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Apache lets fly Hadoop 1.0 data muncher

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I may have misread the mahout point, however Cassandra and Hadoop aren't interoperable, Hadoop can't use Cassandra to natively store files, similarly Cassandra doesn't use Hadoop to store or process its data natively. If the writer had looked down the Apache site you would see that Cassandra is a seperate project from Hadoop.

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Really? Having used this in production with a customer for the last 12 months, the deployment was pretty trivial, the pains came from other tools we were using. Deployment/config is pretty straightforward compared past experiences I've had with things like WebLogic and WebSphere. Using a decent packaged distro does take the pain out of it, we used Cloudera's CDH3. As for performance burning through several TB of log data can be done in minutes on a small cluser i.e. less then £35,000 worth of kit. I guess your mileage may vary...

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Cassandra and Hadoop aren't related

Cassandra is independent of Hadoop its not an add on of any sort. The only similarities are that Cassandra and HBase are column family based table stores.

D-Link Boxee Box DSM-380 media streamer

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The Alternative is:

Try the latest Sony Blu-Ray players, BDP-S370 is a pretty good choice, has a DLNA client (wired ethernet only, but you need it for high def anyway) , plays quite a number of file types, especially if you customize your media-server to rename MIMEs, has an iPlayer and LoveFilm clients built in, can be had for around £90, bargain.

HP forces swingeing pay cuts on EDS staff

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You reap all you sow

HP is getting away this in the middle of a recession (barely) but will suffer when things pick up. I am sure many of the EDS'ers will end up working for their old clients or working for prospective clients. Nice way to make lots of enemies and lots of them by the sound of it.

Landlord sues tenant over moldy Tweet

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Don't Horizon realise that look like bullies and now the whole internet knows how they deal with their tenants. If they'd simply asked for her to take down the tweet no one would be any the wiser instead the whole web knows and will know for some time, that will damage their reputation more.


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