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Climate change threatens to SHRINK FISH AND CHIP SUPPERS

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Re: Scary future!

...and of course the wettest droughts (since records began)....

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Facts please

"The scientists have warned that the body weight of fish, including North Sea haddock and cod, will drop" ...... "if oceans warm up."

So how much is warmer is the North Sea?

RBS must realise it's just an IT biz with a banking licence

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'Professional' manglement?

"the senior team believe that they can rule by “dictat” without having to understand the consequences of their decisions"

You can't manage what you don't understand.

Apple profits almost double on iOS product sales leap

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Re: Gross margin at 47.4% is exceptional.

However, enough people are prepared to pay the price. If you don't like it, buy something cheaper.

Lucy in 3.4 million-year-old cross-species cave tryst

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Re: Wait for the creationists...

The Bible simply states that God created everything. It does not state how. Evolution and creation are not therefore two alternatives.

Atmospheric CO2 set to soar - OECD

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Re: Preconceived agendas, etc.

The North Sea has an average depth of 95m. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_Sea). so 0.01% would give a 9.5mm rise in sea level. This would be the same order of magnitude as the change in sea level caused by a millibar change in atmospheric pressure. Given that tidal height is also affected by wind strength and direction, any rise due to the prediction would be too small to measure accurately. Choose your ocean and get a different 'rise' to suit your purpose.

Windows 8: Sugar coating on Microsoft's hard-to-swallow tablet

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Re: Desktop is 'now an app'?


That is all.

Flood-hit Thai disk fabs to pour out 140m drives

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Re: Production is back to normal

Where are you finding TV worth recording?

Why are Android anti-virus firms so slow to react on Carrier IQ?

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Black Helicopters

."...it doesn’t appear that Carrier IQ’s software is malware"

It just records your usernames and passwords (and everything else) without you knowing and without means of stopping it. If this isn't malware then I don't know what is.

It then uses your data allowance/talk time that you have paid for to send the data that they have captured. This is simply theft, which ought to be a matter for the police.

Japan, Russia in plan for elephant to birth CLONE MAMMOTH

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Saw the film about this

Didn't turn out well.

Phobos-Grunt 'crippled by US aurora station', 'is a bio-weapon'

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Conspiracy theory #4

The spacecraft is a complex bag of bits that doesn't work properly.

Android Market free-for-all blamed for malware avalanche

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"no one checking to see that your application does what it says"

Nobody could have seen that as a problem.

Brits forced to join waiting list for iPhone 4S

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Move along, nothing to see here

Its all normal.

Apple announces some iThingy. Press goes wild with speculation over what iThingy will do. When i Thingy is launched its doesn't do half their imaginings. Press reports iThingy as costly, disappointing, not as good as competing products. The following week the same press reports demand exceeding supply.

Royal Navy halts Highlands GPS jamming

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It's not that bad

If he had named the Bahamas India instead of Bahamas nobody would have been any the wiser.

'Lion' Apple Mac OS X 10.7: Sneak Preview

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You are pedantic

You did ask....

Service Birmingham offshores IT jobs

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What could go wrong?

I mean lots of other organisations sucessfully outsourced their IT functions. That is, err, no they didn't . Sorry.

Office 15 steals OVERLARGE font, design vision from Windows PHO

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Balrog = Balmer?

I think we should be told

Dixons to flog off old 'brands' Miranda and Saisho

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Deckchairs - Titanic

That is all.

Gates defends Ballmer's Skype gamble

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M$ already have a chat application. Why buy another? It's a bit like having two solitaire sets. Am I missing something?

Microsoft inks Nokia deal with phones set to fly in 2012

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phones set to fly

Is this to replace the flying car?


Brazilian cult condemns USB

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Word association football

Try this.

1 Peter 5:2 "the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour"

Revelation 5:5 "the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has triumphed. He is able to open the scroll and its seven seals."

Jesus = Devil by this type of erroneous logic that is typical of cults.

Famous 'Silhouette' Flash illusion unravelled

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IT Angle

General Election now!

The woman is clearly an MP as she spins both ways.

World of Warcraft bot ban ticks off world of critics

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Is WoW that boring?

A dishwasher to wash boring dishes for you

A video recorder to watch boring TV shows for you

A bot to play boring games for you?

Why bother?

Johnson: ID cards will pay for themselves

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ID cards will pay for themselves

The home secretary has said that the identity scheme's budget will be recouped through charging the public for the cards.

Just a tax then.

Perhaps somebody should point out to the Government the difference between income and taxation?

Luxury brands welcome EU law to restrict online sales

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Don't worry

"Manufacturers will be allowed to require their distributors to have 'brick and mortar' shops..."

Won't be too costly for any retailer to build a shop out of a single brick.

MS sees Windows 7 leap, but XP workhorse refuses to die

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Windows 7

W7's main claim to fame seems to be that it isn't as bad a Vista, but there is no consensus whether it is better than XP. I'm sure the development team were hoping for a more encouraging response.

However the UI is a total mess.

Next time guys copy Apple more closely.

Radio lobby 'hides' 2m analogue receiver sales

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Long wave

Anyone know what the plan is for longwave? We use it to obtain shipping forecasts beyond (what I assume) the range of DAB.

Windows Phone 7: free tools, captive Marketplace

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Microsoft apes Apple

That's a first then.

Half a million PCs can access Schengen's 'secure' database

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Hang on, lads; I've got a great idea.

Why don't they tell everyone to keep it secret?

Soot warming 'maybe bigger than greenhouse gases' - NASA

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Don't forget other scientific greats:-

1 - The world ending Jan 1st 2000 when all the computers crashed.

2 - When we were all going to die after a nuclear war because:-

- We would freeze to death as the sun would be blocked out by the debris in the atmosphere

- The sun would fry us to death as there would be a big hole in the ozone layer.

3 - The earth is flat

NHS IT spree faces cutbacks

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Had? Not essential? £12.7bn?

".. the NHS had a quite expensive IT system that, frankly, isn't essential to the frontline."

'Had', not 'will have'.

'Not essential' - so why do it.

£12.7bn - for what?

Religious discrimination law may open door for decent deviants

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Irrational beliefs

Talking of irrational beliefs I thought that my windows 7 install might last longer than 4 days before it decided that I didn't need the left mouse button.

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@qwertyuiop, lglethal, keddaw


"Buddha is respected as a great teacher but he is *not* a god and Buddhists don't worship him. So by your definition Buddhism is not a religion."

Correct. Its a philosophy.


"And religion is based in fact? Wow i missed that news bulletin.."

If there is no God then where did the universe come from?


The three major word religions, in chronological order are Judaism, Christianity, Islam.

"Judaism is a cult. It has too few followers to be considered major"

It is a religion because it has a God. This is not affected by the number of people who follow Judaism.

Michael 36


There seems to be a confusion here between philosophy and religion. The three major religions all believe in a creator God who revealed themself to mankind. So a good start to define a religion would be to say that a religion is God-centered. A philosophy such as a belief in man-made climate change is man-centered and so is not a religion.

And of course man-made climate change has no basis in fact....

Oracle fails to convince MySQL doubters

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How can the EU prevent a US company buying another US company?

Cambridgeshire makes road charge last resort

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Much of the congestion in Cambridge itself has been caused by the Councils involved. Roads have been narrowed by creating bus only lanes. Massive and inappropriate use of traffic lights create grid-lock. Other roads now have chicanes and speed bumps and other hazards more usually found on crazy golf courses. Follow the link below to see why.


I asked a councillor if they would consider the traffic schemes being trialed in Europe only to be told that 'they wouldn't work here'. In other words the Council wants a congestion charge.

What I want is someone to do a proper road design and get the traffic flowing again.

Adobe sounds Apple PowerPC death rattle

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Jobs Halo

Not really a problem

The issue arises because Mac users are able to keep their machines longer as they are not so badly affected by OS bloat. I still use a G4 running X even though the G4 was discontinued two years before X was released.

My question is whether Adobe have added useful features, which would suggest an upgrade , or merely munged the app around hoping people would buy it.

If you don't need the feature - don't upgrade.

Botched judge threat probe downs Fathers 4 Justice website

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Grammar police

While we are at it, what about the incorrect use of apostrophe's?

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There is no justice in Britain

"lawyers immediately began an appeal against the injunction and fought for the Ministry of Justice to disclose the email at the centre of the case".

So the MoJ obtained a court order without having to provide any evidence to the accused?

Stalin and Hitler seem to have won the war after all.