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Mozilla tames Firefox tab monster with Candy

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Seems reasonable to me

This seems like a nifty idea. I frequently now find my browsing goes off the end of the strip and there are lots of cases where I have a dozen tabs or more on one particular topic, which I'd like to put away as one thing and come back to later.

The UI seems fair enough - provided it's only a keystroke away - and really, what's not to like? It's something different, worth a try, see how it works out.

@Havin_it ("And please guys, don't even *think* of making it optional...") - of course it's optional. Just don't hit the keystroke and you'll never see it.

@Steven Knox - I agree it's unlikely you're paying attention to more than five tabs at a time (well, perhaps a dozen). But I often find I'm paying attention to a particular dozen now, and in five minutes I'm looking at a different dozen, so I could see this working very well (for me, anyway).

It's hard work to be firefox just now. Do an evolutionary change and you're slapped for copying other browsers; suggest something new and you're slapped for being new. I'm starting to wonder if El Reg's readers are getting on a bit - our comments pages do make us sound like a bunch of reactionary old farts sometimes...


Bank snafu Gmail missive never opened

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Rule of Law

"The case underlines what should be obvious to Google watchers: Though the company vows to protect your personal data, it can be compelled by court order..."

Look, you've ended every article on this subject with some similar piece of vague but dire warning and to me it seems a little like FUD.

Just tell us - do you think that it is wrong for Google to obey the rule of law? Because the law is that Google - and anyone else - can be compelled by court order. Banks, supermarkets, ISPs, doctors - shock horror, they'll give it up when the correct and due legal process is applied. It's an outrage! No of course it isn't.

Ok, now tell us - have Google ever claimed that this was not the case? Did anyone seriously at any time assume that Google had god-like, government-ignoring powers that distinguished it from every other corporate entity on earth? No, of course not.

Put up or shut up. Leave vague innuendo and threat to the likes of Microsoft Linux studies. Everything you've given as evidence suggests that Google did the right thing, i.e. nothing until they were compelled by law. You might disagree with the law, but you can't seriously complain because they obeyed it!


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