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Apple's brilliant plan to fix iOS Maps: Get YOU to do it


Cloud based. Obviously

"..Maps is a cloud-based solution.." - so why is everyone complaing when they see clouds over their towns and cities. Its in the design.

MPs: 999 HQ revamp FAIL cost £469m


No heads will roll...

As with all consultants - CapGemini, Capita, PA etc. - none of them would be brave enough to be a whistle blower. Why spoil such a party? All that dosh coming in every time you are at the client site so why on earth would any of them leave the trenches? During any fat project?

I am sure we will hear of them blaming each other, saying how they knew things werent going well - if that was the case then say something at the time and not 5 years later. All parties are guilty with this one.

This reminds me of the banking crisis - everyone knew it was all going to turn into a shape not unlike a pear but they all stood silent. Branch staff, hq staff...they all knew but said nothing. Why? Cos they earned good dosh signing people up to mortgages they couldnt pay etc. etc. We all know that story. But it is repeated with this project. Just turn up to the client site and switch off brain and switch on money counter.

If EADS had any professionalism about them in the first place they wouldnt have taken on the work. This was outside of their skill set. They have had hard times recently and needed something big to get their teeth into. So they went for this....screwed up and got paid....

robg has it exactly right: "so long and thanks for all the cash".

French spooks have access to UK forces' travel data


@Fuzzy Wotnot: Thanks!

I thought I would get in there straightaway and get the end result over and done with!!


No problem....

...just tell the French to hand over the data and they will surrender it without a fight!

Gamers demand CoD: Black Ops money back


PC version

Just to confirm - the PC version kicks ass. I have played all three versions and can confirm the PC version is by far the best. Smoother, crisper and faster. Sure I got an overclockers PC but credit wheres it due - the port is a good one. I have found no bugs.

So good, i thought it was originally for a PC - is that not the case? MoH 2010 was also extraordinarily good on the PC. Before I bought my PS3, i tested various games on both the Xbox and PS3 with PS3 continually coming up trumps - and I still think the Xbox looks like it something from the Early Learning Centre. My PS3 is my media centre and the PC is my gaming world. Maybe that will change - I was impressed with that new motion sensor kit for Xbox - something from Microsoft that actually works! But for the moment am sticking with what works.

PCs will always win with FPS - FPS was born on PCs but the marketing machines of the likes of Sony and Microsoft will eventually win out unfortunately.

Beer: cos I drink to all dev teams on all platforms allowing me to shoot shit.

RBS swings axe at another 500

Paris Hilton

On the fence...

I am on the fence with this. Always bad news when someone loses their job but at the same time I am still fuming over the way the whole system treated/is still treating customers. Banks have gone back to their old ways - apart from the fact they dont lend money to small businesses (I speak from great experience here!).

Most top brass should have fallen on their swords (i would have held the sword) and the savings would have been so huge they would only have had to release a lot less staff. Many kept their mouths shut even though they knew the system was heading for a rather large iceberg. Many had binoculars and had seen impending doom from a long way off - but kept schtum....being complicit with their silence. A handful did go over the top but were of course cut down by top brass lewis guns. But only a handful, and no-one left the trenches with them.

After we have all suffered - schools rebuilding program being demolished, police force frontline (including counter-terrorism) resources being greatly reduced etc - now the bankers are taking the hit.

Welcome to the party.

PARIS: tearful because she needed all those people to handle all her money.

PARIS launch go for 23 Oct


Darn it....

....wrong story. Googled "Paris being well and truly launched" and wasnt what I expected.

NHS IT misses another deadline

Paris Hilton

Did anyone expect anything else?

The usual suspects are in there: CSC, Accenture, iSoft. All cowboys, so what did anyone really expect - especially with such a massive project. This one is just too big, too complex even for the likes of Accenture. BeefStirFry hits the nail on the head - if Accenture walk away then you absolutely know that things are REALLY screwed.

Like ID cards, this has got to be dropped. Spend the money on more worthwhile projects such as supporting the communities devastated by redundancies e.g. Corus.

Labour ministers unfortunately have a lot of personal financial gain from these type of projects and so they will not end whilst they are in power.

Paris: because at least she doesnt pretend to be an IT expert (like the aforementioned!)

Johnson signs off ID card for UK citizenry

Paris Hilton

Labour party = money grabbin toads

In the old days the Conservative party would secretly screw us e.g. keep quiet about new laws, take backhanders underneath the arches (!) etc. Labour seems to enjoy publicly rubbing it in our faces e.g. John Prescott sticking tudor beams to his house paid for by us the taxpayer. Fat pie-eating w*nker. And now these cards. Waving them about like they are the bloody Oracle at Delphi.

We all know that the ID cards will not work. They will not reduce the terrorist threat. They will not help better identify anyone. We already have our driving license IDs, our passports and our faces recorded on more CCTVs than in friggin China. Our local calls are recorded. Our mobile phones tapped - and geo-located. Just how far do they want to go? The answer is as far as it takes to make as much dosh as possible.

This ain't cricket my friends.

I have some suggestions for those wishing to change your name:

Mr F. U. Government

Miss X. Zxcygghhdz (just to watch the copper try to pronounce it then shout "Racist" when he can't so he gets sent back to "Diversity" class)

Mr Gordon Brown

Mr Ivor B. Cock

Elizabeth Henderson (of course)

Boris Bulletdodger

Ivan Terrible

U.R. Gay (great response to coppers "What is your name"? - and you have the ID to prove it)

I would love to hear other suggestions from the El Reg readers.

Paris? - cos even she looks depressed at the news.

Botched judge threat probe downs Fathers 4 Justice website


Terrorists Go Home!

We dont need you. We are fucking everything up ourselves.

Key McKinnon extradition ruling due next week


<rant> USA are severely embarrassed...

...and they want revenge. They have a truckload of MIT graduates working on security and yet some kid (reminiscent of WarGames) - a foreign kid no less!! - breaks into the whole thing. So the Septics would have stopped at nothing to get him. A leading prosecutor there has already stated on US TV that he wanted the hacker back to "..see him fry." Fortunately it wouldnt be capital punishment but the sentiment is clear.

Then there are the rights of us Britons. We dont have any. Yup. Sorry mate but its true. I have letters from Jacqui Smith, Douglas Alexander (when foreign secretary) and Lord West of Spithead that clearly state we have no rights when it comes to a foreign power demanding our presence! The case might be years old, you might not even have been in the country when the alleged crime took place, you may never have been to that country.....all irrelevant. If a foreign power e.g. Spain, USA wants you then you are nabbed! The EU warrant is particularly malicious. Originally conceived to combat Terrorism but it has been used for fraud, car crimes, insurance scams etc. etc. And you have no defence against it. If one is issued then Special Branch pop round and drag you off. When they do come, make sure you are not carrying a rucksack and doing any kind of jumping/hurdling.

Baroness Sarah Ludford said she didnt want to vote to pass the EU Arrest Warrant through as she knew it would be mis-used. She got railroaded like the others by higher powers.

We got sold out by Bliar, i mean Blair, then re-sold out by Jacqui "I-want-my-marble-sink-for £500-for-my-second-home-as-i-am-doing-it-up-and-want-to-make-a-big-fat-profit-and-i-want-it on-expenses" Smith.

Amusingly, immigrants are still coming here because they want that all-powerful British passport. Sorry mate, its worth beans now. It mean nuffink. Get an American one. They never extradite their own.

Ok, he did break a law somewhere. Not sure if the law was broken here or over there. And not sure if after 7 years the case shouldnt be dropped. It would just be nice to see the British system looking after one of its own.....and cartoon birds will do my hair in the morning....



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