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'Squeeze green oil from North Sea by squirting CO2 in' - prof

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Kind of...

I can sort of see what you are saying here, but there is no one big magic answer to fix the mess that humankind has got itself into. What this means is that new ways (probably many different ways) need to be developed to fix the problem. That takes time, years and years of it.

To be able to squeeze another 20 years (not sure where you get 5 years from as the article says a conservative estimate of 20 years worth) of oil while finding somewhere to put lots of that nasty CO2 is a temporary win in my book.

I think everyone knows it's not the answer to the problem, but it does give a little extra time to find the real answer(s) to the problems we face. It also has the side benefit of solving a little of our economic problem as well.

Lovefilm confirms PS3 streaming scheme

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Soon is not soon enough

I'm looking forward to this. I have been wondering how I could make use of my current streaming hours I get from my Lovefilm subscription, but I hate the idea of sitting at a PC to watch them on a small screen. I would definitely use the service if I can watch it in my living room with minimal effort.

Google sticks goggles on the iPhone

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It's pretty good at translating text into another language. It certianly saves the hassle of typing out a long passage of text.

£1bn+ Royal Navy destroyer finally fires 'disgraceful' weapon

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The French aren't our enemy

And the last time we were at war against the French was ooohhh almost 200 years ago. They are allies, get over your personal xenophobia.

By all means attack the French kit for being shit, but don't attack it simply for being French.

And why shouldn't the French have sold missiles and aircraft to the Argentines during a period that they were not view as an enemy? It's important to note that during the Falklands war the French provided us with planes that same as they had sold to Argentina for our airforce to train against, and intelligence to help sabotage the Exocet missiles it had sold to Argentina.

Western Digital gearing up to sell 3TB drives

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And from the article...

"Currently only Seagate ships a 3TB dive, a 5-platter unit available as an external drive or included in its BlackArmor NAS desktop product."

If you were trying to find it as in internal drive that would be why you couldn't.

UK retailers want more XBox 360 stock. Now!

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Almost all?

What do you base that assumption on? Why would any sensible person (therefore xbox fanbois not included) buy a effectively the same thing in a new box because it *might* be more reliable?

Unless their previous xbox had completely failed, which I doubt is most of the buyers of the redesigned xbox.

Council wins motorbike charges case

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They're already getting it easy.

"So maybe a biker should leave the bike at the train station for free, but do you REALLY want more people on your crowded train in the morning?"

Yes I do, because 20 people on a train is still more efficient and less polluting that 20 bikes on the road.

But aren't motorcycles already exempt form the congestion charge anyway? So they are already being rewarded for 'taking up less space' on London's roads. And at £1 a day they are being charged far less for parking that their relative size difference over cars.

Fanbois end Judas Phone 'Death Grip' with, um, SIM tape

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10 Flaws?

1) All software has bugs. Every phone I have ever owned has software bugs at least to begin with.

2) This is a valid fault and a big one. Apple should at the very least send out bumper cases for free until they fix the hardware design.

3) Not on my iPhone 4 or any of my friends (at least 5 units). Scattered reports suggest it may happen in some cases and Apple will replace affected units.

4) I have not seen a single report of this. Citation?

5) I have seen this story and no-one has actually said if this was a fault with phone, cable or PC it was connected to. And there is only 1 report of it happening so hardly a big issue.

6) The screen is easier to damage than iPhone 3, but they don't scratch themselves so if it is looked after no problem.

7) This is down to SIM card design not iPhone.

8) Same as point 3.

9) Not that I have seen in my iPhone 4 or on anyone else's I know who has one. I hadn't heard of this problem so Googled it and only found a single report. Did you Google 'iPhone faults' and just list every one that you found?

10) Not had this problem myself but seen a lot of reports of it. Should be easy to fix with software update according to Apple.

So yeah the iPhone4 does have some issues that it should not have been released with, but I think most of the 10 you list are frivolous. I'm not a fanboi by any means, but the haters are really going out of their way to tell everyone how crap the iPhone 4 is. Wouldn't it be simpler to just not buy one?

It's a brand new product and experience tells me that the software bugs will be gone soon, and a redesign of the hardware will be close behind. The only thing that really annoys me is Apple's refusal to acknowledge the serious hardware fault when holding the phone in your left hand. They aren't fooling anyone by denying there is a hardware fault in the antenna and Apple have handled the fallout of the iPhone 4 fault poorly.

iPhone 4 burns, hurts owner

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I always forget the title...

"the marks on the cable's connector suggest the former"

The end of the cable that was damaged doesn't really indicate where the fault was, just where it got hot.

I would have thought the most likely explanation is that it's a duff cable, or maybe a bit of conductive material like foil got stuck in the connector and shorted it out.

Renault DeZir: 'leccy sex machine

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2 Uses?

I think you will find that most people do far less than 100 miles a day, and rarely go beyond that kind of range. So most people can benefit from these types of cars, particularly 2 car families where their other one is a normal oil fuelled model for the occasional long drive.

Personally I drive a 10 mile each way trip to and from work and would happily drive something like this (although not necessarily this particular car) if it could make my daily drive cheaper, as well as more fun. Unfortunately the cost of the cars at this time are likely to make it more expensive, but I don't think we're too far off from getting decent priced electric cars.

Admittedly a 100 mile range is a little on the low side, but the Tesla already demonstrates much longer ranges which are likely to get much better over the next few years. No oil fuelled cars I know of can do 1000 miles on one tank of fuel, so why would you expect it from an electric car?

Blizzard exposes real names on WoW forums

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Anonymous Partners?

"The mind boggles at the security implications from social engineering passwords, email addresses and account names or even safety if people have ex partners or stalkers etc."

Presumably ex partners would already know your real name? Or possibly not as this is WoW players we are talking about.

Nipper's naked arse provokes Street View outrage

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Why do you care?

But why does it matter if there is a picture of you on Streetview?

I really don't understand why people would not want to appear in a street they were walking down where people could see them with their own eyes anyway. It's not as if it's a permanent video feed that tracks where you are every minute of everyday. It's just a picture taken as some indeterminate time in the past.

More iPhone 4 angst: fanbois howl over head sensor

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Nope, the teccies just jailbreak their iPhones to make them into what they really should be.

Sex offender downloads child pr0n to get back into prison

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Why not?

So because he can afford a 200 quid Laptop he should be able to find a house? I don't follow your logic.

Latest iPhone 4G leak reveals A4 CPU

James 6



The process of leaking a prototype device to generate buzz about a product you don't quite yet have ready for market to a friendly tech website who will promote the gizmo well before it's ready to go.

Osborne to 'get Britain working' - except for ID contractors

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Not any one Governments fault

There is no way you can blame a WORLDWIDE financial meltdown on the UK government.

True they failed to keep a tight enough reign on the greedy bankers, but then so did pretty much every other western government. If there had been a unilateral tightening of banking in the UK the sector would have just relocated to a country where it is easier for them to carry on doing what they want. Then the UK would have been a big loser in the boom times without the massive income that banking produces.

Nothing was ever going to change until a worldwide recession made it completely clear to everyone how unsustainable the growth was in banking. Only that could be a driving force for all governments to tighten up at the same time. But even now it looks like it may still get back to business as usual for the banks as the western governments shy away from tougher bank regulation, which will undoubtedly include our new all singing and dancing Tory +1 government.

Google tilts with windmills

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

His only problem with them is that he thinks they are ugly!? Personally I think they are physically beautiful objects on the landscape, particularly when I consider what they represent for the environment (even he admits others find them attractive to have around).

Now all the manufacturers need to do is find more ecologically efficient ways to build them (they take a lot of energy and material to build) and they'd be perfect.

Megan Fox not world's sexiest woman: Official

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Do they pay people to vote for them?

"Twilight star Kristen Stewart"

Since when does looking like a ghost (even when not starring in spooky movies) count as sexy? If I saw her walking down the street she wouldn't even register as pretty in my head, never mind sexy.

Exhibit A - http://www.imdb.com/media/rm2427557632/nm0829576

6th Sexist celebrity? Really!?

Rubber Duck banned from txt

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Fat teeth.

Of course there are fat people in the UK, but it's not our stereotype. Don't forget though, all us Brits have bad teeth.

Exposed activist accuses Tiscali of putting life in peril

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Re: Something's not quite right here

"If this really was a matter of high-level national or personal security then why did she give Tiscali genuine details?"

How else would they have provided the service TO HER HOUSE? Unless there is some technology I'm not aware of that can make data find it's own way.

Even if you have changed your identity you still wouldn't want to increase the likelihood of it being discovered by having it in the phonebook. And at the end of the day Tiscali are in breach of data protection laws, regardless of what it actually led to (or not).


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