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BA.com titsup


Downtime disruption is plane to see

Downtime, no matter how long it lasts for, is hugely disruptive to new and existing customers, yet is something that can easily be avoided through the deployment of traffic management software. The software is much more cost-effective than hardware and as such can be deployed in a matter of hours, helping organisations manage peaks in web traffic and ensure online services are always up and running. Consumers today have high demands and won’t settle for anything other than first class service online, so addressing the issue of downtime must become a top priority.

Graham Moore, Zeus Technology

Music industry website debut turns into a mosh pit


Failing to prepare is preparing to fail

While it’s not always easy to know how popular a new product or service will be, it is possible to prepare for demand online by deploying web traffic management solutions. The technology ensures sites do not crash under the weight of demand and even prioritises traffic based on variables such as whether a new or long-term customer is attempting to logon. Although web traffic management may require a little forward planning, it does not have to involve a large investment in terms of time or money. Web traffic management software, for instance, is extremely cost effective and very quick to deploy. In a time when downtime, even for a matter of minutes, can have a huge negative impact on brand reputation, it’s essential traffic management is made a top priority.

Graham Moore, Zeus Technology

Barclaycard drops offline


Keeping a steady online presence

Despite having web traffic problems in the past, Barclays still seems to be having problems preventing downtime. Customers who have experienced an outage once will be understandably frustrated. As a result, the bank will have to work especially hard to regain trust from those who have experienced difficulties for a second time. A stable online presence will significantly improve customer confidence that Barclays can offer a safe and secure online banking environment.

Graham Moore, e-retail Specialist, Zeus Technology

Google Maps Monopoly board folds under server strain


Preparation is key

Given it’s not always easy to determine how popular an online game or service will be, it’s best to prepare for huge success. In practical terms this means investing in scalable traffic management software that can handle huge peaks of traffic and deliver users a consistently high level of service. Thanks to the rise in popularity of social networking sites such as Twitter, the launch of new services can spread virally very quickly and place huge demands on organisations responsible for delivering them. Disappoint users on launch day and it’s highly unlikely they’ll try the service again so making sure you have everything in place beforehand is critical.

Graham Moore, e-retail specialist, Zeus Technology

Barclays online banking borked


Downtime’s domino effect

Outages like this highlight just how many of us now rely on online services on a daily basis. And social networking tools like Twitter and Facebook mean it doesn’t take long for the world to know about it. While downtime can’t always be planned for, big organisations like Barclays should be taking steps to ensure online services are designed to scale and cope with hardware failures without impacting their customers’ experience. Web traffic management software is a cost-effective option, for example, that can detect and route traffic around failed servers and, if necessary, politely queue customers when a service is overloaded. What’s most important here is a dent in customer loyalty – a real threat no matter how established the brand.

Owen Garrett, cloud computing specialist, Zeus Technology


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