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BlackBerry DTEK 50: How badly do you want a secure Android?


SC Blackphone2 vs. BB DTEK50, anyone?

It would be interesting to see a side-by-side comparison of the SilentCircle Blackphone 2 & the new BlackBerry DTEK50, both of which claim to be the "most secure Android phone".


Get root on an OS X 10.10 Mac: The exploit is so trivial it fits in a tweet


Maybe remember to contribute to his welfare?


Re: Doing the Thang

Remember to contribute to his welfare.


Doing the Thang

Once you get his signed kext Bandaid, then you need to figure out how to make it load.

1st, after copying it into /System/Library/Extensions, you need to get the file ownership & permissions right, and strip off all the Apple Quarantine attributes.

2nd, you need to craft & install a /Library/LaunchDaemons plist file as a sparkplug to fire it up.

It works, but maybe not for the casual or feint of heart user. He might have made it easier,

but hey, he has to earn a living too, and if you don't know what you're doing by this point

you probably should not be doing this.


Apple vanishes Java from Mac OS X Lion


Rosetta Redux

Rosetta gone with Lion? Don't make me cry. Rossetta was already bug-ridden under Snow Leopard. But since Rosetta hadn't changed since Leopard, Apple considered those flaws to be non-regressive, and so had no plan - clearly - to address them.

Amazon Kindle doomed to repeat Big Brother moment


Beyond Copyright

This incident goes way beyond copyright. What about "take down" injunctions against Amazon for titles or material that happens to rile or offend particular special interests? For example, how about these: "DIY Abortion"; "Secrets of Scientology"; "Inside Today's MI6"; ... the possibilities are endless.


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