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Nuts to your poncey hipster coffees, I want a TESLA ELECTRO-CAFE

Tom 12

Large soya latte?

A great read as usual Mr. Dabbs- but let's face it, a Large soya latte is rather pretentious, non? You sir are part of the problem. Anyone else remember when you just had to ask for a coffee?

Harley allows Apple to use 'Lightning' brand on 'playthings'

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There are clearly parallels between Microsoft and ladies underwear. Both are full of tits and cnuts.

Headaches, delays plague Windows Store, dev claims

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It's a free app..

So why go to all that bother? After all the developer gains nothing, MS does. Maybe that's it- their cut from £0 is £0.

LONDON iPHONE 5 MADNESS: 'You must be CRAZY to buy Apple'

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This lunatic is asking £3k for an iphone 5, the world has gone mad.

Britain's military techies honoured with new combat IT awards

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TUAAM (Tuning Unit Automatic Antenna Matching)

Police appeal for missing Taser

Tom 12

No charge

The old bill have agreed that no charge will be brought against anyone handing it in. Especialluy if the batteries are flat.

New road made from pigsh*t in Missouri

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Ironic isn't it?

In the US they are making roads out of shit, while here in the UK our roads are turning to shit all on their own.

Council saves quarter mil' from mobile bill

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I'm in local government, and have some input on evaluating tendered bids for contracts. We do not go for the cheapest, the scoring matrix is split 60/40 quality/price so as to avoid having to award contracts to a bidder "just" because they are cheapest.

Steve Ballmer's Windows 7 dance party

Tom 12

They've cracked the bloat thing then..

"He started by showing the interface for importing photos from a digital camera, pointing out that it displays an image of the actual model of camera you’ve connected to the system"

Just what we need, 400 assorted jpegs of cameras.

Neanderthal woman could whup Schwarzenegger

Tom 12

Oh c'mon!

"His footprints, preserved in the soft mud, show he was sprinting at 37 km/h "

That little statistic must have come directly from the Department for Guesswork"

Cyclists give TV chef a Wikikicking

Tom 12

I just love it..

Whatever else he may be at least he still has the balls to speak his mind. As for cyclists taking the bike for a ride in the car, that always makes me chuckle.

Morrissey tells netdepressives to boycott his re-releases

Tom 12

It's no wonder then

.. that he's so bloody miserable.

Scotch lovers asked to cough up £10,000 per bottle

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How pretentious..

"Company chairman Peter Gordon described the liquid as "flawless", while a spokesman described the taste as "initially sweet with a zesty orange marmalade and vanilla toffee"

All Scotch tastes like paint stripper.