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Teen attacks father in Fifa 2009 fight

Greg 36

I'd be rich...

If I had a buck for every time my kid stabbed me after I politely reminded him during a DDR session that white doodes can't dance.

China moves closer to a smut-free internet

Greg 36


So, let me get this straight. Prwn is an issue, but China can still incarcerate, torture and on at least one occassion ( http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,537076,00.html ) kill teenagers in Internet addiction "camps"?

Firefox update plugs three critical flaws

Greg 36

I don't need you anymore

I broke up with that bitch, FF last week. Moved all my stuff out while she was sleeping and shacked up with I.E. I've done her a couple of times since but I used my Gmail SMIME condom. But that's it I swear.

Want Gmail? Best have your mobile handy

Greg 36

All y'all low brow, whiny douche bags...

Use another service. Whoever said it won't reduce spam - you're wrong. Adding the mobile phone, human element to the sign-up procedure will eliminate bot generated accounts (at least for a while) that are leveraged for distributing spam. Whoever said, "hello phone spam" - that already exists. To suggest that a philanthropic org like Google would go out on such an obvious, detrimental limb is just plain retarded. Most of us use our mobiles for the majority of our phone communication and understand the risks involved. Go live on a mountain with just a goat and your loin cloth if you're so naive as to think that worse companies who haven't even asked for your mobile number aren't already abusing it.


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