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Mozilla pushes out final Firefox 5 test build

Rob 101

No need to slow down

Just.. These are not majour releases.

What's wrong with 4.1, 4.2, 4.3....

Welshman attempts to board train with pony

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Clearly defined allowed species needed

So, do they have some kind of reg size chart as to what size counts as dangerous?

I mean, some dogs are bigger than many sheep but I bet they would not allow a sheep. What about a dwarf pony?

Going the other way a golden eagle is smaller than a few dogs (wingspan excluded of course).

There needs to be a clearly defined list of what is and what is not allowed.

Possibly a book with silhouette cut-outs that have red or green borders and they can look at the animal through?

Scientists eye curvaceous Earth gravity map

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Forget the data

I still say that's one of the coolest looking (real) space vehicles we've made.

Windows 7 customers hit by service pack 1 install 'fatal error' flaws

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64bit seems to be the key

Looking around for the solution for my failure (1 of 2 machines at home worked) it does seem that it is x64 that is having all of the trouble.

Home edition went fine for me though but Professional failed (both x64).

After running through many of the suggested hoops ending in wiping my entire update history it eventually found an issue with some of the system files for which a system recovery would be needed. The machine has some deeper issues though, possibly due to a power outage mid update some time ago, so is due for a re-build anyway.

After various successes elsewhere I had just allowed SP1 through the WSUS. Worked on all but one of the machines and the failure on the 3rd isn't this one luckily enough.

Gmail auto sorts bulk mail, notifications, forum messages

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OK, so seems to work

But unfortunately it lumps all of my subscriptions together etc so will be sticking to my custom filters.

Not bad though. What it could do with is the additional option to remove the inbox label to keep things tidy looking.

Gmail users howl in anguish at 'disappeared' accounts

Rob 101

0.08 per cent?

0.008 of what per cent? Is that a US cent. Assuming so what do you get 0.8 of for the dollar these days?

Pitiless teen burglar murders three witnesses

Rob 101


Should that not be pitiful?

The Doctor Who Experience

Rob 101

Switch on Wi-fi?

Just wondering what good that will do.

Surely they mean switch on bluetooth so they can punt ads at you.

Watchdog turns a blind eye to Danish fu*king

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But it's a danish ad not broadcast in the UK


"The ASA’s jurisdiction covers the UK only, so the ASA cannot usually look into complaints about ads published in foreign media or that originated from abroad."

The adjudication linked in the story makes no mention of this being referred to the EASA.

Facebook causes eating disorders in teenage girls

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Um.. Cause and effect

Did they not consider that people with poor self image issues in the first place were more likely to use non-face to face socialisation methods?

It's not a big leap.

In breaking research it has been proven that trees waving about a lot causes strong wind.

ACS:Law turns back on file-sharer court case

Rob 101


Reminds me of those alarm companies where you got paid to scare old ladies into a "Free consultation with a security expert who might have once been with the police".

They'd be shut down only to appear under a different name with many of the same top level staff.

Harder to read = easier to recall

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Ahh, I remember

The old Banda machines. If the test was being run off as you came into class you had to try and finish before you passed out from the fumes. What a fantastic smell. Our German teacher insisted he did them in class to relax us.

BT accidentally chokes bandwidth to 'superfast' customers

Rob 101

"something is still seriously wrong in BT land"

Surely that's par for the course.

A while back my Dad had been complaining about "really slow internet" and BT saying there was nothing wrong. I was due for a visit so we waited until I got there.

Initially no problem then came midday and the connection dropped to between 3 and 30 kbps.

We were out and about but it was still slow when I went back on in the evening but then was fine at midnight.

Over the next couple of days it dropped of between mid-day and 3pm and came back between 10pm and midnight (mostly spot on midnight).

Phoning BT and they assured us there was no problem their end but if we wanted an enginieer we would risk having to pay if they found no fault.

Wonder of wonders the day after someone with a technical background phoned with times and speed stats, despite their protestations that it was not them, things were completely back to normal throughout the day.

Facebook dismisses Ceglia lawsuit as 'scam'

Rob 101

Not Necessarily

If he has been convicted for scam-mongery then it is provably.

It also does not exclude him from having a legal contract as he claims. Just makes it less likely and gives the other side ammo.

Jobsian fondle-slab in SEXY FILTHGRAM CRACKDOWN

Rob 101

Don't forget

The US village of Intercourse: http://web.orange.co.uk/article/quirkies/Intercourse_judge_in_nutty_condom_stunt

Sorry for the link to another rag but the reg missed this one (OK, so not I.T. related but amusing)

And yes, before correcting people you should really think about things. A veil of tears woudl kind of just drip down your front and not be very useful.

A vale of tears however being especially in context in the article since it is a biblical reference.

Toshiba Satellite A660 16in laptop

Rob 101

That trackpad would really annoy me

There should be a version for the right handed where the track pad is under the numeric pad. It would also then not get in the way while typing.

Mozilla sics sea monster on SunSpider and Google V8

Rob 101

Again with win7...

Firefox 3.6.9 Windows XP SP3 Intel core2 duo 2.2, 1G ram, running SQL Server, 20 odd apps open, some large, 30 odd firefox tabs open over a couple of FF windows, not rebooted for a week:

33652.1ms +/- 0.9%

Firefox 3.6.9 AMD Phenom quad core 2.2GHz 4G ram Windows 7 x64, very little running, 10 firefox tabs max.

44705.9ms +/- 0.6%

Cinema chain bans laptops, tablets

Rob 101

So, more price hikes?

While they accomodate secure storage, advanced receipt system, an additional hour and a half queuing time, insurance and so on to confiscate the several hundred mobile phones per showing?

I don't think so.

Sarko hit by 'asshole' Googlebomb

Rob 101

Google are missing a marketing opprotunity

As an ofshoot of Adwords they can have Badwords where people pay them lots of money to reduce their search presence given certain lists of keywords.

Bush may have needed a fairly big list though.

Scottish iSchool goes 100% iPad

Rob 101

Don't knock the bru

It's the amber nectar. What could be better to kick of the day than sugar and caffeine with bubbles in.

Deep fried Mars bars are rare these days but I grant you many places do fried piza slices which are not nice.

Google Marketplace DRM broken

Rob 101

allowing a nefarious pirate to provide unlocked applications

Can anyone say Trojan?

True Utility Scarab and KeyTool micro multi-tools

Rob 101

Check in Luggage?

I don't take check in luggage when I fly. I make sure everything fits in a backpack.

Paying £40 to check in a £8 keyring tool would be a tad excessive. Doesn't even work out for the £30 leatherman micra (which I can confirm, was hinged as solidly 4 years later than the day I bought it)

Rob 101

Agree about the trouser shreddage

I have a Leatherman Micra and though it is a lot more expensive would not trade it for either of these 2.

I've forgotten it when flying twice. The first time I was nice and early so just posted it to myself. The second it was not noticed at Edinburgh but was at Gatwick on the way back. Had to buy a new one.

Apple iPhone app patent claim 'doesn't feel right'

Rob 101

Anyone got a straw?

I have a hankering for bile today.

Actually there's enough here that I might as well get a ladle. Thanks all for quite an amusing read.

One small point to those slagging el Reg but did you notice it did not say that Apple were trying to patent the app:

"Apple has apparently lifted the look-and-feel of an iPhone app from German developer FutureTap and used it in a software patent application, putting that developer in a sticky situation."

Clearly that is accurate. The UI has be blatently lifted and used within the patent application. The story accurately reports that a developer of an iphone app is currently concerned with the use of his UI image.

Anything further is a mix of researched and jumped to conclusions by the commenters with roughly the same mix of sanity, stupidity and bile as the comments on slashdot from what I can see.

Memory shortage could spike PC prices

Rob 101

And of course

The chip maker's customers get a revenue boost from the "buy now" scare tactic.

Toshiba shows off self-deleting, self-encrypting drive

Rob 101

There must be more to it...

But I read the article and thought exactly the same as above.

Before reading I was thingking that the wipe would be triggered if the cables were unplugged or something.

I know we power down our photocopier each night and that has an HD on it.

Incedentally, Industrial printer/photocopiers need at least small HDs in them just for the document cache when heavily used.

Also you can use them for storing things like letter head templates to save money on headed paper etc. I wouldn't store anything confidential on them but the cache can obviously contain it.

IE9's Acid, speed and HTML5 trip to land lost surfers

Rob 101

Enhanced DOM Capabilities

Quite an interesting one seeing what other browsers already support that IE lacks even in 8

IE7/8 : 2 peices

Firefox : 15 pieces

Opera : 19 pieces

Chromium : 20 pieces

I'm not yet totally familiar with the functionality it is assessing but I do wonder if there are more areas of functionality than the 24 that other browsers currently support and IE9 will not though.

Rob 101

I wonder what OS they were testing under

Or if it was on a variety.

I know for a fact that on a heavily javascripted site such as when playing Ogame Firefox runs 3-4 times slower than IE on Win7 64 bit (quad core 4 gig machine) than IE does.

Then again on XP 32 bit (dual core 1 gig, more sites open at a time) the speeds are about evens meaning that firefox can run 4 times slowr under Win7 x64 than it does on XP x86.

Opera and Chromium are also faster on both platforms with seemingly little loss on the Win7 box but I have not tested them much because they just refuse to render most of the pages correctly in the game (OK, so that may be a design issue of the site - it's only tested for IE7 and up/Firefox 3.x)

'Poo-powered' Volkswagen astounds world+dog

Rob 101

Other poo.....

Actually there are conversions available for slurry/fertiliser plants which allow them to bottle the excess gas produced or use it in generators etc.

Again though there is the lack of financial incentive for the hughely expensive kit to be used even on larger scale sites. It is being trialled in several areas though.

Microsoft to set record with next Patch Tuesday

Rob 101

Ahh, here we go again.

Comments about MS patches do make me laugh.

Trolls and self important people who fall for it and think they know what they are on about...

Think of it this way. 14 patches, 8 critical. None yet being exploited. Should they wait then?

And I agree. Patch tuesday does make it very easy to shedule server downtime, read up in advance on the coming patches and so on.

OK so MS are not perfect but neither are any of the others and they have come a long way.

You can also slipstream service packs and any updates from each patch tuesday into a windows install image if you can be bothered each month.

Apple preps iOS fix as Germany warns of iPhone peril

Rob 101

Automatically opens PDFs

I don't care how many people have said it.

Who the hell thought that was a good idea and why have they not been put down?

My god, just the sheer annoyance of it would drive me mad.

Apple releases multi-touch 'magic' trackpad

Rob 101

Not totally new

Been done a few times before as USB and with the multi touch for windows. There's the Brando one and one I can only see in Japanese.

OK, so this one is for apples, looks (a lot) nicer, is bigger and is "magic" but I do hope Apple aren't going to try and patent multitouch trackpads (OK, maybe it would make for a laugh when they fail).

I'm still waiting for full DNI before I'll be really impressed with a new form of interface.

UK Skylon spaceplane set for engine test in '3-4 years'

Rob 101

Where's Brian?

I was told i was mad and there definitely was Brian. He seems to have vanished altogether leaving nothing but silence.

Rob 101

Where's the muppet icon?

OK, so I hadn't got round to reading down far enough to see page 2 and the muppet could thought that the vid on page one was the one he had watched earlier with the narration.

Nokia latest to feel wrath of Jobs

Rob 101

Not every phone

"you think they customised a nokia in order to make the video happen that way, or you think it happens with real nokias?"

No but they could take the vid in a lower signal area, generate interference. It has already been pointed out tha tthe battery was very low on the N97.

I have an N900 and I could not find a single way to make it loos signal even when wrapping it in both hands so only that bit of the screen was visible. Same with my N95. Same with almost every other phone in the office.

It has been pointed out there is one grip to make an N900 drop a call: Hold with one finger over the power button, sqeeze and hold...

Nokia, Apple and Sudden Extinction Events

Rob 101

I was part of that survey

If it is the one I am thinking about and wa an absolute monster and nightmare.

I gave full marks for the N900 but on every opportunity to reccomend them refused due to their abysmal, near non existant level of support.

Martha Lane Fox to clone 10m copies of self

Rob 101

I want a copy

Of PDF Creator, Crayon edition

Amazon.co.uk takes on Tesco

Rob 101

It's a bit expensive.

I mean, starting at over a fiver for a cooking wine...?

No cans in the beer section either.

But what I really want to know is, do you still get a giftwrap option if buying 500g of broccoli?

Microsoft badmouths Google competition - again

Rob 101

No support from microsoft.

I've been chasing an issue of well over a year with them.

After 6 months of being bonced between various "customer care" departments, re-explaining my issue after it was not read properly and stock responses sent I was informed that I had not actually yet spoken to to a support assistant, just 1st line "care" assistants.

Eventually I started getting somewhere then it went dead. Now I send a reminder that they have not responsed about once a month and every couple of months get a note back saying they still care and will get back to me later in the day.

Jobs tells iPhone users to get a grip

Rob 101

Are others missing the point though or am I.

looking at the vids, especially the one with the key where the design is clear this seems not to be an issue with signal propogation but one of bridging a deliberately non conductive gap with conductive skin.

The key video above illustrates this nicely and posts around the web of people fixing the issue by taping up that corner of the phone seem to verify this.

Rob 101

All wireless phones eh?

Well, we've just been round the office testing everyone's phones.

We had and N900, an HTC Desire and HD2, several Nokias, a couple of Samsungs and some Sony Ericssons.

We could not find a single phone where the method of holding it affected the signal. Even with one person surrounding the long perimiter with fingers and another covering the back and most of the front most did not drop at all and those that did were only by a bar.

Rob 101

It's another nice market thing

The left handed Iphone's will be released later in the year.

Nokia updates N900 firmware

Rob 101

Long awaited

Indeed i dislike the new OSK but since I rarely that's fine by me.

Since I first heard about it I have have been awaiting the browser option NOT to default the keyboard to the address bar. All those sites where i see the cursor in the username box, start typing and.....

Media playe now has a play button to continue where you left off after last exit and the Shuffle All songs now seems to actually shuffle the songs rather than just play the same play list from the last time you launched it and in the same order regardless of whether shuffle was enabled. Large bonus there.

Shame they broke the built calendar widget and the conversations desktop widget but there is a fix for the latter and apparently all you have to do to get your birthdays to appear again in the desktop one is edit them all.

Man uses meat cleaver to fashion UK-ready iPad

Rob 101

Aggreed, no meat cleaver

As stated it's a vegetable or Chef's knife. The good reason for that is that you do not swing it you place it on and push to get a nice straight line, rocking a little if need be

If it's from a decent brand and looked after will be as sharp as any craft knife but with a heft that allows you to apply the required pressure.

PARIS hacked Canon: 108 minutes, 1,298 stills

Rob 101

I still think You'd be better off with an N900

Camera, GPS, accelerometer and development toolkits all rolled into one.

But since it got and continues to get very little coverage by the reg and is never mentioned in comparison with the Jesus phone or Androids that is possibly not surprising btu a little sad for such a fantastic piece of kit.

It's already been used to control and track another 900 attached to a kite and record skateboard tricks to give points showing its versatility to being used for any purpose and though it's slightly chunky I am sure it's lighter than 3 separate units.

Official: Apple iPhone is a chick magnet

Rob 101

What a load of absolute tosh

Survey says "most women interviewed had little understanding of the subject at hand"

"There's just something about a man who's good with computers that makes him more trustworthy," said Lucy

Riiight, so the fact that a good selling point of the iPhone is that you can use it while knowing nothing about computers does not come into this?

The N900 or an Android based handset would probably be a better indication of that.

"If he's got the cash for an iPhone then he must be very good at his job, too."

OK, so the fact that you can get them heavily subsidised and there are many other smartphones just as expensive does not come into it.

What about "if he has an iPhone it means he falls for the hype whether he can afford it or not"?

PARIS hacked Canon test (almost) runs on rails

Rob 101

How about going for the next PUSH event

The kite one was cool (http://blogs.nokia.com/pushn900/) but the first N900 on space would be excellent. You could also use it to record all the accelerometer data and possibly GPS as well.

All-in-ones grease great quarter for PCs

Rob 101

I suspect other reasons too

All the businesses that were waiting for Windows 7 to be fully proven but saved what little was left of their budget for emergencies while things were tight are going to be buying up stuff to replace those machines that should have been sent to the knackers yard over a year ago.

How a Tory gov will be the most tech-savvy in history

Rob 101

Tweet the job.....

OK, so YOUR network gets it first and so on.

Nepotism much?

Patch Management: Should it even exist?

Rob 101

Dead link!

Either Shavlik have not been supporting the fully free one for some time or have been scared into removing it for fear of traffic overload due to the article. In any event it is no longer there and there seems no route to it from the main website.