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BT fibre-to-the-cabinet rollout penetrates 73 more exchanges

Mike Fox

I don't know why you spent 18 months in the slow lane. I've had digital region FTTC for 18 months in Stannington!

http://www.speedtest.net/result/1846419014.png :)

Mike Fox

Re: I really don't understand these plans

DigitalRegion is in sheffield, that's why.

Vodafone pledges fix for Snow Leopard 3G modem woes

Mike Fox


Even if there's just 10 users who use a platform, if the Vodafone network believe they can support OSX as a platform for their devices to work on, they should get a bloody move on and fix it. This is ridiculous.

Still, another alternative ... spare mobile + Bluetooth + Modem Script.

Average UK broadband just over half advertised speed

Mike Fox

Hm. Average of what?

Where I live, the exchange is 4.9KM away and i'm on the boundary of Sheffield.

The max speed I get is 1.1MBit a sec and BT say I should get 2, although i'm on Sky and the max they can thrown down the line is 1.4 and it falls over all the time.

So, besides waiting for FTTC, I get the feeling the area which I live in is going to have slow ADSL for a while to come, with no choice as we get hardly any 3G signal and no cable.