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Google hits Android dev with cease-and-desist letter

Matthew Wilkes
Big Brother

Can't put them on the market

These apps are Google's leverage against the carriers. They need to have signed agreements with google to distribute these phones. We've all dealt with mobile phone operators, and I'm sure you'll agree that I can't describe them here and get past the moderatrix.

I trust Google's "don't be evil" (even if it's not as strong as it used to be) over T-Mobile any day. These are the same people who are slowly having their business eroded by EU regulations banning their excessive charges.

These apps need to be impossible for end users to get, otherwise why would carriers want to get into bed with Google? It's a shame they've gone after this, but I can see why they've had to.

'Gv up txt 4 Lent,' urges bishop

Matthew Wilkes


That's that old christian tradition, isn't it? Surely nobody believes in that old rot anymore.

Fancy nipping for a quick two-thirds of a pint?

Matthew Wilkes

What's the matter, lagerboy, afraid you might taste something?

1/3 pints are generally used in ale tasting sessions, some of us want to get through everything on offer and be blotto at the end, not before having a game of billiards.

Torvalds brands Digg users 'W*nking Walruses'

Matthew Wilkes
Paris Hilton


They are wanking walruses.

Paris, because I'm sure she has.

France gets closer to 'three strikes' downloader web ban

Matthew Wilkes

Fair Use

"So I grabbed Audacity (GPL = win!) and ripped the song away, it falls into fair use anyway."

No, it doesn't. Firstly, to anyone else reading this, there is no doctrine of fair use in the UK, that's US law.

Secondly, taking an entire artistic work for personal use is absolutely not fair use. If you were taking a 15 second sample, yeah.

Exam papers tagged to deter cheats

Matthew Wilkes

Response the third

"I have never met, nor heard of a student going from an E to an A in the time of their mock to real GCSE exam"

I went from a G to a B in woodwork. The reason being a teacher who didn't like me refusing to mark most of my work. I eventually physically showed the head my work and the teacher quit shortly afterwards.