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Beer drinking model to get caned in Malaysia



This is rather a tricky one to be honest. On one hand, she was a practicing Muslim following Muslim law, and knew that drinking alcohol was illegal. She knew full well that she would be tried as a Muslim if caught.

On the other hand, lashings with a cane designed to leave permanent scars does seem rather barbaric to me. Admittedly, it is only six.

I have to wonder...she's the first to be handed this punishment rather than a jail sentence, perhaps she was given the choice of the two and saw this as the lesser of two evils?

This seems extreme to us, as alcohol is such a huge part of our society...probably TOO huge really! But to them I guess it's no different to punishing someone for taking illegal drugs.

One thing that I really can't make my mind up on - this law is ONLY applied to Muslims. Non-Muslims and foreigners are allowed to drink when and where they want, within reason. Would this mean that the choice is given to each individual, or is Muslim/non-Muslim decided for you? And if you're religious enough to accept punishment, then why break the law of your religion in the first place? But then...where do those who believe in Islam on a casual basis stand? Do they even exist? I know rather a lot of casual Christians, does this follow with other religions?

A lot of questions that I can't answer because I neither know nor understand all of the facts. I do think, however, that we all need to stop jumping down the throats of anyone who disagrees with our particular point of view, as we're not necessarily the ones in the right!

ISP redesign unites the web in nausea


Not impressed!

My first thought was 'this has to be a joke...', closely followed by 'hey, isn't that the site I designed back in primary school all those years ago?' and finally 'oh dear god...I recommended this company to my mother...I hope she doesn't see this monstrosity!'

It's hideous, childish and honestly...I could have done better for half what they probably paid! But then, so could my five year old niece. Visuals aside though...the fact that there are so many problems with it is inexcusable...incorrect user details displayed? Wrong details for SSL certificate? Not compatible with all browsers? Had my first website had these issues, I'd have received a resounding 'F' for my efforts. That's what the TESTING section of web design is about!

Get it sorted, Be, otherwise I'm going to start looking into a career in web design.

Feminist org declines nude calendar cash

Thumb Down

Boo :(

Attitudes like this really irritate me - women should cover up and hide themselves away to campaign for equal rights, ashamed of the bodies we were born with? We shouldn't show ourselves off, because then we won't be appreciated for the brains that not all of us (male OR female!) are gifted with? These are the same people who try to ban pornography because it 'disrespects' women.

Surely, by saying that women should cover up (but not men, by the way!), they're trying to revoke basic human rights and, in a sense, enhancing the issue of sexism by drawing attention to a problem that, in this case, isn't even there? What happened to free choice?


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