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The IT kit revolution's OVER, say beancounters - but how do they know?

Richard 23

Mixed messages from Y2K

Alister, in my experience both you and Tim are correct.

There was a lot of time and money spent on Y2K. Much of this was necessary, and had it not been spent then there would have been real problems.

There was also a lot of hype, wastage and bandwaggon-jumping. Also upgrades or expenditure that was difficult to make a business case for if stand-alone was rolled in to the Y2K "gold card" / FUD factor.

I was a programme manager on Y2K - hence the grey hair!

Uber, Lyft and cutting corners: The true face of the Sharing Economy

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What about the unlicensed ones?

What Uber et al seem to be facilitating is unlicensed, unregulated and uncontrolled drivers.

I've not done any in-depth research, so genuine questions:

- who does back ground checks on the drivers - if any?

- any checks that they have suitable insurance?

UK.gov wants public sector to rip up data protection law

Richard 23

"Everyone legally in this country has a unique identifier: a national insurance number"

Unfortunately national insurance numbers are not unique!

Motorist 'thought car had caught fire' as Adele track came on stereo

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Re: Lets hope...

Communications Breakdown?

Come on, you commentards - how many other song titles could cause mayhem/amusement on a display?

Storm-battered Rockall adventurer recalls 'worst experience of my life'

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Re: I'll just repost this

Even more respect to him after seeing that!!!!

Today's get-rich-quick scheme: Build your own bank

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Sounds like Paypal....

..with ATM access.

However two issues with this:

- From time to time central banks have had negative interest rates (you have to pay to deposit money with them!)

- No overdraft facility

ATOM SMASHER ON A CHIP technology demonstrated

Richard 23

Moulded in Poly Styrene?


Google's boffins branded 'unacceptably ineffective' at tackling web piracy

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Re: An idea from an ignorant American

I thought China had the copyright on that? We wouldn't want to pirate that idea, would we?

Blighty's great digital radio switchover targets missed AGAIN

Richard 23

Re: @Fihart

I think you have hit the nail on the head - the pressure is from the "guvm'nt" to free up the bands so they can be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

Expect to see the update and coverage stats fudged even further to try and achieve this.

"Pirates" icon - robbery, that's what the "guvm'nt" is trying to do!

Office 365 goes to work on an Android

Richard 23

Neither does Microsoft ...

"still doesn't even have a word processor that can compete with Microsoft Word 2.0 running on Windows 3.1."

Neither does Microsoft since they introduced that stupid ribbon .....

NAO: UK border bods not up to scratch, despite billion-pound facial recog tech

Richard 23

System is way too slow

It seems to take about 20 to 30 seconds to extract the image data from the passport chip, authenticate, decrypt, do any database searches and render the image and results on the operator's screen. That's way too slow when dealing with an arrival queue.

Anyone with inside info on what the original performance SLA was?

You MERCILESS FIEND... you put that audio file on AUTOPLAY

Richard 23

Re: Bird Book

isn't there an app for that?

BlackBerry BB10 devices refuse to leap off shelves

Richard 23

We seem to have an Attack of the Clones?

Or a schizophrenic commentard?

Remember Streetmap? It's suing Google in a UK court

Richard 23

Good maps or good interface - your choice?

Streetmap uses OS maps which to my mind are far better than anything Google provides. But the interface is terrible and there is little functionality apart from the maps.

Google has horrible maps but a superb interface and excellent functionality.

Your choice!

UK ad-slingers spent TWICE as much smearing sales-bluster on mobes in 2012

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A game for idle moments

Click on the most annoying ad links until you get bored. Help them waste their budget!

BRITAIN MUST DECLARE WAR on Cervinaean menace

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Re: It's lean, rich and lower in fat than the main meat groups.

I've no problems eating horse (s long as I know that's what it is, and can be confident it's not full of Bute) but venison is tastier !

Toy train company bids for West Coast Mainline

Richard 23

Just be careful how you spell it.......

NASA funds sexy, stealthy, sideways supersonic flying wing

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Re: Concorde did make money

Concorde only made money on an operating cost basis - BA effectively got the aircraft for free. Adding costs to service the debt for the real capital cost of the aircraft would have rendered it uneconomic.

Scots council: 9-yr-old lunch blogger was causing 'distress and harm'

Richard 23

Re: Blogger was causing 'distress and harm'?

I'd be somewhat distressed if I had to eat that!

Flying Dutchman creates dead cat quadcopter

Richard 23

Re: Does anyone know...

Dead cats are much more aerodynamic - if they've been squashed flat - make a great Frisbee!

A cartoon (by Robert Crumb?) featured this a long time back

Tube bosses: 'Wireless tickets too slow, we think'

Richard 23

But TFL gets stung on the Oyster transaction

TFL have to pay for transactions through the Oyster app. Maybe their fault, but they got stitched up on the Oyster contract.

Jarmageddon: Marmite spill sparks biohazard threat

Richard 23

So 23 tons of Marmite ...

... are now toast?

Kindle Fire gets root access

Richard 23

They'll sue them

For infringing their 1-click patent !

Boffins invent miracle pill that counteracts effects of booze

Richard 23


But does it suppress the craving for a doner kebab?

Rogue toilet takes out Norfolk server

Richard 23

Fnar Fnar

"Pity poor Stuart for having to sift through the dumps from that one"

That's a new keyboard you owe me!!!

The best sci-fi film never made: Also-rans take a bow

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Both the list and also the comments have some very pleasant memories - and also about a year's worth of new reading recommendations! Thank you El Reg.

Off to the charity shops to check what's on the shelves. What? Me? Cheapskate?

US Marines splurge on Brit troops' armoured pants

Richard 23

That's another new keyboard

you owe me!

Lovely thought.

Man Utd sues supporter over corporate client 'data theft'

Richard 23


Mega fail by the Glazers

Stardust comet hunter drifts off into space

Richard 23

Silent Running, anyone?

Those poor little robots

Italian white van man nudges sound barrier

Richard 23

Since when....

... was La Repubblica a Spanish laguage newspaper?

Massive online database of bird calls unveiled

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Full marks ...

..for the most contrived acronym of the month!

PARIS in 89,000 ft climax

Richard 23

Chute deploy?

Wonder if the parachute deployment caused a jerk that effected separation?

And no comments about Paris jerkin..... oh, I already did :)

Trial and error: online comments court attention

Richard 23

Circular conundrum

So to enforce a total gagging order which also includes a clause forbidding mention that the gagging order even exists (of the kind which has been rumoured to have been granted recently to certain high-profile persons) the gagging order itself must be publicised?

Does not compute!

Boffins riot as Hadron Collider upgrade is delayed

Richard 23

Splendid stuff Lewis...

But you owe me a new keyboard for "elusive deiton"

Native Oz ducks being raped to extinction

Richard 23

Final solution

Canard a l'orange? Magrette de canard?

Delicious! And kills two bird with one stone, so to speak.

Ok, Ok, mine's the one with Larousse Gastronomique in the pocket

Halley's comet is actually ALIEN VISITOR

Richard 23
Paris Hilton

Paris etc?

"and matter was routinely passed around among the young and excitable stars"

....although "star" may be a bit of an overstatement in Paris's case?

Another winner from Lewis!!!!

Mutated genetic supertrout developed in lab

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I shudder to think

what could happen once this escapes into the wild. If not this particular mutant, some other mad scientific creation

YouTube: Auto-captions for everyone

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Ken Lee!

Oh, this will be great with Valentina Hasan (check on YouTube)

Aussies cane cane toads with cat food

Richard 23

And the next environmental disaster ....

... huge swarms of meat ants wipe out what little wildlife the Cane Toads have left behind?

Fail - for the original introduction of the toads to Oz

US lab births flexy, stingy solar cells

Richard 23

Car parks

So now we will get charged extra to park on the top floor of multi-storey car parks?

Voda goes ultra-cheap with handsets for the developing world

Richard 23

Granny at home, but not the breadwinner

In developing countries mobility of labour is high, with the breadwinner often having to relocate just to get a survival wage, so an economical means of sending money home is vital. The amounts involved are only a few pounds per month, but they are essential for the family. Many of these people will have no access to any sort of banking facilities, and could not afford the transfer fees charged even if they had access.

A couple of years ago it was reported that in some parts of Africa mobile phone top-up vouchers were being used as currency - because the activation number could be sent as a txt message.

Sun takes over MoD's UFO bureau

Richard 23

If The Sun is handling it ...

..it could be "X-Files" in more ways than one.

Silicone implants that generate 'leccy invented for US spooks

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The world's energy crisis solved ...

... at a stroke! (or two, or three)

I look forward to having a hand in developing this product

Google unveils GDrive that's 'not the GDrive'

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That should make for some interesting ads popping up in your Gmail

Guinness to hit three quid a pint

Richard 23

Point the finger at the breweries

Do I see a bit of dual standards here? The breweries charge exorbitant prices to their tied houses and tennants, but give huge discounts to large purchasers like supermarkets.

Then they complain that pub sales are falling and put up the prices even more?

Outrageous new means of megastar demise spotted

Richard 23

Who thought up that acronym?

"Equation of State: SupErNovae trace Cosmic Expansion", or ESSENCE

Do I detect the hand of AmanfromMars in naming this one?

2016 bug hits Windows phones

Richard 23

Smirk Smirk

As one who bears the indelible scars from a Y2K project, I wait with deep interest to find out what caused this one

Dan O’Bannon dies at 63

Richard 23

Oh Yes

Dark Star - matchless

Yank objects to Reg cherry-popping headline

Richard 23

@Arnold Lieberman

But there was a Pirate Willy (snigger snigger) - and a Master Mate, as I recall?

NASA preps Mars rover rescue plan

Richard 23

@Solomon Grundy

Looks like that's what they tried to do originally. Seems the NASA engineers may be from your neck of the woods.