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Oral sex could be more dangerous than cigars


You obviously don't understand how this works

You all seem to be mis-understanding how this works. Generally, the guy who is performing oral sex on a girl with HPV is the person that will get oral cancer (yes, I'm a "victim" of same). The only reason the number of her partners matters is that the more partners, the greater the risk for her to contract HPV. This increases her risk for cervical cancer, but the guy may wind up with oral cancer, which can affect one or more parts of the oral cavity: lips, tongue, base of tongue, tonsil, lymph nodes in neck, etc.

I discovered a lump in my neck one morning while shaving. A fine needle biopsy, followed by a rigorous examination by an otolaryngologist under anesthesia, produced a diagnosis of squamous cell cacinoma, base of tongue, metastisis to lymph nodes in neck. Six months of chemotherapy and radiation and I am in remission. This stuff is no laughing matter....oral cancers are agressive and often fatal if not found and treated in a timely manner.