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Duke Nukem Forever release date revealed

Alexander Kaye

Formats ?

PS3 ?

Lock up your Crackberries

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My Blackberry peal has such a feature so not sure what you're talking about.....

FAIL for you matey.....

Contractors dodge ID cards axe

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@ Dibbley

if that law was passed no 3rd party firms would enter into any agreement with the government because of the risk that the new govt could cancel the contract and the company loses x millions of pounds.

Pirate Bay dishes up Iron Man 2 ahead of US release

Alexander Kaye
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it's a video camera in the cinema job rather than a dvd quality copy like the Wolverine copy not so long ago.

and it's appearing on almost every torrent site like a video camera rip appears of every movie every weekend. Don't think it's particularly specific to the pirate bay.

Slow news day ?

Prolific hacker releases PlayStation exploit

Alexander Kaye

only thing i'm interested in is.....

being able to play multi-region dvd and blu-rays.

Sky Player hits Xbox 360

Alexander Kaye

Any plans for this to be on the PS3 ?

Would sit nicely alongside the iplayer.....

'Do You Want To See My C*ck?' asks budding author

Alexander Kaye

Alternate Title

I've got something in my pocket for you.....

Taiwan consumer org 'froze' Dell bank account

Alexander Kaye


Since the prices were - if the article is correct - so obviously wrong the contract can be invalidated by Dell. No normal member of the public would have thought that the prices were genuine, hence the huge amount of goods sold at the wrong price.


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