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Hey, monkey: Just 'cos your mates eat FOUL corn, YOU have to eat it too?

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Proof for monkey see monkey do!

Post-pub nosh deathmatch: Souse versus scrapple

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Love it

I wish we in America ate food. For example, Americans think peppers come in two varieties: tasteless and inedible. Eating is either a game to see who can bear the most suffering or a necessity to be finished with as quickly as possible. I miss Spain... oh, here comes my trough! *gobblegobblenomhrmphnom*

Post-pub nosh deathmatch

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Morcilla, the kind with onions and cloves, is the greatest sausage in the world.

Engineering student cracks major riddle of the universe

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There you go!

Good for her!

Fukushima's toxic legacy: Ignorance and fear

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Good Article

Thank you for pointing out that the crisis at the nuclear plant need not be cause for general alarm.

It's shameful that in the face of the terrifying tragedy in Japan, we are so self absorbed that our own fears take the front in our dialog and in reporting by our media. Whole towns were washed away, and fat, greedy, death-sucking Americans (and others) can only think about stockpiling iodine pills, banning imports, advancing anti-nukepower propaganda, and posting apocalyptic jibber-jabber on their facebook pages. Shame!

Boobquake fails to destroy planet

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They did it wrong

Uh, girls...

He said, "Many women who do not dress modestly ... spread adultery in society, which increases earthquakes."

This means that spreading adultery causes earthquakes, not dressing immodestly. Why don't we all try again tomorrow?

Security maven turns tables on fibbing police

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Arresting police officers typically do not know all the ins and outs of the law; they are not lawyers. In this case however, it seems the police department did not even know the ins and outs of police department policy (claiming that videos are only kept for 90 days) - either that, or they lied. If they lied they should be punished. If they are so incompetent that they can't even remember their own policies they should all be sacked.

Antarctic boffins obtain prehistoric deep ice core sample

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Black Helicopters


What? No extraterrestrial artifacts? It's a conspiracy!

'Virtual sit-in' tests line between DDoS and free speech

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budget cuts

Way to go! Who's responsible for budget cuts at a state university? It seems the protest was misdirected. Why didn't they protest governor's office or state congress? Also, who ever visits a university president's website anyway?

Giant solar-powered aircraft takes to the skies

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Flight, right!

This is all well and good... in theory. But, everyone knows that you can't "fly" around the world!

Google eyes hypegasm fuel cells for 'whole data center'

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"converts air and fuel into electricity" just like a regular generator. Wow! High tech. Do you start it with one of those cutting-edge recoil starting devices with the special rope with the frayed ends?

Controversy rages over robot vasectomy reversal in Florida

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Faster, more effective, probably safer and when all is said and done it will be cheaper too. It's about time overpaid surgeons had to start worrying about losing their jobs to machines and overworked techs. Sadly, surgeons will probably find a way to stay in the loop - as advisors or overseers or something.

Chinese youth beaten to death at net addiction bootcamp

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Where do I sign up?

Germanic types in yodeling copyright tussle

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Ach Quatch!