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Milk IN the teapot: Innovation or abomination?


You're taking the piss

Ransomware grifters offer to donate proceeds of crime to charity


"Tips in the plural. Surely there's only one: if you weren't expecting it or don't recognise the source, don't open it."

So you think all Randsomware infections are via email then?

EE, O2, Giffgaff, BT Mobile customers cut off as mobile networks fail


Re: Emergency Infrastructure

Not yet they don't, they are still using Macquarie Bank owned TETRA network.

When EE do it'll be with extra safeguards I'm sure, but even then technical issues happen. I think TETRA failed during a major G20 event briefly at one stage.


Service Status

giffgaff Website/App and Log-In not available

Activations/SIM Swaps not available

Top-Ups/Purchasing goodybags/Auto Top-Ups  not available

Handset Pay Outright/Loan/Return and Repair  not available

New Number Transfers In and Out of giffgaff  not available

giffgaff Money not available

Requesting a PAC code not available

Calls, Texts and Data Available

Recurring goodybags Available

Outgoing calls to landlines  Unavailable for some members

Outgoing calls to 0800 numbers Unavailable for some members

Outgoing calls (more info TBC)  Unavailable for some members

Tinder clone TanTan lets wire spies locate lovers


Isn't that exactly what they wanted? A man in the middle?

Who's using 'password' as a password? TOO MANY OF YOU


Quote "A throwaway Yahoo account because you were forced to sign up to it by product X? Who cares?

An eHarmony account that you really don't care about people hacking and only set up for a laugh? Again, who cares?"

The people who get spammed when your weak user credentials are abused and used to send messages to other members or send emails?

O2 network staggers across UK


Thumbs up if you think it's time for CEO Ronan Dunne to resign over this, O2 is a mess and this has happened far too often. Clearly the company has lost control and let service levels slip, the CEO us ultimately accountable as this is one of a string of technical faux pas and network outages.

Three punts UNLIMITED smartphone package




So the GiffGaff offer includes 98% 3G coverage does it? no 84%

So the GiffGaff offer includes as many calls and texts does it? no

So the GiffGaff offer includes telephone support does it? no

Three cops spanking in mobile user ranking

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All you need to do is..

Just give away prizes and rewards and mystery and all that shit. That's why so many people buy a lottery ticket every week, we are rewarded by chemicals in our brains by all this stuff.

Mobile operators - It seems to target the general public don't worry about coverage, reliability, speeds, just give away gimik prizes and send chocolate bars out and stuff like that and they will love you.

Pentagon confirms attack breached classified network


I would say..

Most likely China

iPhone 4 jailbreak banks on browser exploit



I'll wait for the carrier unlock then !

Security firms taking days to block malware


So a non story?

Not even headline figures unless you pay £500 per person to view the report.

I think I'll give it a miss, pointless without the detail.

O2 claims win in UK mobile broadband speed test


If it were independent I might take it seriously

How do we know O2 didn't commission 5 companies gagged by NDA's to perform these tests and only publish the one test that showed them in a good light. That would be perfectly legal, nobody would know.

If it was independently commissioned by somebody else I would take it seriously, but when O2 themselves commissioned it you have to wonder if there's some PR going on or something a little naughty, especially given that those experiences are not typical of O2 users or in line with what's being posted here.

Microsoft finally debuts Euro-choose-a-browser screen



It's randomised to give no position to any one browser.

Street View pulls Canadian murder scene



Looks like a nightmare on Elm Street.

CIA, PayPal under bizarre SSL assault


my thoughts..

is that they hoped the attack would be more successful, I guess you don't know before hand how successful attacks will be, how many machines will remain in the botnet, the amount of requests that cause issues for the site.

Maybe they just figured that the SSL negotiation over and over would cause a DDOS if there was enough requests?

It seems strange to go for such high profile sites with an attack that hasn't proved successful or been tested elsewhere first, that is what is odd about this.

British government ignores MS browser fears



I don't think it's the job of government to say which internet browser people should or shouldn't use. Businesses can assess their own risks surely and individuals can make up their own mind.

O2 grovels for London network failure


That's not the case

O2 has the smallest 3G network in terms of coverage, but the largest customer base. So when you say "any network who got the iphone would have suffered as much" it's not true. O2 started from a very bad position in the first place and could have anticipated capacity issues and thrown up loads of masts / upgraded the backhaul network over the last few years, but they didn't.

They sat and watched and haven't put in the capacity, now they have to tell the city that there may be a fallout from this and that it may impact their performance next year.

BBC storm cockup: Wrong day's shipping forecast read


out of date

I was listening to this the other day and think how old fashioned and pointless it all sounded.

It's inefficient to broadcast a report that is specific to a very narrow audience across a public broadcast system.

It's only broadcast at specified times, and only applies to a very narrow set of people. Most ships and boats already have systems on board or communications radios which could be used for these things.

I think it's about time to kill it off personally.

10,000 Hotmail passwords mysteriously leaked to web


You really don't get why people would have a non-isp e-mail account?

You really don't get why people would have a non-isp e-mail account?

I'd add to that:

size: 1-3 gig of space

accessible from everywhere

better uptime and faster delivery than my ISP

better spam filtering than my ISP

Virgin Media network goes down down south


Virgin Media status page

Look at the Virgin Media status page every day and you see outages in towns and cities throughout the UK, something happens in 'London' and people are all over it like a rash.

Ageing Google supersizes its search box


Breaking news

Google changes the size of a box by 2mm

Smoking iMac caught on camera


Apple smoke is better than Dell smoke

Glad to see... #By Frank Bitterlich Posted Tuesday 25th August 2009 15:46 GMT

.. that at least the smoke is clean white; not like dirty-grey cloud of deadly PVC smoke coming out of the Dell PC or two I have seen combusting.

Cheers to the Apple hardware design team!!!!!

Oh I see so Apple smoke is better than Dell smoke now lol

UK.gov revives net cut-off threat for illegal downloaders



Peter Mandleson

He's been sacked 3 times and still he comes back... unelected and willing to have his palms greased by big business.


Apple patches Black Hat SMS vuln


Jailbroken with Untrasn0w

Does this break the jailbreak does anyone know.

I'm holding off, the Ultrasn0w site doesn't seem to say. I'm thinking of not bothing patching and setting a low maximum spend with my network just in case it starts trying to send text / data / make premium calls.

Looking into the detail it doesn't look quite as bad as it sounds. It seems easy to crash the phone, but a lot more difficult to do any useful exploits. And fairly expensive too to go sending 1000's of text messages in the hope it will hit an unpatched iphone.

O2 data network falls over again


do it..

@Anonymous Coward "Personally I would like to break out of the O2 straight jacket and use Three instead"

I did this, it works fine on the software unlock from the dev team and the data from Three is brilliant, great coverage of 3G and rock solid reliability too.

Google kicks Maestro into touch


Yeah HSBC ditched Maestro too

They are converting all their customers away to Visa Delta when their old cards run out.

O2 leaves travellers in the lurch

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I'm so glad I unlocked my iphone and have it on a network that is reliable and has better 3g coverage too.

I've never seen the attraction of O2. I tried their PAYG once and got bombarded with network texts and silly gimmicks. I decided then that it wasn't the network for me.