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Samsung vs Apple: which smartphone do Reg readers prefer?


This is one of the reasons I use Android.

Swype style keyboards are pretty fast to type on if you are using real words - and Samsung (at least on the Note 2) has swype functionality built in - and there are loads of alternative options available on Play. The trouble with hardware keyboards on a phone is they make the phone bulky and the keys are too small - I usually press three at a time!


Samsung for me

I used to love HTC having owned an Orange SPV C500 (made by HTC), TyTn, Touch Diamond and a Desire HD. Then I got a Samsung Galaxy S2. It was the first phone that I never got bored of. Of course it was rooted and running a custom ROM.

Now I have the Note 2. Touchwiz and the extra apps on the stock ROM actually complement this device. I have it rooted and a custom Kernel on it, but stock Touchwiz firmware. Everything about the Note 2 is simply awesome.

Also, the S2 and so far the Note have been mega reliable - though I have seen a few faults on S3s.

Can't stand iPhone due to walled garden, iTunes, Lack of removable battery, no SD card, lack of keyboard options (especially the all CAPS) and not having a back button.

TalkTalk ads banned by watchdog over 'misleading' YouView offer


I got my TalkTalk YouView box for free... There is an option on the website for "self-installation" which allows you to bypass the £50 fee.

EE extends network: Soon, 1 million users will pay us for 4G


I won't see 4G for some time I suspect..

Living in a city that is forgotten by telcos, 4G isn't even close to coming for me - however on EE's 3G network, I get speeds of around 17-18Mbps which isn't too shoddy! My landline broadband is pathetic at only 4Mbps though - fiber is supposedly coming in September :(



For anyone who wants to hear the sound of a male Gelada

The Beeb have a sound clip in their story!


Moscow's speed cameras 'knackered' by MYSTERY malware


Re: 3.2 Million reasons to love speed cameras

"-speed cameras in theUK are placed where someone has died."

Have they changed the rules? I was under the impression that there had to be a number of accidents within a specified time frame - and that there was no verification that the accidents were caused by speeding.

"but you would rather get from A to B 3 mins quicker"

That 3 mins soon adds up. If you imagine losing 3 mins twice a day - thats an hour each fortnight or over a day every year in time just wasted. In my current job which I have been driving to virtually every day for 12 years, I have lost over a fortnight of my life due to time wasters on the roads (actually - I lose approx 6-7 mins daily each way due to 40mph drivers - so I have lost over a month of my life!)

I don't condone speeding in built-up / residential areas, but on a main road where it is safe I would expect traffic to maintain 60mph and when it is quiet such as at night, I don't see any issue with breaking the speed limit a little as long as it is safe to do so.

Brit biz stops coked-up moist pocketstrokers ruining your pub lunch



If this coating stops the electrical conductivity to the water when submerged, does it not also affect the electrical properties of contacts that are used? - eg.. sim card, SD card, headphone and charging sockets?

Apple-HTC patent deal doesn't include designs, 'cloned' iDevices


Re: Did you learn nothing from the Samsung trial?

"If it were so obvious, why wasn't it done previously?"

It was done previously, but according to the jury foreman it didn't count because it didn't run on the same processor. The Ah-ha moment.

Convert your iPad into a foosball table and relive the dot-com days


Re: I hate iPads and all things Apple...

I agree.. i await the tab 10.1 version :)

Judge to Apple: You WILL tell Samsung what you got from HTC


Re: Apple are doomed

"Whilst you a correct that the technology, screen or otherwise is manufactured by other companies, its the design expertise that makes it happen. Whether that is simply throwing money at said companies to make it work or Apple supplying their own staff, or designing in house, its still Apple getting the technology to market.

I don't think we would have the very high res screens we all enjoy in our mobile/tablet devices today if Apple hadn't pushed that approach forward."

Right, because its really difficult to design a square/rectangular slab that takes a similar shaped screen? Or is it that it is difficult to pixel double so that the image fills the screen?

Perhaps it is more to do with the fact that hardware tech is moving forward at a blistering pace, and Apple are usually early adopters. "Retina" class or high dpi screens are a natural evolution - my first computer had a display resolution of 320x200 and could display 128 colours. My current PC has a resolution of 1920x1080 and millions of colours. My first mobile had a low resolution monochrome screen - My current mobile has a WVGA Super Amoled screen and each generation in between has been better than the one preceding it.

Don't be so gullible in thinking the sun shines out of Apples backside - most of the "new" tech they have introduced has been acquired from other companies.


Re: Apple are doomed

"If Apple's tech is so shit then why is their tablet's screen resolution class leading? why are ultrabooks made with much more inferior screen resolution?"

Perhaps its because Apple don't actually make the screens and they use other peoples tech?

Android and Apple OS shares show mountain MS must climb

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WinPho 8 should show much better sales in the next quarter

Since Microsoft are forcing it down our throats on new PCs, Laptops etc...

That's the only reason I can think of for the abomination known as TIFKAM!

iPhone 5 is the 'most difficult, scratchy device Foxconn has ever made'

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Re: Still the best test

You would have thought the plastic would have lost big time in that test!


Re: Poor choice of materials?

The back isn't


Poor choice of materials?

Why would Apple design the phone out of such easy to damage materials in the first place? Mobiles have a tendency to be thrown in pockets with scratchy items such as keys, lighters, coins and are often thrown onto tables or taken to the beach. As a result, most touch screen phones now use gorilla glass to try and stop scratches on the screens, as well as thin screen protectors.

Seems like a poor design decision to me. If you have to wrap your phone up in a protective casing, all the effort into designing it thin and light is simply wasted. And as a fashion product, if it looks like shite within a couple of months because of the marks it picks up, once again all that design effort is wasted.

Paid secur-o-ware is generally better than free, but not always by a lot


Re: Performance

Sorry - maybe I wasn't exactly clear. It is our client (the food mfr) that was using McAfee (and has switched to Kaspersky) - and yes, they are both the enterprise products! I didn't know about the default option not to scan over a certain size of archive - and yes, Kaspersky is attempting to scan the file.

My point is simply this - Due to the settings in Kaspersky, and the slow scan times, I ended up spending over 1 hour (possibly even two hours+) on our customers site longer than I needed to. This was partly due to an error in our data which meant I had to extract everything a second time. This translates into real costs for my company. (We were not charging for my time since we have just had a number of internal processes change which meant the chance of an error with the data was high and is the only reason I was on site in the first place!)



This happened today...

The company I work for processes batch production records for a food manufacturing firm. We return the data in a specific format on DVD contained within a self-extracting RAR file. This file today contained approx 70,000 tiffs and xml files compressed and the total size was approx 2.6Gb.

Recently, they have switched from McAfee to Kaspersky.

Using McAfee, the file would open the self extraction window in less than a minute, today, using Kaspersky the file took over 30 mins to open - copying it to HDD first didn't help.

We use ESET as we find it has an excellent memory footprint and lightning fast scan times. Both Kaspersky and Symantec / Norton cause us massive issues as we typically have 100M+ files on our servers at any given time and they simply kill our servers when running a scan.

Moral of the story - sometimes scanning speed is more important than detection rates for rarely seen wild viruses.



Re: So What?

My Mums HTC failed an automatic update and was stuck on the loading screen. She pulled the battery resulting in a completely dead phone. We called HTC directly and sent it for repair - we got the phone back within 3 days (they promised it back within 7 days of receiving it). They replaced the main board and some of the shielding according to the report. I honestly cannot fault HTC customer services in the UK. Try calling them directly.

LOHAN plugs into some hot LiPo treatment


I wonder if it is also worth looking into LiFe batteries? They are safer, but slightly heavier. Is it possible to run the heater on a lower voltage / higher amps to compensate since you seem not to have issues capacity wise?

You need to test any battery at the expected temp and pressure regardless - Temperatures are a noticable factor when I run my RC, and since Lipos are in soft bags, pressure could certainly affect them.

Whopping supersonic-car rocket rattles idyllic Cornwall


Biggest rocket fired in the UK for 20 years?

I thought the Top Gear Reliant rocket would have been bigger?

Sky gripe grounded Freeview EPG facelift


Since I am still waiting for the switchover to be completed, I have had to retune my boxes twice in the past couple of weeks - and will have to do so again tomorrow. They could have timed the EPG update a bit better as far as I am concerned. (Bilsdale Tx)

HTC's 4G patent beef could get iPhone 5 BANNED in US


Re: Which patents are these?

"It all would come down to the language in the license agreement Qualcomm, etc. would have signed with the owner of the patent. It is possible for the license to allow Qualcomm the right to incorporate the technology into a chip but not pass on the right to use the technology to Qualcomm's customers. Qualcomm's customers would then have to license the technology directly from the patent holder. Unfortunately, this happens a lot with chip vendors."

Much like Dolby technology was built into soundcard chipsets, but on cheaper models was disabled by software, as they were not licensed to use it. See Daniel_K - creative drivers for example.


Tinfoil hat alert!!!


Re: What passes for reporting around here?

If these aren't FRAND, HTC should tell Apple to piss off and not offer cross licensing (or any other deal). The sooner the politicians are forced to fix the broken patent system in the States, the better.

Now Apple wants Samsung S III, Galaxy Notes off the shelves too

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Re: And while we're at it

Agreed. Theres too many holes in it.

NASA funds sexy, stealthy, sideways supersonic flying wing


Not sure how the rotating engines would work. If they rotated independently, wouldn't the rotation result in one engines output pointing directly at the others intake?

The only solution I can see is a circular center passenger section with the engines on top and the wings rotating around it.

Wouldn't it be simpler to design a deformable wing that can be used in a typical configuration at low speed, and flatten for supersonic flight?

Why the Apple-Samsung verdict is good for you, your kids and tech



I read this thinking "This is some awesome satire" and waiting for a punchline or some obvious joke to creep in.

Then it dawned on me that it was for real. Ouch.

Jury awards Apple $1bn damages in Samsung patent case


Re: Crapple's victory

More than that - EVERY smartphone manufacturer should simultaneously launch legal attacks against Apple using whatever patents they have in their arsenal (and refuse to license non FRAND patents to them). If they all do it at the same time, Apple might just find themselves in trouble.

South Korea bans Apple's AND Samsung's ageing phones, tabs


Re: Missing the biggest part of the story

"Samsung are NOT allowed to demand an "unacceptable amount" for their FRAND patents.

You sir, are wrong. There is no guidance on how much is determined to be reasonable, and Apple are in no position to dictate how much they think is reasonable. If Samsung need to charge the equivalent of 2.5% of the cost of an iPhone in order to make a RoI, then that is a perfectly reasonable amount. If they invest a billion dollars in the research behind these patents, they are quite entitled to set a fee that allows them to recover those costs and make a profit. FRAND does not mean free or nearly free, if it did then then companies like Samsung would not create the technology, they would wait until somebody else did it and license it for a fraction of the cost.

Samsung spends $4bn tarting up Texas factory



This could be a way around US import bans when they get sued in the future?

Apple granted patent for in-cell touchscreen display tech


Why so many down votes? Seems a bit harsh!


No doubt Samsung will "copy" this patent by implementing an AMOLED version :)

Apple 'offered Samsung $30-per-mobe' patent licence truce


FRAND & Cross Licensing

OK - I get that peoples opinions are that ~2.5% is expensive for FRAND licensing. However, most FRAND licensing is met by cross licensing. Both Motorola and Samsung have asked for 2-2.5% for licensing of their FRAND patents sans cross licensing - perhaps this amount is considered fair?

Lemme put it this way - Say Motorola and Samsung have FRAND patents relating to the 3G standard. They have both invested huge amonts of money in the research that defined these standards. Individually, Moto ask for 2.25% for access to their portfolio, Samsung ask for 2.5% for theirs. Under a cross licensing deal, Moto might only end up paying 0.1-0.2% after negotiations

Enter Apple - who have contributed nothing to the R&D behind these patents and have nothing to offer (or refuse to offer) in a cross licensing deal. Why should they not pay the asking price of 2-2.5%? The rest of the market offers their own patents as payment - making the asking price for Apple fair since they have nothing further to offer.

Lets put this in terms of physical goods, just to be clear. I have sacks of potatoes for sale for £10. Peter has baskets of tomatoes for sale for £6. I want some tomatoes and Peter wants some potatoes. We come to an agreement that Peter can have a sack of potatoes for £3 and a basket of tomatoes. Both parties win. John (Apple) enters the market and I ask for £10 for my potatoes - this is not unfair or discriminatory since John has nothing else to offer. Similarly, Peter will ask John to pay £6 for his tomatoes - this is also perfectly fair and reasonable. John then turns around and tells me I can't use my cart unless I pay him £30 because he thinks all wheels belong to him - despite clear evidence that carts had been moving towards using wheels for years, even though nobody had quite perfected the idea until John.

Unless someone can show me some evidence that FRAND patents are offered from Samsung at significantly lower prices where there is NO cross licensing, I don't see how Apple can complain at the asking price at 2.5%. The fact is, they decided not to pay and simply stole the technology used in the patents and are now trying to claim that the price is unfair even though every other player in the market uses their own patents to offset the cost!

The FRAND patent holders could decide between them that the FRAND patents are worth £200 per device, but still only charge each other pennies to each other due to cross licensing. Offering those patents to a third party at full price would still be fair - it would simply force that third party to bring something other than money to the table.

Curiosity phones home through Amazon cloud


Worked well as far as I was concerned

I didn't have a single dropout, and everything on their site worked fine for me during the entire landing. I was actually quite surprised to hear other people had issues!

France backs away from Hadopi

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At a reported cost of 12 million Euros, which overs a payroll that knculdes 60 agents, the whole exercise has been described as “unwieldy, uneconomic and ultimately ineffective”

Hmmm - must learn that word - I'll start trying to knculde it in future conversations.

Beak explodes at Samsung's evidence leak in Apple patent spat


Re: The F700

The TyTN had a hardware keyboard that slid out - as a result it was a lot fatter. The screen was also slightly recessed so the front surface wasn't flat. It also required the use of a stylus. It ran WinMo 6 / 6.5 IIRC.

T'was an awesome phone for its time though! I loved mine while I had it.

Microsoft: Gmail rival Outlook.com will 'look good on your iPad' 


" Rather, Outlook.com has its own, Metro-like UI that aims to minimize clutter and make efficient use of screen real estate, even on small devices."

... then why the fuck are you wasting nearly half the screen real estate on 3 attachments in the very next screenshot?

Apple seeks whopping $2.525bn Samsung patent payout


I propose the 5 second test...

If the "average user" can't tell which device they are using within 5 seconds then the devices are too similar.

By "average user", give 1000 members of the public (chosen at random, say in a shopping mall) 5 seconds to determine which device is which by letting them use the devices. If more than say 25% are wrong then the design patent stands.

Watching Olympics at work? How to avoid a £1k telly-tax fine


Re: Buffering, please bend the rules while waiting...

The law covers nearly live, so pausing for a few seconds or buffering is not excusable.


Re: TV Licensing RSoles

Nice story.

Someone I know who doesn't have a TV and lives on a farm once had a TV inspector turn up. He had to walk over 1/2 mile along a very muddy farm track in the pouring rain to discover this guy had no TV. The inspector had the gall to ask for a lift back to his car - he was told to get f**ked!


What exactly is the difference between using batteries I charged using my works electricity and using that same electricity directly from the mains? Aren't we supposed to be becoming greener? Charging the battery is at best only going to give around 90% efficiency so 10% power wastage for no justifiable reason.



What if I have my laptop connected to a large monitor? Obviously the monitor will be plugged in, but the laptop which is receiving the broadcast will be running off batteries. This way, I could turn the screen off on the laptop and make the battery last longer.

Google ordered to censor 'torrent', 'megaupload' and more words


How about Google removes all results for a particular search term they receive a takedown request for?

Example - they receive a takedown request for "The Amazing Spider Man" and they simply return a "No results found" page for any searches containing that term - whether that search includes other terms such as "torrent" or not. It saves them the hassle of having to check each link in the takedown and ensures that their service will never point to infringing copies again! What could the studios possibly complain about?

Microsoft picks October 26 for Windows 8 launch


RE: HandleOfGod

Here's a question for you.. Have you tried to remotely log in to a Win8 machine yet?

If, like me you run a high resolution monitor and you attempt to log into a Win8 PC thats connected via an ADSL connection with a 512Kb upload, it is IMPOSSIBLE to use. When it is windowed, Win8's hot corners are impossible to hit and over a remote connection, the start screen with all its glitzy icons is so slow it is completely unusable. Things like the charms bar are simply inaccessible. At least with ANY previous version of Windows, you can turn all the fancy effects off.

BT broadband packs up again - second big outage in a fortnight


Ours was down for about an hour. Back up now and working fine. Annoyed by the fact BT couldn't be arsed to answer their support line. In Harrogate

Breaking: Megaupload seizures illegal says NZ High Court


Re: Its and it's

What about its' (Apostrophe after the s) ?

Vodafone's small, controversial tax bill validated by UK.gov


Re: If only it were that easy

"Now I just use netflix (although I really wish we had access to the US library)"

Have a look at http://unblock-us.com/ - costs around £4/mnth

Boffins build bionic battery


Thats nothing.. My 5000MAh RC car battery would require a staggering 12900A at 14.8V to charge in 20s.

Apple gets patent for ‘unlock gesture’


Analogue prior art?

Funny thing is - my ancient laptop (Win98, 64Mb RAM etc) has an analogue version of this - I have to slide a catch in order to open the lid! Surely this counts as prior art?

Major overhaul makes OS X Lion king of security



I know plenty of people running the 32-bit edition of Win 7. The main reason being that their craptops are 32-bit only. At the end of the day, Microsoft are out to make money - and they do that by making Win7 as compatible with as many devices as possible.

As for bitlocker - for the home users etc, they should not really need it - however if they do need full encryption, truecrypt is freely available and does a stellar job!



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