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Listen to The Sound of Perseverance: Not the death metal album, but NASA's Mars rover on the move

Richard 84

Metal tyres

Doesn't sound bad for wheels/tyres made of aluminium

WileyFox disentangles itself from Cyanogen

Richard 84

Re: What about us Storm owners?

Update schedule according to their Instgram account - Swift phones in April, Storm in May, Spark in June.

TalkTalk offers customer £30.20 'final settlement' after crims nick £3,500

Richard 84

Yahoo should have pulled their finger out...

I just see Feargal Sharkey.

Sysadmins can forget PC management skills, says Microsoft

Richard 84

For those of use pre-bottom rung, please could I ask which starter qualifications would be the best to obtain in terms of knowledge and employment potential?

BURN ALL BLOGS! WordPress has a critical cross-site scripting flaw

Richard 84

Slightly off-topic, but do WordPress extensions such Wordfence Security offer any serious protection?

Ofcom: By 2017, even BUMPKINS will have superfast broadband

Richard 84

Re: Bumpkin

Doesn't really sound like Bumpkinland.

LivingSocial admits major hacking attack on customer database

Richard 84

Yahoo should have pulled their finger out...

Yep, same here.

Looks like my details from Lifehacker were in the system.

It seems to be just an email address though as trying to do a password recovery on the site tells you that you have no account, but were listed as receiving a newsletter (that you didn't sign up for).

HTC fires up latest Desire

Richard 84

Re: How the mighty have fallen

Looks more like a new Wildfire to me.

UK milk wastage = 20,000 cars = actually completely unimportant

Richard 84

Why not develop

milk-powered cars?

Twelve... classic 1980s 8-bit micros

Richard 84

Re: Atari 800 series ???

Yep, Atari all the way.

So many fond memories of my 800, 800XL and later ST.

UK hacker jailed for nicking PayPal, banking data from MILLIONS

Richard 84

He's out after appeal though:


UK broadband speeds crippled during 'rush hour'

Richard 84

'pitiful 2.1Mbit/s'

Some of us dream of a connection over 2Mbit/s.

Opera uncloaks Gmail challenger from Down Under

Richard 84


myopera? myopia more like.

'Don't panic: We're still Delicious,' says Yahoo!-owned Web2.0 outfit

Richard 84

Yahoo should have pulled their finger out...

...and clarified their position before the recent mass exodus.

Alternative services have been struggling to cope over the past few days, and presumably enough damage has been done in terms of active users to make the service less attractive to a buyer.

Unless of course the plan was to reduce costs a bit.

BT shrinks phone book to fit in letter boxes

Richard 84

A better green solution...

...would be letting people opt out of receiving phone books and directories like Yellow Pages in the first place.

Mine goes into the bin/recycling the same day it arrives, and I've have never found the need to use one in years.

Nokia N900 to hit Vodafone next month

Richard 84

Enjoying my N900 on Vodafone

Can't you just do what I did and buy it on Vodafone from mobilephonesdirect?

Appears to be in stock still, and would save the wait.

Man catches MSI laptop with... his arse

Richard 84

I wonder...

How many laptops they went through, and how many times 'the catcher' got clobbered by a stray laptop.

Saying that, the bloke throwing is as impressive with the accuracy he can send a MSI through the air.

Panasonic puts camera's lens on a diet

Richard 84

New thin camera...

...but probably comes with the new 'DRMed' batteries.


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