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Prosecutor won't resign over lewd texts to 'hot' crime victim

Chris 258

Don't you just hate it..

..when your trying to get on performing an autopsy and the DA shows up trying to impress another one of his floosies!

Santa menaced by sex offender postie

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This is just so sad, and so now aswell as not being able to go and see Santa you can't send him a letter, which is the most magical thing about Christmas in my opinion - getting that letter back from actual Santa.

The comment 'in different times' - yup we live in paranoid times where nobody is to be trusted as we now cannot write and receive a letter from someone we will never meet.

Cameron condemns Tweeters as tw*ts

Chris 258

Will there be complaining masses?

You can listen to it again on their website, which is excellent because now thousands of people who were not offended, but think they might be offended can go listen and write in letters of complaint to Ofcom!