans/realizations.. *vomits*

It's good to know there is, in theory, a country with (more or less) a good ol' Internet if things go over the top here in Europe...

Vulcan kept airborne by £400k refuel

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Frog eaters

if it weren't for the total incompetency of the French, the US army wouldn't go there in the first place...don't forget that

Cadbury flakes in face of Kraft bid - cuts expected

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Am I the only one who thought of Chocolate Rain?



Imagine! Government to legislate against badness

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I'd have..

A Modest Proposal...

Baseball icon sues Twitter over parody account

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Re: You want to sue me Tony?

Says someone posting as "Craig" :D

Paris..because she doesn't need to know the name, just unzip your pants!

Grand Theft Auto IV leaked online

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2Daniel B.

As a matter of fac,t GTA III (Liberty City), Vice City and San Andreas were just GTA 3D: Part One, Part Two and Part Three, they could do GTA London: 1969 3D now...Screw the present and american accent, we want some 60s with lots of british things!

/british coat

Reviewer puts prototype Nokia N96 to test

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...digital TV support, sounds fine, but it isn't a reason good enough to switch, I'm fine with my 6280 for now, thanks :)

Paris, 'coz she will buy it just because of the improved design

Adobe opens Photoshop for freetards

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How's paying for things bad, exactly, freetards?

No, but thanks. I've got my Helicon Filter Pro for any editing needs and SmugMug.com Power account for any photo storing needs for about 80 USD a year and I don't regret it. In exchange I get reliabilty, constant updates, speedy customer service and

good feeling of supporting folks, that really work hard.

...the one with Doraemon, thanks.


Tom Cruise does splits in birthday boogie vid

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Wierd stuff

It feels soooo strange, the place looks like some sort of a playground and I'm wondering how many "real" UNPAID friends are there.

Ballmer! explains! hostile! Yahoo! bid!

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I'm SO glad I'm using SmugMug instead of Flickr..

Time Warner moots billing based on bandwidth usage

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Black Helicopters


Nuffin new over here in the Czech Republic either. FUP ("Fair User Policy"...my ass) caps are used for a long long time along with quite expensive flat-rates! In fact right now we have came to a point, when Cable ISPs are slowly disabling 'em again. Quite funny, eh?

Wii buyers follow French Connection for consoles

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Better get...

...some Wii'd!

Microsoft's Santa C. would agree!

Fox News: Filthier than the internet

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Update required, maybe?

Check it out:


Looks legit, check out user's profile:


Royal Navy presses IT Crowd for nuclear missile 'servers'

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Hey, I think it's really inspiring ad, the comedy aspect will keep it remembered and discussed...

Whois database targeted for destruction

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Changing? Bad thing

They can look me up, I can look them up, I think it's fair trade.

Really, I think it should remain transparent as much as possible to keep domain owners and other competent people responsible. Are you unable to justify/ stand up for actions/content related to your domain? Your bad and YOUR RESPONSIBILITY until proven otherwise....


Young children? I think that's "tad" offtopic, what's the difference between individuals with and without young children regarding this topic?

Disney download rapped for cost and clarity

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Mhm, looks like they try so hard to avoid the "Ask your parents about it" attitude, don't they? One that's right and errr...maybe a BIT frustrating for some irresponsible parents, that cannot say no to their children in most situations?


Ban texting while driving, say Americans

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Bad approach

As Maddox wrote once, it doesn't matter, whenever you hold a phone or a hamburger, you are still partially or fully un-focused. I think they should make a list of things that are ALLOWED while driving, that would be much shorter list.

Only 'major' EU countries to be in second iPhone rollout

Frantisek Janak

Czech Republic here

They don't even bother to put us on the iTunes support list, so it's very unlikely we're going to get iPhone any soon...

But I don't really care, I read Maddox's review and even through his characteristic writing, he made some interesting points about iPhone.


Google buying phone company?

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"Numbers can be blocked"...

... that's a Super-Dee-Dupper(TM) feature I would like to have. Imagine the über-power to simply block email, chat and phone communication with just one click in your gmail contact list.

"It's a great feeling" as it is written in the Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun 1 ad with Hitler standing in front of his army, I lol'd hard when I have seen it.

Do you have a licence for that sporran, sir?

Frantisek Janak


That's simply child'ish no matter what. I have never liked the EU and such things prove it day after day. Meh, destroying all that is individual and unique. What for, fokkin' PETA or what? I hate globalization...from the right wing side.

PowerColor Radeon HD 2900 XT graphics card

Frantisek Janak

Reply to ref Numbers, numbers

Fair enough, I respect your view and find it meaningful, thank you very much for reply.

I have seen some image quality comparisons lately and the usage of CFAA with Wide Tent in Oblivion with 2900XT seems to be useful a lot for overall quality, I'm looking forward to your further testing.



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Numbers, numbers, numbers...

...but what about in-game/in-application/movie playback (etc.) graphic quality itself?

There is no comparison and that's quite disappointing, because I represent those, who prefer graphic quality and the hyped numbers are second or third on the list. And ATI cards have always been better in that since Radeon 7XXX and that's not just my opinion, I believe.

I hope this is only a quick review and you're going to return to that subject later, this article doesn't contain all the information I find important.

Regards from your regular reader,

Frantisek Janak

Vendor turns DRM against Microsoft, Apple, Adobe and Real

Frantisek Janak

What's next?

Now that sounds great, suing them, because they haven't been using their product, hahaha, dream of any die hard money sucking businessman.

OpenXML vs ODF round 497

Frantisek Janak


Yah, I agree on that. Fact is, this war doesn't have too much pro's for us, users of all kinds. But if MS will lose, then, I think, it would be alright, because I don't believe they can afford blocking and ignoring expanding format like ODF, that's gonna be maybe supported by the law.