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TalkTalk drags arse in Ofcom ISP survey



"What you really mean here is they asked you to plug in a network cable so as to be sure that it is the internet connection that is dropping out and not the wireless. If it is wireless dropout and you say you have the cable plugged in... well its kind of unlikely to get resolved."

Whilst I appreciate that, maybe I should elaborate on the conversation a little...

I started the call by saying - "I have no internet connection. The red light is on the router showing that it is the router that has lost connection, also I am logged onto the router and it is showing the internet is offline. In the router logs it is showing a makechandial error. I have swapped my filter and tested from the master socket with nothing else connected but it has made no difference." - or words to that effect... In otherwords, in my openening sentences I told them enough information to effectively bypass the questions like "What operating system are you using?" and "are you connected wirelessly?". The fact is - they work from a script and have little to no training to deal with anything that is not in the same format as their script.

"The one thing I will say is if you think the vast majority of people you speak to in tech support are morons, you should try it from the other side for a while :)" - Part of my job is network configuration and support. I know what it is like to deal with people who have no idea what they are talking about - and yet they keep coming back to me because my experience is good enough that i can often diagnose a problem from some very vague descriptions of what has happened / is happening. I have never worked from a script when taking a support call.


The best customer service does not equal the best overall service.

For customer support, O2 are (were) almost flawless. I never had any issues in speaking to someone, they had English call centres and their knowledge was excellent. However - their service was appauling, slow and unstable and their "Unlimited" service was not unlimited. After they asked me to "significantly reduce" my usage (which I did by over 80Gb the following month - they could not tell me what was an "acceptable" usage limit) they then decided to terminate my contract!

At least with TT, I have no issues with speed or download limits!


Not so bad once you get past the monkeys

To be honest, I am pretty happy with TalkTalk. They have defended their customers against the "pay us or else" extortion schemes that keep cropping up, they are rapidly improving and expanding their network and they are significantly cheaper than some of the competition. They also don't seem to mind how much I download (on their unlimited package) - unlike both Orange and O2 who kicked me off for being a heavy user (past 3 months I have averaged over 200Gb)

I will agree that the first line support is shockingly bad - Every time I have had to speak to them i have had issues - from incompetence to hour long queue times. "We can't help you with the router disconnecting from the internet if you use wireless" - (so I pretend to plug in a wire). "We can't help because you run Linux" - (so I pretend I'm using Windows). "We can't help because..." - All for a fault on the line (that they failed to find and fix the first time)

Second line support is much better though.

Samsung torn over Galaxy S II sibling UK launch


What issues???

I'm intrigued as to what UI issues you had? I have no problems at all with mine and I absolutely love the phone! Gets a bit warm at times, but i can live with that.

I do have some minor WiFi issues though - but it is mainly with reconnecting after the screen has been off (I usually have to cycle WiFi on the device), signal strength is no worse than my old Moto Dext. I imagine that the mod community over at XDA will fix the issues soon enough though.

Dev's iPhone cable melts after iOS 5 upgrade



I see a patent coming for a method of forcing a customer to buy either a replacement cable, phone or both!

Apple patent: 'Pour' your data from iPhone to iPad


Prior Art




There are plenty of applications that perform each of the elements of this patent - just not much that does it all at once. Even so - this should not be awarded - putting together a few common ideas should not be patentable!

Windows 7 'genuine' nagware winging its way to OS


Why do they bother?

I can't believe they pay money to someone to write the code behind this crap... I'm pretty sure it will be cracked in under 48 hours anyway!

HP excessive packaging world record put to the test


I see this all too often...

We order OEM licenses on a regular basis, and quite often they will turn up in a box large enough for a 32" TV - despite comprising of a single peice of A4 paper in an envelope! Whilst I appreciate that we don't want them creasing, there is no need for the box to be so excessively large that it won't fit through our office doors!



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